Every issue, The List is highlighting the work of a young Scottish photographer in association with Beck’ .

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Astrid Kruse-Jensen

Currently studying line Art Photography at Glasgov.’ School of Art. Denmark» horn Astrid Kruse-Jenson is due to graduate in 2002. Her main interest lies in portraiture and fashion and she would eventually llle to work for magazines. You can contact her on ()77539 33606356 or {lSll'Ki~N'USONHOIHlitll.(70lll

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How to enter work Applicants should he students in the second year or heyond ot’ a photograph, or reiexant

degree course. or those who have graduated in the last three years. o arrange a time for D I I lire / ist to see \our portfolio call l-le en Monaghan on (lit-3t 55:) 3076. Each of the chosen 9 §

Photographers will receive 87100. courtesy of Beck's and Hit)