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(12) 119 mins 00.

Robin Tunney and Bill Paxton lead a ptiinCity stunt to climb K2 which thewtably ends in disaster (they always do in these films dOii't they?) The party is caught in an avalanche and the sun/ivors buried deep in the snow. 80 it's up to big brother Chris O'Donnell to mOunt a reSCue mission, invoIVing nitro- glycerine arid the expertise of Zen mountaineer Scott Glenn. This is one stupid mOVIe: nitro- glycerine up a mOuntain, Surely there's a safer option than that? But It's packed With undeniable edge- of-your-seat thrills as varIOuS cast members risk plummeting to their deaths. Glossy dumb fun. (Celumbia Tristar VHS and DVD rental\ (Henry Nonhmorei



(U) 120 mins 00..

Palme D'Or Winner Abbas Klarstomi (The Taste Of Cherries) goes all Antonioni in this

Sooof horror from the Way-ans brothers that

Sexy Beast Sty dark starr-r‘g t"e exceuer‘t Ray Winston

SXT’E‘tS “0.;le 2.1 G:'8C°.D"S commentary actors

commentary trazers and 40 minutes of deleted sce"es


313W?- ”hl‘g Chance. 4 series released to

CO-"CPC‘G the release of the Hoiiyscoo blocmtlster

no extras of any note but std value for money

Vertical Limit

Decent n'tountazt‘ tnr tier from o:rect0r Martin Camcoeit

stuffed {ui' of extras :ncuong d-rectOr's cornmentary.

search 8. rescue and Nat-opal Geographic features Scary Movie

:u the hampers at the U' box office DVD extras feature per".er the scenes. traders and deleted scenes Dirty Dancing

Genre def-rtng 803 ciass:c starring Patrick Swayze

and Jeon~fer Grey extras :ncuding cotttmentary from cvpt writer and team to dirty dance feature

Bless The Child 2 Spoos<y low-key supernaturai tnrvlier starring Jimmy Stats and Kn“ Basinger that did OK at the box office

DVD notices the USLI commentaries. interviews

and traiiers

Pretty Woman

The move resoor‘scze for Jui'a Roberts fame gets the DVD extras treatment featuring audio scrnmentary

from director Garry Marshall. music vdeos and extra features

Once Upon A Time In China 2

Great maria: arts seduei. 8981." starrng Jet L: extras r“elude the ‘antast c fght scenes Choreograpneo’ by

the man be".ch cross." ng Tiger and The Matrx


THE SECRET LIFE OF US Channel 4, Tue 3 & Wed 4 Jul, 10.30pm OOOO

To bill something as the new This Life could be the kiss of death. That series wound up as many as it engrossed but that. essentially is the point; love it or hate it peOple will still talk. Whether The Secret Life Of Us Wlll gain the same notoriety remains to be seen. In common with Amy Jenkins' flat(mate) drama. it centres around a communal household of twentysomethings. Thankfully, unlike Egg. Millie and co. the majority here actually like each other: sometimes a little too much, it w0uld seem from the early episodes.

There's the regulation splurge of sex. drugs. nudity and a hugely unconvinCing party scene (are they really so impossible to do on TV?) But this is fun. mostly believable. with a diverse array of characters to sustain it. Initial story lines (shagging your best friend's boyfriend. a wayward ex returning to the scene. new flatmates) are enough to make you want to see more. (Mark Robertson)

Time to get a life

INTERNET DOWNLOADED Channel 5. Thu 5 at 12 Jul. 11.35pm 000

Trevor & Simon used to scare the nation's children with some lewd. risque and deeply humorous material on Saturday morning telly. They've been away for a generation it would seem, and in the process have allowed the pesky likes of Ant & Dec to nab their niche. But now they're back. ready to rock the Edinburgh Fringe and here. with this slot on the channel which may well have been created with the likes of them in mind.

Taking a look at the wilder side of the

intc. net's animation output. the pair link us in to sites covering the terrains of being old (Elderly Steve). naive tin men falling into porn and alcohol addiction (Robots With Distended Intestines) and superheroes on the dole (Skeletor Job Hunt).

As with most of this kind

Crieff's most famous film star takes time out from Renton's drug abuse and his Jedi pursuits to undertake a trip to nonhern Canada and hang out with polar bears. And being famous. the cameras go with him to record the good work of the bear protection Born Free Foundaflon.

Preparing for the journey. McGregor wonders how he'll come across just being himself on camera. He comes across as a nice enough lad, but with his experiences condensed into a single programme. it's fairly cringeworthy in places: there’s Ewan introducing the town of Churchill, deep in bear territOry; Ewan playing with a drugged bear; Ewan getting matey with the local bear patrol officer; and, worst of all, Ewan bonding with the locals. getting pissed and having a sing-song in their bar.

Far more interesting are the locals themselves. one of whom recounts the time a bear had his head in its mouth and was flinging him about like a rag doll while his pals tried to shoot the bugger. Well-meaning, but McGregor’s no David Attenborough. (Miles Fielder)

5-19 Jul 2001 "1' LIST 103