The kings of the musical wild frontier continue to blur boundaries with their prog- country-rock SOundscapes.


The original teen kings of post-grunge indiepop show a more mature. but no less frenetic side.


More teens from Ireland, whose considerable rise to fame from GCSEs to NME covers has seen them exhibit a real talent for grandiose indie epics.

Slam Tent

Silicone Soul

A 8%". 73‘ sir:- i:, n I'Xt

Giasac. tax var Evil.

Pete Tong

Early set for the Radio 1. man who's still ar‘ior‘ri the country's dance music trend setters.

Doc Martin

A healthy dose of lacking; house Vibes to shake you from your Sunday slumber.

X-Press 2

Rocky. Diesel and Ashley Beedle roll out a mucky. exotic house yibe on as many as six decks.

Josh Wink

First of the techno bleep merchants wrt ‘. some compelling funky moves.

Luke Slater

Techno bleeper number two With a breaks and beats extravaganza.


Glasgow's finest dance music sons round off the day wrth a live performance of classics and tracks from new album A/ie/i Rad/o.

Kin Tut’s Wa WahTent


The Bush, The Tree And Me

folksy llltllt: female fronted outfit.

Mull Historical Society


(:aiiers from

Mull Historical Society ()uirkg, ill(fl(} epics from the Island d'~.'i.'e|lers.

Snow Patrol '1 ovelorn, bu/xsaw hop magic from lrish trio.

Snow Patrol


“sane (“at :‘\l\tlt>“\t‘ ‘x'ia'it‘ eat‘ 1. sharing a kit‘ei an: a. r‘iusitiai Ollilot‘K with

Emit)”. Drawn mex.

Arab Strap

Seetlantl's mime litil‘~.t\0ltl tragic irie'ane ielx tote sends eriarr‘i the [Salado


Alabama 3

Not lust the theme ‘.‘.lllt?f:; for ft)lt\. Soprano. this r‘rotlei. bunch can raise the reef Will the religious t:\’l>(?l'lt"l(‘(‘ that is their ttl'ifttt.“ riii‘k ft\’f)ll<f.


Back from the tarilderiiess part one: the dark rriaster of Brit hip hop returns to claim his crown.

Stereo MCs

Back from the Wilderness part two: Marie's finest hip hop team break their hiatus.

T Break Stage

Spyamp One Root

Yessa De Paso Downbeat soothing guitar rrielodies from Dundee.

Degrassi Weighty loud quiet host rock.

Lapsus Linguae [ilastic hunk terrors wrth nice make up and pianos.

Terra Diablo

Risingson Ari ever changing electro rockoor) beast.

Life Without Buildings Angular Fall-like antics wrth Slllfj’aflkfj female vocals.

Soundbuggy Quinn

Wayne Paycheck Live dub hip hop from the three bronged vocal assault.

Ellis Occasionally nOis/. indie With a melancholic tWist.

'3' :J.. THE LIST 29