Classified 1 saw you


V I saw you (iorgeous [i.W. in your orange trousers. Pride Saturday.

on the march and upstairs at The ()uthouse. Box No U/4l7/l

V I saw you at joy on the 9th June. Barbara in a gold skirt and top. 1 still have your waist chain. do get in touch and thanks for return— ing tnine. also cottld the nice girl I swapped T shirts with at Joy on the 23rd alter the pride gig give me back my ‘eat me‘ strawberry T- shirt please'.’ 1 have to con- fess to losing yours unless Val has it. but I'd like to take you T—shirt shopping. ()h and could whoever has my ‘l“*‘ck me' and 'swal- 1ow"1‘—shirt after I stripped off at Joy please get it back to me‘.’ ' a muchly. Finally for Alessia: not all men are untrustworthy you know. most of us do try. Leatherian xix Box No [1/417/2

V I saw you (‘T(). work- ing hard for that groovy SMTK. Word about town is that it's the next best thing. 1 think I'm your next best thing. fancy a debriefing? Box No [1/417/3

V I saw you Max! You were bouncing all over the stage to S'Express! Hope you had a wonderful official birthday. Lots of love. Mot. Box No U/417/4

V I saw you Saturday Morning Star at the Strokes gig. I was slagging off Billy Sloan. you said 1 was funny. You have the sweetest smile this side of Clyde. please keep me live and kicking. Box No [,1/417/5

V I saw you in .-\11' Organic with tousled hair and a gin and tonic. Did you ey er work in Morocco‘.’ 1 like sticky pork salad too. Be my smoothie forever. Box No [74l7/(i

V I saw you (it-1111"} Sitting on a couch watching TV. drinking. smoking and occasionally crossing the road to pick tip a pie. Why don't you go oy er to ('ols'.’ Box .'\'o [7417/7

V I saw you at Neil Young. 1 was lost in stand- ing section carrying pints. You were amused. Box .\'o [7417/ls’

V I saw you and I luv you Toots! Box .\'o [7417/9 V I saw you and I thought '0 my (iodl‘ 1 know that the first time 1 never realised. btit 1 atn ecstatic that 1 can truly get to know yoti. Box .\'o [’/4l7/l()

V I saw you doing mon- key impressions while drinking a bottle of Baileys. think we are on the same wavelength. call me? Box No [7417/11

V I saw you sexy bartnan at Salsa (’eltica. ('ottiers? Thanks for the frozen Margaritas. Box .'\'o [7417/12

V I saw you prancing round Brel like you own the

joint. Bartnaid. pink super-

man vest. barbed wire tat- too. l.ike the puppy fat. show me those big love

handles. 1 like 'em big baby.

Box .\'o [7417/13

V I saw you fully clothed -— worse luck. Thanks for the chips and beer. You are our favourite waitress/bar maid in Brel. l.ove 1“ & the Dr. Box No [7417/14

V I saw you playing gui- tar down Ashton Lane. You have very blue eyes. I stuck my tongue otit at you. Box No [1/417/15


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1 18 THE LIST 5—19 July 2001

V I saw you in lil'L‘l. Wednesday night. Break my heart so long as yott can mend it. \\ Box .\'o 1'/417/1o

V I saw you in tinderbos. ('aitlin‘s friend .\lo‘.’ 1 atn the Kelly lil‘olll Stcrcoplionics look—alike. ('all me babe. Box No [7417/17

V I saw you scary lippy girl who had the aroma of cabbage. Would like to meet and swap ['\' bracelets and tofu. Box No [74 l 7/lb’

V I saw you gorgeous Norwegian girl who smelled of w [1. Strangely erotic resemblance to a bean. Box .\'o [7417/1‘)

V I saw you looking knackcrcd at work. l hope your babe rubs your feet when you go home late at night. Box No [7417/20

V I saw you sexy lilontle chick working behind the bar in Brel and you're mine!!! Box .\'o [7417/31 V I saw you gasping tor a cigarette. with a damp arse from your clumsily spilled lloegarden need a home help'.’ My steriotts Admirer. Box .\'o [7417/23 V I saw you at least 1 think 1 did. Maybe it wasn't you. I‘m sure it was. 11' it wasn't then this doesn't matter. If it was then ()K. 1 saw you. 11+.\l Box No [7417/23

V I saw you .\1t .\1agic. with your big wand. (‘an you cast your wicked spell on me‘.’ l‘rom (‘larice. Box No [7417/24

V I saw you at Borders. lidinburgh looking tall and authoritative. I think you were the manager. You can be my authority figure any- titne. Box No [7417/35

