Phil Kay

Rear view

Time to write about stuff. Like shoes, small-town video shops and Neil Young.

o then an article about things. Could it be about my new pair of shoes that oh gosh I neyer wear because I am a hopeless buyer of things and can't resist them and have fallen into that distinctly non warrior-

type situation of accumulation of parts of pelts by Switch not spear'.’ .\'a.

Could I write about Mary Archer and her loyer face or Big Timmy Henman and the expectations of the English who are ama/ing at amassing superb gladiatorial arenas to have tliemselyes defeated by their own expectations. for their own hopes to be slaughtered in‘.’ lingland ()ne Their

Own Expectations Nine. England won'.’ Not for a while. Scotland is just glad to get a game and England has inyented Lords to lose the ashes at and Wimbledon and Badminton and Rugby and Rolls Royce and Remembrance Sunday. I just want England to win so maybe they can feel better and harass folk less.

Could I write about the incredible selections of video even in a small-town grocer’s shop. about how I thought it might be just Runaway Brit/e. [ultra/intent

I just want England to win so maybe

they can feel better and

harass folk


and Gus Van Sant's new I’.\'_\‘('h() among the horror films that are copies of ones that did well imitating successful ones'.’ And how in fact it is very up to date. There would be some ruminations and rumination upon the idea of how a tiny town way up north east might deal with Fight Club and Wmuh'r/aml. () Brother llr’hm' Art

Thou." and The Way ()f'l'he Gun. I might go over how you might miss some aspects of brilliance of say The way- (2/"l'he (hm if you had not read about it being written by the writer of The Usual Suspects and how in a way it would be a great way truly to judge a film; without any knowledge. Then I might tie it all in with the fact that that is what they do do. out of l'lollywood: they take a film to the middle of somewhere near nowhere and just show it and

see what reaction the humans giye.

John Fardel

Then they take it back to the Hollywood place with its millions and then change things accordingly.

I could write a reyiew of the Neil Young (iig at the SSliC (centre for conferences in Scotland and exhibitions too) where I swore I would ney er go because of the seating and tonight there was none and I ran in with Diane and we passed a ticket check and I could hear the cra/y horse and I threw the tickets in the air. both as a sign of excitement and also as a symbol of not holding onto a ticket so that it can end up on a fridge staring at me. I threw them in the air and we skipped to the next entrance within the hall where we needed them again and I had to go back to my gory glory place and hunt down low for the stubs and had gone under a mysterious l’oitacabin that was there.

We ran in and were right down the front and the moment we looked at him he sang his first words. We moved through the crowd. some of whom had pre-booked the area of ground they were standing on and quite rightly i'el'used to moye much as we slinked through to the hiin electric rockeroo. You can not really empty your mind of eyeiything so you may as well just haye a mind filling and fully engaging sight to witness and fully engross you and see if that is the same as an empty mind and see if you belieye that the pinnacle of human consciousness is to be here. in the act of appreciation.

liither way if I write about all these things. I better be able to pull them all together. draw them in like a neat baggy or sheep in a pen or just like some things under a common umbrella. for that is what people really seem to require: explanatory encompassment.


gets into some real cinema...

Dear oh dear. . Tomb Raider. Fmal


.1 500a! Gad ,no.’ Of course I didn't actually see it.’..

Obvious/g l WOuldn'é be seen dead going to a multiplex!

120 THE LIST 5-19 Jul 2001

For real Film, one must frequepc the are house cinemas..-

Now, let's see what’s on tomaht. ..

I Mean, take Tomb Raider...

A Vacuous, adolescent fantaxy... thtle more o’an 50ft porn For“ sad little eek: and teenajefi. Total/y Ciel/OTCT of 10/01?” You went to) see it Unen P


For one who cares deeply about Film a; an art form, these computer game spin-offs are 0M Extreme/y; worffgtng tv’é’Wd-~ The end of Serial.“ Cinema

Oh gash. camera work delicately hints at the Prousttcm erotic subtext of Kareish‘t‘s original prose..

00W... M41... Uh.’ ' .. Oh goodness me ’..

Ah) tin: (5 my? Llr's'e :t i

Intérnacg... A highly ray/eat:

ed European (in-excl“ --

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