Amusia (Almafame) OOO

Well, that's another one we can take out of the 'Whatever happened to. . .?' pile. This time it's the turn of Kat Bjelland. ex-vixen in chief of in-with-the- bricks riot girl heroines Babes In Tcyland nowadays. though. she's the only girl in a three-piece which includes her hubby on drums.

Times have changed. indeed. but not that much as far as the music's concerned. Although tracks like the spooky. theramin- assisted ballad ‘Rosacea’ do their best to change the pace. you're never far from a spiky guitar hook and a nails-down- a-blackboard chorus. Still, fair play to Bjelland. unlike so many of her contemporaries. her artistic middle-age hasn't dulled her edge one bit.

(David Pollock)


100 THI LIST 5-19 Jul 2001


Apache Tribe - Best In Belfast (Apache Tribe) 0...

The second album from Apache Tribe has the same agenda as their first release - to promote a loose coalition of Belfast bands and DJs. And before you can say “Irish hip hop? Get outta town!‘. this groovy compilation Wlll have stealthily worked its way into your mind.

Moody drum & bass Jostles with down-tempo hip hop and the odd sample from Prince and Ian Paisley. but the mix is a remarkably successful one. Clifford‘s 'Anything' is particularly fine. a magnificent swirl of understated vocals and pattering drums laid over a pristine piano motif.

More please. For more

info see www. apache- tribecom (James Smart)



Malpractice (Def Jam) 0.

Redman‘s notoriety in the UK is mainly

Out 9th July on 2xCD’s & Limited Blue 10" vinyl CDZ 8: 10" include Andy Votel Mix

i Park

a 0 supporting New Order

V4 /

through his association with Wu Tang‘s Method Man. their album B/ackout being a far more sturdy collection than this sorry selection.

Even the presence of George Clinton. Scarface and the aforementioned Meth fails to lift his cartoon horror hip hop schlock. If someone ever needed evidence to help start the campaign against shitty ‘comic' skits on hip hop albums then this crock of abysmal Jerry Springer satires are the perfect cannon fodder. Redman is saying nothing new and shouting about being the 'baddest nigga on the block' is getting really, really tired.

(Mark Robertson)



Healing Is Difficult (Long Lost Brother Recordsl 00

Fans of Sia's Prokofiev- inspired ‘Taken For Granted' Wlll no doubt snap up the Australian singer‘s first album. but may be disappointed. The debut single showed originality and promise. but despite the range of muSical styles. the album is lacmng.

Perhaps the death of a close friend during the writing of the album held her back from producing anything as attention-grabbing as her first hit. Having said that. ‘Blow It All Away' is darkly promising, and remixes of ‘Little Man' by Wookie and Different Gear's ‘Drink to Get Drunk' (included here) appear to be doing well. (Victoria Gooch)



The Best Of - Super Boss (Nascente) OOOO

At the other end of the decade which would finish with the Sugarhill Gang releasing the first rap record. 1970 Jamaica was afire with the groundbreaking toasting of Daddy U- Roy. Christened Ewart Beckford. the DJ had begun chanting lilting, rhythmical doggerel over the backing tracks of old rocksteady hits. and was to become the master of a style which virtually took over reggae.

This collection captures the best of his peak years on the Trojan iabel. and if the sound Quality is rough and ready it is happily evocative of its time and place. (Ninian Dunnett)


The first in a series of Obsessive Sessions. this album oozes sexy grooves that make yOu want to find an all-night bar With deep sofas. large drinks and a plethora of candles. and Just. . chill.

The mix of deep and Jazzy house and late night electro grooves produced by the likes of Siam. MJ Cole. Jazzanova. AtJazz. and Modaii, amongst others. is Sure to make yOu feel gooood. The album takes elements from all over, from the West London nu-funk sound to San FranCisco house. and tracks such as Silicone SOul's “Chic- o-Laa' (H Foundation mix) blend easily With Glenn Underground's 'Society Rules‘ Hammond organ and all. Great.

(Victoria Gooch)


BHUNDU BOYS The Shed Sessions (Sadza) 0000

From out a hot shed in Harare come the glistening guitars and sweet harmonies of the Bhundu Boys. With the joyous. flowing 'iit' dance mUSIC of Zimbabwe. Outrageously they topped the British indie rock charts. becoming the first African band to ever grace the NME front cover before the 'world muSic' scene got going.

The Bhundus fronted for Madonna before some of them SUCCUmbed to the decimation of Aids. Now rising from the ashes three founder members and band Will tour the UK on the back of this re-release of the original songs which captivated the hearts of so many. With catchy. often emotionally poignant melodies picked over infectious drumming and bass. they remain unbeatable. (Jan Fairleyl


BUD POWELL Tempus Fugue-It (Properbox 22) 0000.

Another amazing

bargain, featuring the Quintessential bebop pianist on 86 cuts froih 1944—50 on 4 CDs. all for £14.99. The lapsing of copyright makes SLiCh geilerOSity possible. and if the SOuhd is a little dusty by contemporary remastering standards. the music is glorious. The earliest tracks allow us tO see where Powell was coming from, and there are many bona fide classics with Charlie Parker and Others. as well as his own (no. This set duplicates material from other equally recommended recent Properbox sets featuring Miles DaVlS (YOU/7g Mi/es). Dexter Gordon (Settin' The Pace) and Navarro (The Fats Navarro Story). but at this price. who's c0unUng? (Kenny Mathiesonl


Endless Days (ECMl O...

This is Eberhard Weber's first group album Since 1982. and as such Will be an eagerly anticipated event. The German bassist has recruited Oregon's Paul McCandless. playing four different horns. including the rare 0008 and cor anglais. along With Jan Garbarek band-mate Rainer Bruninghaus on piano. and Michael Di Pasqua. lured from retirement for the proiect. on drums.

Weber’s last album was a solo bass prOJect (With added electroniCS). and he evokes that on two solo tracks here. The rest is mUSIC for the group. cast in Weber's (and ECM'S) characteristically spacious. thoughtful. carefully-textured ensemble writing. and meaSured but imaginative solomg. (Kenny Mathieson)