Flatshare - Edinburgh

I Morningside. Bright single room available ttow itt shared .3 bedroottt flat with sunny gardett. £220 pettt + bills: 0l3l 447 5400.

I Room to rent in Morningside flat. preferably for student. (i(‘||. easy- goittg relaxed atmosphere. £|95 pent: 0|3| 447 I243. I Double room avail- able iit sltared Morningside flat. Suit stu- dents to sltare with 2 ntale stttokittg studettts. liurnished to high stattdard. Walking distanee of Napier. l5 ntins btts lidinburglt l'ni. (i('||. U95 pent + bills: 0|3l 447 I243.

I Single room in Dalry flat. all tttod eotts. (i(‘ll. shared garden. free parking. 5 ntins frottt supermarket 8; park. good bus routes. to share with friettdly graduate & ntusieian. n/s only. tidy preferably. avail 4 Aug. {I90 pettt + bills. 0|3| 3|3 3426.

I 2 rooms in smoking flat. near ntaitt bus/train routes. ott-street parking. suit easy-going profs. £200/t.‘220 pettt + bills: Tel: 0788| 858843.

I Double room for rettt itt shared tttodertt furttished flat. would suit professional person Slateford Road. £250 pent + bills. CT. 07740 705302.

I Single room in Bow (ireen shared flat. Looking to share with other gay guy. Mttst be n/s. (iS()H. l0 mitts front West End. good bus serviee. £240 pettt: (‘raig 0|3| 443 6568/ 07740 509980.

I Corstorphine, sin- gle room itt 2 bedroottt flat to share with female & eat. suit 20+ professional. {I30 pent + bills. ("f: 07740 476670.

I Room available in spaeious farm eottage with garden | ntile front Currie. exeellent public transport ittto eity' ( l5 tttitts train). Peaee 8; quiet for £170 pent. 0|3| 449 602 I.

I Fun students need- ed. 2 roonts available itt lttsh eity eetttre flat. all tttod eons. £220/t‘240 pent inel bills; 07980 444554.

I Portobello, room & flat with sea view. modern. freshly deeorated with sand- ed floors. Mature female or tttale wanted. .\'/s please. 20 ntins easy aeeess to eity eentre. £225 pent + ("l‘ bills. 0l3l 657 29l7.

I Double room to let in large flat. elose to btis route 8; bypass. \Vould suit pro- fessional fetttale. ittttst have fun personality. U70 pent + bills. deposit. 0l3l 454 094i after 5pm.

I Professional person to share large flat itt Stoekbridge with l ntale & | fentale. |)ouble roont. no students. £290 ittel ("f + bills. 0l3l 225 544661‘ 0l3l 220 3702.

I Bright, very large roont itt beautiful New Town flat. Sattded floors. original fireplaee. Would suit .\'/S prof. £360 pent all ittel. 0| 3| 557 8848. 07944 958766 or 0l3l 334 688 l. I Flatmate wanted for box room in 'l‘olleross to share with 2 others. preferably vegetarian. .\'iee flat itt very eentral loeation. £160 pent + bills. 'l‘ara or llolly‘ 07980 4l6354 or 0|3| 229 4724.

I Comely Bank. Room available in lovely spaeious ground floor flat. sharing with 2 others. all tttod eotts. garden. postgrad- uate pref. £275 pent + bills: 0|3| 332 2802 after 6.30 pttt.

I Large, bright, sin- gle roont & good sized box roottt with ample storage elosets. Available immedi- ately. Suit prof or recent graduate. Situated itt l)ean Village. £270 pent (single room). L‘l50 pent (box room). + bills. (H31 225 3234.

I N/s Flatmate want- ed for single roont itt sunny friendly 2 bed flat ttear Leith Shore. (}(‘ll. eleetrie shower. easy park- ittg. seeured entry. fentale pref. £230 pent inel bills. dep. 0|3| 538 8227.

I Sunny double room available itt ttewly-deeot'at- ed flat. share with l other. suit female professional/postgrad. free parking. exeellent bus route. £2|8 pent inel bills; 0|3| 552 3447 eves.

