V I saw you Ricardo. Traverse I‘m happening. you've happened. You're so early 80s! ()n yir bike! ((‘an I come?) Box No U/4 I 7/52

V I saw you writing. I saw your cards - was tny chat tltat bad‘.".’ Sorry if I said anything to offend!! I think the world of you. Box No U/4l7/53

V I saw you standing at tny front door when I was ill. You are a star! Thanks for coming. (iood luck with the new single. Love the boy next door. xxx Box No U/4l7/54

V I saw you @ Iguana. man in suit. dark hair. sexy

stnile. nice arse. tne wearing

grey. Box No U/4l7/55

V I saw you(a> Iguana you limped. | drooled! Please send tne one back. it could be so good. Box No U/4l7/So

V I saw you «It Iguana you were looking so good not as good as me! I liked your style with the brown cords and pringle jumper. Your curls turn tne goose- bumps. Box No U/4l7/57 V I saw you Good look- ittg boy with DJ @ lguana‘s 22/06/01. Me long curly dark hair itt front of you. Good to see! Box No U/4l7/58

V I saw you @ Lettache. You were drunk and disor- derly Claire but I‘d love you to shout at tne again I will buy you drink. Box No

U/4 l 7/59

V I saw you (9‘ Mercado. Friday night. you Zoe. I want you to give me the time of day I could make you happy. Please reply. Box No U/4l7/60

V I saw you Girl frotn Dufries. working in Biochemistry at the Edinburgh Infirmary. I want to talk to you again. you were great. Box No U/4l7/bl

V I saw you @ Po Na Na last night a DJ stole my heart can I ever get it on with you 4th Varmint. I hope so! New tat to show

you if you are up for it! Box

No U/4I 7/62

V I saw you by the bar. You were wearing pink and I wanted to lick you all night long. Your friend called you Angela. Box No U/4l7/63

V I saw you getting caught in The Phoenix. Sat 9th June. Nae joy ya thievin Gypsy. Box No U/4l7/64 V I saw you playing pool in the City Cafe’ on l8/6/()l. I saw you with your girl- friend. I‘m blond too. but not from the bottle! Lust frotn Norway. Box No U/4l7/65

V I saw you Strap (City Cafe). Your boss was giving you a hard time. Fancy giv- ing me a hard time too!! Box No U/4l7/66

V I saw you rubbing munchies in next week‘s saloon. I loved it. As the Comet Corneth. let‘s dance. Box No U/4l7/67

V I saw you red hair girl fumbling with software. in photo shop. you got me all wide angle with that 35mm smile. Me ex-Special Forces guy with friend. Box No U/4l7/68

V I saw you tall. blonde. short hair working in Kariba. Let‘s meet up for a coffee you stallion! Box No U/4l7/69

V I saw you on an awkward Wednesday. not quite pleasant Sunday. but any major city is a goal. Box No U/4l7/70

V I saw you sexy Aussie boy at Pivo. Take me to bed or lose me forever. Box No U/4l7/7l

V I saw you EHl. black haired kiwi. fancy a spit- roast at my barbie! Box No U/4l7/72

V I saw you working in Kariba Coffee. Long blonde hair and cute bum. You give good head on your cap- puccino. sorry! Box No U/4l7/73

V I saw you @ Iguana. U were at the bar. our eyes locked it was ecstasyll I do love a man in a suit. Box No U/4l7/74

V I saw you in a Dutch Youth Hostel with wet pants. I was mopping it up for hours afterwards. Box No U/4l7/75

V I saw you Matty boy - in yer best and worst states. Let's give it all up together . . . Yeah right! Box No U/4l7/76

V I saw you Joey at Art College Revel. You dark. sultry and delicious. me tall. blonde and dancing. Would like to do it again sexy boy. x. Box No U/4I7/77

V I saw you gift tag ask- ing tne to ‘Be More Specific’. You: man. mid- 3()s. dark hair. blue eyes. good smile. I'm mna. late 30's. grey/fair hair. blue rucksack who asked if you were waiting to get in. Box No U/4l7/78

V I saw you John McCusker fan at the Kate Rusby concert. You sat one row too far forward and then silenced the ice cubes. I smiled to you from behind but never spoke. Will you give me a second chance‘.’ Box No U/4l7/7‘)

V I saw you in Brel Elaine. Fri 5th with sister Claire & friends.We talked hockey & silly gold hats. but you said you were see- ing someone.Your cute smile has left its mark. Get in touch. Box No U/4l7/80 V I saw you at the (‘ity Cafe. Derek the Doorman. l have never seen a body so. Wattt to see mine‘.’ Box No U/4l7/8l

V I saw you Filmhouse Box Office Princess! At last. I tnade the deadline for the next issue! Let me wine and dine you. or at least buy you popcorn . . . What do you have to lose'.".’ (‘lint Mottlder. Box No U/4l7/82 V I saw you treating your tartan colleagues like lesser mortals but not tne. Mutual hatred/respect keeps tts together! Let me be your tartan bitch boy and I‘ll stock up the shop for you nain saw you ex-Cable and Co. Blonde bloke outside the lilmhouse sat 23/(l6/()l would love to catch up rec— comend the ftlm Late Night Shopping. Box No U/4l7/83

V I saw you Mr. Mouse and friends on Friday 22nd June at the Garage. Thanks for a great night of drinking and dancing. Looking for- ward to seeing you

all in Edinburgh soon. for an even better night. CC xxx. Box No U/4l7/84

V I saw you Hayley. Scott. Leslie and Matt every day for a year as we share the dump that was our llat . . . stay in touch . . . loads of hugs xxchrisxx Box No U/4l7/85

V I saw you Jo. ya wee freak. now that the exams are over.fancy that workout yet? No strings. Big Freak Box No U/4l7/9l

V I saw you the tall cutie. glasses and all. work ing counter at The (ilobe on Barony and Brottghton. You caught my eye the very moment I walked iii. and ttow I come by in the morn Ing before L‘lits\. for coffee. water. and to see that smile. Reply to ttte if curiotts!! Box .\'o t'/4I7/so

V I saw you not working in the Basement. a vision itt blue and red. I was the familiar face in the crowd. you are my tlream!! l attt sittgle and waiting for yott too. Box No L/4l7/b’7

V I saw you Walking alone angle Park Terrace. you. petite dark female looking very cool. .\le blaek BMW driver at lights. try ing unsuccessfully not to be caught staring. I can‘t drive along there every night looking for you anymore. So you'll just have to write o the. Box No [7417/88

Classified I saw you

V I saw you ages ago in the 'l'\\'. I didn't wattt to ltttrt your feelings honey but I couldn't sttpress my own! lets go drtttkitt' again soon'.".’ So I can pull my sell ottt of this nosedive luv Si” IItt\ \tt I./-I l 7/5"

V I saw you Ioatls of times working at the I’iltuhouse. heart \lttltl‘lll'il} beautiful girl with wonder- ftll cltcckltottes who always wears gorgeous toe ttatl pol ish last time it was turquoise when yott wet.‘ III the bar. I was always too shy to say anything when buying tickets. l‘aney seeing it lIIllt togetlter‘.’ litt\ \o l'/4l7/‘)l)

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