V I saw you looking par- ticularly attractive in Brel last l-‘riday A call me '- l‘il'11/._\'. Box No [7417/26 V I saw you at Summerslam. Rock. Where did you go'.’ (‘oine back Rock! Box No [7417/37

V I saw you in Tron Bar. Blonde. killer eyes and brows with 3 mates. thought l caught your eye'.’ Box .\'o [7417/28

V I saw you my special

judder man. Crazy about

those flame licking curls you hot crtnnpet. Love you. Box No [7417/29

V I saw you Bruce. curled up in bed. l.ess than two weeks and I'm l.ondon- bottnd. Know how mttch l atn going to miss you. ('hertib. We'll be together stitill. l loy L‘ you. [New \ lio\ No [7417/31)

V I saw you in new [l'oll\el\ dancing like SILW 1C Wonder. 1 wish I’d ray ished your tie. You are the Bling Bling. l low you. Box .\'o [7417/31

V I saw you Starbucks blondie. Borders lh’th about ten . . . you’re a star? Drop me a line. Box .\'o [7417/33 V I saw you checkout. Safeway. Byres Road. You sery ing. saw me looking. Sunday 3rd .lune 1o:0<) something beautiful hap- pened to my heart. You drop-dead gorgeous gtty. longish fair/brown hair. He loyely female. small. long dark hair tied back. dark blue jumper. Box .\'o [7417/33

V I saw you in my bed wearing your Bert & lirnie Pyjama top? It really turns me on! Box .'\'o [7417/34 V I saw you 2 lovely cheeky lady monkey not in 'l'inderbox anymore. l've sorted ottt my [21111.1 month habit btit still miss my caramel high lix me! Box No [7417/35 V I saw you on two train (ilasgow' - (‘oatbridgc. reading a book by limily Barr. bad cook'.’ (’an l take you fora meal'.’ Box No [7417/36 V I saw you on Batik St. at the end of last year. Your name is Julia Smith and you‘re a boxer. Your email address didn't work". I'd like to be in touch. Box No [7417/37 V I saw you cute SKX boy behind the bar in the Sac. let tne grease your wheels. I promise you‘ll go far. Box .\'o [7417/38 V I saw you at liury .‘ylurry's. to/o. You wore a Pixies T—shirt btit left before Debaser! (iirl in the Spaceman3 T-Shirt. xxx Box No [,7417/3‘) V I saw you 16.06.2001 looking line. \Ye went to party then fruit—11y. People mistook us for couple. Really want you to be mine . all mine. Will miss you terribly when 1 leave. Looking forward to coming down. Box No [7417/411


V I saw you l.uslius Bat- .\lan. My how you handle difficult situations! Very impressed. Take care of l.isa. Box .\'o [7417/41

V I saw you 'lilittntlet'pussy. we will be bigger than Starbucks. ('onan. Box No [7417/43 V I saw you in Iguana (34/6/1111. you looking jet» lagged or were you stoned tor both). me at a birthday party bttt it was yott that made me sing. Box .'\'o [7417/43

V I saw you dimpled bar— man in the Tray crse Bar you look like Tom (‘ruisc. only yummiet'? love you always. Poo .\\\ Box .\'o [7417/44

V I saw you little Bo Poop. looking perlik as per itsual well done and thanks for everything [1 star Box .\'o [7417/45

VI saw you in the 'l't'averse Bar. Bill from liYSlP you area star. Be well. Burnside. Box No [74 l 7/4o

V I saw you in the Meadows Sian (yes. I remember your name). I meant lo ask to see you again but found myself complimenting your smile instead. (iet in touch. Box .\'o [7417/47

V I saw you ‘1.oveioy‘, l‘logging antiques at Pilton (‘ommunity(‘entre I bought a Whally l)ug with a chipped eat. 1 was wearing Kappa and looked like Richard Burton. Box No [7417/48

V I saw you Adam

llop. Step and Jump Wanna Jump live'.".’ Side burns mmm! Let's hop off together and watch Dundee ['nited. x. Box No [’/4l7/4‘) V I saw you Allan. drinkin’. smokin‘ you unhealthy bastard! Will you be my Marlboro man‘.’ Box No [7/417/51)

V I saw you lilaine lonely? You shouldn't be. You're gorgeous. (‘an I play with your pigtails‘.".’ ('all me! X Box No [7417/51 V I saw you Nicole & Kev r you're such a couple wanna include a Soft Boy"? Box No [.7417/51