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22 THE LIST 5—19 Jul 230’

Why do they coll hlln tho ‘godfothor ot club culturo’? Woll, just look at tho olxo ol' hlo Chopper.

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He’s the living pulse of the Notting Hill Carnival,

the founder of radio station Kiss FM, the DJ of choice for Mick Jagger and the subject of a new film documentary. Meet NORMAN JAY. Words: Catherlne Bromley

e may be best known for the legendary Good Times sound system staged at the

Notting Hill Camiyal for the past twenty years. but Norman Jay can boast of an

influence that stretches far beyond the London streets where he was born and bred. Style magazines celebrate him. comedians immortalise him in sketch shows and Mick Jagger wouldn‘t have had anyone else DJ at his 50th birthday party.

A recognised authority on black music. Jay is considered by many to be ‘the people’s DJ‘ because of the breadth of his style. He has won countless accolades during his twenty-year career in dance music. not least being referred to by The Face as ‘a Clubland institution' and more recently by Muzik magazine as ‘the true godfather of British club culture‘.

Jay describes himself as ‘just a regular bod. who does regular things” and confesses to being ‘scared’ by praise that suggests anything more grandiose. ‘l’m not old enough to be a grandfather let alone a godfather.‘ he jokes. Normally they only give those kind of accolades to people that have sadly passed away. It's obviously nice to be called that, but I'm not comfortable with it.‘

Born in London of West Indian parents. Jay’s love affair with dance music started in the mid to late-70s when he became an avid collector ofAmerican black music. scouring