Arches director ANDY ARNOLD picks his most memorable visits to the theatre.

1 Nelner Muller’s Die Slacht 1983 in the crumbling old Volksbuhne Theatre in East Berlin before the wall came down. A series of stunning visual images. all incredibly stylised.

2 National Theatre of Brent vvith Zulu A lunchtime show at the Edinburgh Fringe. also in the early 805 and which I saw two days running - absolutely brilliant.

3 The Year They Changed The Wires by Graeme Miller and Steve Shill A very clever piece of story telling; as simple as street theatre but it was like watching a film.

4 David Mamet'a Glengarry Olen Ross The US premiere in the Goodman Theatre Studio. Chicago. I had never seen a Mamet play before that night but became an immediate convert afterwards.

5 Moonlight by Harold Pinter The premiere at the Almeida Theatre. London. Being a Pinter fan, this was a special night for me. It was his first full length play for more than ten years.


LEWIS, direct marketing guru and tormer maker of “gore moviea’ gives his top five marketing maxime.

1 Communicate within the experiential background of the message recipient. not yourself.

2 The clarity commandment: when you choose words and phrases or force communication. clarity is paramount. Don’t let any other component of the communications mix interfere with it.

3 The effectiveness of a marketing message decreases in exact ratio to an increase in subtlety.

4 The definite article has more power than the indefinite article. 80. ‘the vice president of a company“ is stronger than ‘a vice president . . .‘

5 In this age of scepticism and we are wallowing in scepticism - cleverness for the sake of cleverness is a liability. not an asset.

D I N Edinburgh College of Art Film &TV Graduation Screening Filmhouse. Edinburgh


Ben Stockbroker

last two films made a cool crescendo.

8 TH! LIST 7-21 Jun 2001

It took a while to burld up but the


Celebrity death watch

Everyone knows that newspaper columnists are opinionated overpaid scumbags, but now they are dying to let you know how great they are. Please stop. Words: Paul Dale

ello my name is Paul. I am an ttnemployable burn. with left of centre politics and an overbearing need to shout people down at parties with my well balanced arguments. The only thing is I hate parties becattse I lack the social skills to make myself heard. So I vent my spleen in this space at the back of a weekend paper procured with Masonic ease by my trnclc. The only trouble is nobody was interested in my New Town parking problems or my friend Tarquin‘s rare groove record collection until i started dying. Now everyone reads my column more often than not to see if] have shuffled off this mortal coil. 1n the last ten years an insidious disease has gripped British Newspapers. Here is a short lesson in what we shall call the whoring down of our print media. Once upon a time there were

Nobody was interested in my New Town parking problems or my

friend’s rare groove record their 0...” collection until I started dying.

editorials. an area of a newspaper where a usually senile right of centre pederast could discuss the big issues of the day: Suez. linoch Powell‘s mental health. that sort of thing. No one ever read these pieces except maybe his family and selected members of his Lodge. Then came the columnist. Live somewhere unusual'.’ Support a football tcam‘.’ Have vitriol in your heart. but still love the Queen Mum? Welcome to the touchy feer world of the supplement columnist. everyone from Meg Matthews to Giles Brandreth has had a crack at this one. But. hey. who cares. it‘s only recyclable hangover fodder. Then there‘s your

anti-columnist whose chief proponent is. of

course. Julie Burchill. By the mid ‘)()s. however. the literate public was getting far too media savvy and they had

Jorunn Scripts. r're' director

think mine was especial?» good. But they‘re all friends of lY‘vll‘lC so can't say ‘.‘.’lllCll liked best


Reward analyst There an astul lot of good


but there aren't half some

John Diamond led the way in terminal illness columnists; now you can even buy his book

been round the circus one time too. So the pox- ridden media corporations that distort our

waking hours went in search of fresh freaks.

The celebrity death columnist was born.

Two London-based newspapers. however. lucked out with the misfortune of two deeply talented journalists. ()scar Moore and John Diamond knew that HIV Positive and cancer of the throat. respectively had put them into a super league of columnists where. through their weekly missives they became virtual masters of destinies. destinies that could only end in death or cure. Their work was both groundbreaking and important in the reassessment of our attitudes to death and their ultimate demises were more than tragic.

But things did not stop there. The stakes had been upped and the unimaginative who commission work for our Sunday magazines began to see a dying journo as a necessity.

It is impossible to blame those suffering a long-term disease for taking the money and running: heaven knows it will save you from dying unattended in the corridors of our National Health hospitals. Death and disease has long since been tabloidised by our masturbatary press. but surely it is time for the bearded ladies and monkeymen to go back in their cages. The camival is over. they were cold-blooded old times.

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Just graduated Some of them were really morbid. Obvrously some were better than

Out there.

pretentious others. but wankers abOut. Overall they were really good.