I Room in large, shared eentral flat. available until September. All tttod eons. garden. good parking. £250 pent: 0|3| 557 9|98.

I 2 rooms in bright Leith flat tsltare with | largely absent other). kitelten. living roont. batlt/sltovv er roottt. available for summer or longer. {I85/L'l95 + bills; 07855

3 | 3879.

I Broughton single room with \vtttttlell llttttl's tk lots of light. to share vv itlt vegetarian. ereativ e. ealttt tk friendly people 8 rabbit. .-\vail end June. £220 pent + bills. ("[2 0|3| 557 8847. I Room for rent in attraetiv e llillside ('reseent flat. all tttod eons. living room. prof pref. avail July. £250 pent + ("ll bills: 0|3| 556 297 l.

I Meadowbank dou- ble room itt fully-fur- nished 2 bedroom flat. Suit .\'/S pttstgrad/prttfessittnal. immediate entry available. £250 pent + bills; 0| 3| 652 0089.

I Newington, sum- mer let, bay window. double roont available itt sunny flat. Available 3 July—8 ()et. £240 pent + bills: l’lty'llis 07949 299507. I Double furnished room itt spaeious. gor— geous Newington flat. well- equipped. available 7 July. £280 pent + ("II bills. £250 dep. 0|3l 667 2238.

I Double room avail- able, July-end Sept. itt spaeious .\1are|tmont stu- dent flat. t‘220 pettt. 0131 229 3006.

I Room to let, to share with 2 females near (‘ontntonvvealth Pool. avail- able front July. £233 pent ittel ("f + bills. Sttsan or (iillian 0|3| 6673785.

I Large double room itt friendly traditional .\|at'eltntont flat. ls'iteltett. liv iitg roottt. (i(‘ll. all tttod eons. £305 pent; 'l'el: 0|3| I Gay friendly work- ing tttale to share .\|areltmont flat with one other. .\ltlsl be \/.8. £250 pent. no bills; 0|3| 447 3678.

I Large light double room available iit lovely Bruntsfleld flat. friettdly ntixed flatsltare with 2 oth- el‘s. £270 pent + bills. Would suit relaxed prof male; 0l3l 228 4l97 or 07779 004292.

I Student wanted for single roont itt .\lareltntont Road flat. sharing with 2 others. available I ()et but viewing :\S:\l’. £2l5 pent + bills10l3l 466079l/078l3 99 I906.

I Single room in spa— eious .\larelttttont flat to share with 3 others. Sttit young prof. Avail begin- ttittg Aug. £220 pent + ("ll bills; 0l3l 229 4l09 after 6.30 pm.

I Double room in spa- eious .\lat‘elttnont flat sltar— ittg with l other. suit N/S professional. (tn-street park- ittg. fully furn. £350 inel bills: 0|3l 667 2744.

I A third person is needed to share a furnished Marehmont flat on the Meadows. with 2 other females. Roottt is small/medium. avail I July. £200 pent + bills. ("f bottd. (H31 228 2380.

I 2 double rooms to let. suitable for 2-3 people sharing. itt newly-refur- bished sunny (‘ausewayside flat. :\v ail ettd July. £2l6 pent; 0l3l 662 l674/ 07967 0l4603.

I Edinburgh, Haymarket, room in spaeious flat. share kitehen & bathroont. all tttod eons. (i('ll. no l)SS. £58 pw. no bills; 0131 6676338.

I Freshly decorated double roottt available in large flat with all tttod eons to share with | other. Prof n/s fetttale pref. £350 pent inel bills + eleaner; 0|3l 667 9763/ 0777l 555606. I Double room avail- able itt friendly Stoekbridge flat. Suit female postgraduate/profes- sional. £225 pent + bills. ("l'l 0|3l 225 I860.

I Flatmate wanted: Friendly flattttate wanted for dottble roont overlook- ittg lloly'rood Park. All mod eons. 'l‘o share with one other ntusn't mind leartter eellist (too muelt). Suit prof. £200pent ' bills - ("f (0|3l ) 659 60] l

on 0131 557 8500

Edinburgh EH1 1TE

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