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Systems and Office

All full time Manager opentojob sharing and The List is looking for a motivated individual to app“cali°”5 (: I I Y (T U L' .\l t‘ l I maintain and develop the day-to-day "0m disabled , - operations and office systems in our busy persons are Dance De‘elopmept Ofluer Edinburgh office. The post requires the ability particularly AR-W‘” '-“”~“ and “WWW” "“Par‘"‘°"‘ to be highly organised, efficient and to operate welcome. “6’173 ' “7:796 p°a° . over a wide range of skills and abilities. committed A dance dmelopn‘lent otticer is required to join the team at cit} rnoxex dance space. to Equal ('it} moves is Aberdeen ('it} ('ouncil‘x dance tlexclopnicnt protect and is supported

Working as part of a large and diverse team, by the Scottixh Arts ('ouncil as part of its lliitl;iti\c to \uppol'l a Miami. or national

you will need keen attention to detail and a real commitment to working in a busy fast moving environment.


dance agencies in Scotland.

All employees You will he a dance practitioner (qualified to degree lewl or equrialentl \\ ith upe- are eligible to rience ol‘ dcicloping and leading dance projects \\ ithiri ll range of C(lllllllllnll} L‘l1\l-

You have at |east two years experience of loln the local ronlnents. .\loti\;ilion.;ind the iihilit} to enthuse about dance \iill he kc}. systems and office management. You have an government , , , , , , excellent knowled e of database Structure and for an application form and J01) details contact the Director of Personnel. . 9 IT k.” penswn Aberdeen (‘ity Council. St Nicholas House. Broad Street. .-\l)erdeen. A1110 malmenance‘ Strong S |.8 and mUSt be 80119109 lAY '1‘e|.: (01224) 522105 (24 hr answerphone service available). prOf'C'ent “1 a“ the mam W'ndows paCkageS Closing date: Monday 23.1uly (12 noon) including Word, Excel and Access (or Q“ nae . x I a. FileMaker Pro). 3‘ 0/0/00 w\i'w.aherdeencitypouik ~ \

This is a full time post based in our Edinburgh ' Personnel Department (01224) 522105 ' office with an attractive salary according to I exper'eme' I l h. > Career , Developm Assistant Please apply in writing with CV stating typing 7 : Opponun't'es VEGU'IGO by speed and current salary to : _. " " (GIaSQOW) 11908

" The National Youth

FOPP is inviting applications for

Personnel m g, V forthcoming Orchestras of Scotland The List _ l . « . i ' vacancies in our Glasgow Union to work “1 “‘9

. i . ‘71... Street shop. You must fundraiSing department 14 .ngh Street ' 7 u be avaiIabIe to work High standards of written and oral Edinburgh, EH1 1TE full-time (40 hours per week), communication skills are essential

' - - ~——-— Salary up to £13,000 pa.

- . A / in wrltln , Closmg date- customer serVice skills gained in any field would be by Bldg/{I20 July 2307 to: Monday 16 July gyms cum; equally appropriate. Administrator NYOS. 13 Somerset

- You must be able to work at high speed. with accuracy and Place. Glasgow. G3 UT

under pressure. as our daily unit turnover is considerable. WWW '“lii‘aflj‘lfJS-[IO ilk You should also possess good communication skills. 70/ 0““ 33? 83”

We are urgently IOOking for committed Please send a CV 81 covering letter to:

volunteer tale-recruiters to help raise FOPP Persmne'r

, 19 Union Street, Glasgow Gt 388

£36,000 for Oxfam 3 work overseas.

6‘8pm One 9W3an 3 week. Please mention The List in your letter. Shortlisted candidates N

for four weeks in central Glasgow Will receive an application form. and be invited to attend an

. . . . informal interwew. littervrewees Will be provided With job NO prevrous experience reQUired, bUl BllthSIGSm descriptions and details of salary. terms 8. conditions. We are and a good telephone manner are desrrable. unable to respond to telephone enquiries. but all candidates

wrll be kept informed at each stage in the recruitment process. Closing date 18 July 2001 . I

No cold calling involved.

Training. support and travel expenses provided. g 7_ __ _‘_r_____ ______ __ I M I Contact Natalie Whittaker For more information about FOPP visit our website .. . {m w, g, ’11. A :1“, {I (I, on 0141 331 1455 WW-'°PP-°°-"k r.’ a: '

FOPP is a recognised Investors in People organisation. I, ,, .

Volunteering for Oxfam: time well spent

Re lstered charl' no.202978 9;; 1,»; ~ 'r, at r, 3 ~ .; W 9 THE DRAMA PRACTICE

Leading arts, education and health

Scottish Youth Dance seeks an 1 organisatlon seeks pan-time

Administrator [part-tile pROGRAMMEs MANAGER " ' 22.:

0 Event Organisation 0 Financial Administration

0 Office Management 0 Marketing to coordinate ‘13 SPCCGSSfU' programmes '<:r:' " 7.": "U" 21’. rl' Experience preferred. Must have excellent for Chl'drenr fam'lles and the elderll

communication & IT skills. Salary scale of £12,000 SALARY £10,400

‘515-000 Pro rata- Deadline i 20‘“ JUlY For a job description and application form,

For a full job description, e-mail or write to the address below

send an A4 SAE to The Drama Practice LTD. 1 Grindlay Street Court, Edinburgh EH3 9AR

'1: 69 Dublin Street. Edinburgh EH3 6N8 a Dance

5 Jul-19 Jul THE LIST 109