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even falling out there's a product designed for you. So go out and find out why the stars love rt. (Louisa Pearson)

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Name Ruth Morris

Based Edinburgh

Occupation Clothing designer (women)

Background I studied at the Scottish College of Textiles and graduated in 1993. My first job was for a childrenswear company in Scotland where I was a garment technician for about two years. Since then I've worked as a buyer in Edinburgh and also as a designer for a company called Wacky Enterprises. I'd thought about doing my own design for years and had been attending seminars. I did a bit of teaching and freelance design work which gave me some financial se0urity to start up my own business in January of last year. What kind of style do you specialise in? Feminine, wearable.

Clothes high-quality clothing for women. My designs are everyday clothing that work that work at home and into the evening. They bring effortless

d3" °r elegance to the customer.


Where do you get your inspiration from? I take a lot of inspiration from the fabrics that I use. The fabric always lends itself to the design. I look a lot of inspiration from open air spaces. places like the Outer Hebrides. I'm also very interested in tailoring techniques.

What designers influence you? I think Jean Muir designs always have effortless elegance. I also love Paul Smith for his prints. A designer I love called Claire McCardiell has a great philosophy that ‘all clothes should be comfortable and affordable'.

What is your long-term goal? I would love to have a Roobedo shop-cum-workshop where I could make and sell my designs. I want to use my website to expert overseas.

What is your advice to anyone interested in working in the design industry? Work hard, study. read and have faith in your style. Where can we buy your designs? You can call for a catalogue. 0131 554 3733. you can view my designs on or visit the studio by appointment. (Kyla Singleton)

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13“ Jul 9001

Sho talk Spend, gend, spend... Hl-Fl FANS ARE IN

for a treat now that Linn has opened in Princes Square in Glasgow. The top-of- the-range line will have its entire catalogue of systems available for demonstration and testing. You might not be able to afford the £12,000 plasma TV but you can dream of the day you finally make it as a rock star and deck the penthouse out in nothing but Linn. Dream on at HABITAT'S SUMMER sale is underway. and throughout July you can take advantage of special prices on its homeware in both Glasgow and Edinburgh.

A VIRGIN TRAVELSTORE is set to open on a high street near you. The London store has proved popular and now the company is set to expand, selling flights, hotels packages and offering advice. The shops will feature plasma screens in the windows instead of the usual biro-scrawled cards telling you what’s on special offer. More details on

JEWELLERY FANS WILL be pleased to hear that the Dazzle exhibition is returning to Edinburgh for the nineteenth time as part of the Festival Fringe. The popular show will be at the Traverse Theatre from 3—27 August. with all 2000 diverse exhibits for sale; in plastic. paper

Linn moves Into Princes


and wood as well as silver and gold. More details on wwwzone- dcom HOLIDAYMAKERS keen to keep up to date with what's happening at their destination can take advantage of a service from BT Cellnet. Let them know your holiday dates and destination and you’ll receive news, interviews with 0.15 and weekly updated clips of the island’s top tracks. Also on offer is a special ‘Sun, Sea and 69p’ rates package for certain holiday destinations. More at www.8TCeIlnetMusic. com

IT'S JUST BEEN announced that the Woman/Evans Feel Good Roadshow Will be in Glasgow at the Braehead Shopping Centre on 16 September. It features advice on fashion and beauty.

IF YOU’VE GOT A busy summer ahead you might want to check out the website. It’ll tell you all you need to know about Edinburgh’s six- storey urban spa due to open in September next to the Sheraton Grand hotel. With day facilities as well as membership program- mes you could be enjoying mud baths, a camomile grotto, a hydrotherapy pool or any of a number of E’SPA treatments. Check out the website or call 0131 221 7777.