I Blown away by Neil Young‘.’ Me too. Attractive female 40. Long dark hair looking for straightforward honest guy with $011 for gigs. pubs. good times. Box No 4 1 7/1

I Attractive, brown- eyed, intelligent woman (40) \Nlil‘Nl good humoured. intelligent man. You must like cinema. cats. country walks. Are you my soul mate’.’ Box No 417/2 I Attractive, intelli- gent, 28 year old profes- sional female into travel. adventure. sports. wining and dining. Seeks like- minded. attractive profes- sional male (28-33 years old). (Glasgow-based). with (iSOll for friendship and possible relationship. Photo appreciated. Box No 417/3 I Attractive, intelli- gent, cosmopolitan female. 30‘s. very naughty. Wlfl'M assertive. unconven- tional male to push out boundaries. Box .\'o 417/4 I Very attractive female with strong per- sonalin but genuinely sub Wlfl‘M masculine domi- neering male who enjoys the challenge. Box No 417/5

I Dark, slim and over 40. ready to climb moun- tains with the right guy. If you‘re intelligent. active. outgoing and fun - give me a shout. Box No 417/()


I With Frasier Krane's humour. thera- peutic. expertise and a pass- ing resemblance to Nialls. new to Glasgow male 33. seeks a woman who believes in herself for deep and meaningfuls. jaunts up North and City nights out. Photo please. Box No 417/7 I Are you? Kind, car- ing. sensitive. intelligent. unconventional. broadmind- ed. artistic. a little wayward but still trusting. Same Edinburgh male (40s) would like to hear from you. Box No. 416/14

I Highly skilled engi- neer. 3‘) N/S. Exceptional communication and inter- personal skills. (‘onsiderato compassion- ate. dependable and family minded. Wants Scalextric in seven years time. Box No. 416/4

I Possibly thumb or two ring'.’ Possibly pierced'.’ Broad-minded and play ful‘.’ (‘hallenging and emotional- ly aware female 130-401. ethnic origin unimportant. sought by good-looking guy (young 40) for relaxing with. exploring city life. great outdoors. abroad and selves. 1s warm. fun-seek- ing. quick wilted. intelli- gent. unattached. complex but not complicated. profes— sional. lit. its. varied inter- ests. Box .\'o 417/8

I I’m cool, bright and 4(). 1 know my own mind. Do you'.’ (‘an you step into a 91/2 (‘hurehes shoe'.’ (‘all me. Box No 417/9


I Sensitive woman (40) Wlfl‘M similar femi- nine. caring. genuine woman with integrity. hon- esty and loyalty built into her soul for friendship. Possible relationship. Box No 417/50

I Gay attractive femi- nine, self—eonf.. sensitive. early Thirties female. loves socialising. travel. Wlfl'M. gorgeous. outgoing. gay 25- 35 woman. to experience the joys life has to offer! Box No 417/51


I Edinburgh lad (27) into travel. music (not mainstream). photography. deeper thoughts. cocktail experiments. WIJ‘M cul- tured. S/A fun guys for whatever develops. Box No 417/52


I Woman, 50, N/S, wants to increase circle of friends. lenioy cinema. theatre and the arts. 1 am open to new experiences and ideas. BU\ \o 4 l 7/l l I F, 22, WLTM, intelli- gent. fun people 120-31)). into movies. books. coffee and chat. to enjoy lidinburgh this summer. Stl'ic‘tl} platonic? Box No 417/12




EDINBURGH & GLASGOW Dinners, Golf, Go-Karting, Scuba Diving, Country Walks, Concerts, Clay Pigeon Shoot: and Weekend Breaks for single people. e-mail: (111-353 1.3..“


dinburgh, est.1996 ROMANCE - FRIENDS - FUN

Trial month - ONLY £8.00

Go on, take a chance! Phone 0131 657 4769 (Pam)

14 High Street Edinburgh EH1 1TE

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