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Tom McCrae

Shed Seven

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The Dandy Warhols

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on the desks in l’ront of them. The pi'ospeettis busy listening to this roek band who sounded a had made it sound like the coolest eollege bit like .\'iryana. The shy kid at the back. who eourse in the world. What could there be to no one had heard speak. muttered something

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dislike about a elass where you turned up and about liking it. And so (ilasgow’s Billy ('lyro placebo

listened to musie all day'.’ But none had truly for it was them came to represent lileetrie More lunri sexual

appreeiated what the laek ol~ quality control Honey in 2000. Soon alter. they got signed to autumnal“; $331 to a

eould do to your sanity. Beggars Banquet. and are now reeording their dark SCLl/f,’ l’nsigned aets in their hundreds had sent in debut album. The rest. as they say. is the future. background ll()|8(:

demos to Stow (‘ollege‘s lileetrie lloney label. from Molko and his;

hoping to land the dream tieket whieb had Biffy Clyro play Stage Two on Sat 7 Jul. buddies.

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