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COEUR DU MENSONG ) (18) 113 mins .00

‘mencrl‘, nas his reasons was of -:‘r:urse Jean Renair‘s fan‘ious n‘axin‘, but Claude Chabrol has xen. usefully applied it to the French thriller. It's subsequently given his films a psychological subtlety usually missing from the genre. MOIIM'C‘ is often perverse rather than concrete. frequently as inexplicg‘ible to the murderer as it is to those searching for clues to the crime.

Such was the case Wlill Chahrol's recent Merci pour le (:tioco/at; Au Coeur o’u mensonge is a more straigl‘itfonvard piece with Jacques Gamblin the struggling. ageing artist. Rene. implicated in the murder of a ten~year—o|(‘l girl. He was. it seems. the last person to have seen her alive.

But if Rene looks guilty. what about his Wife. ViViane (Sandrine Bonnaire)? Not guilty of the crime of course. but of a lesser offence, of embarking on

REL-RELEASE; ALFIE (12) 114 mins .0.

This 1966 film of Bill Naughton's popular stage play doesn't really deserve a 'classic' re-release when put in context of what was happening in British Cinema at the time. Saturday Night And Sunday Morning. Bil/y Liar. Morgan, A Suitable Case For Treatment and This Sporting Life all make Alfie look like the dated misogynist romantic comedy it is. Alfie (Michael Game) is clever Wide boy who WIII not be beholden to one woman. Direct to camera he talks us through his many conquests. He ineVitably gets his comeuppance. but on the whole the ‘birds' come off worse. LeWis Gilbert directs like a Harley Street Doctor called to the East

Crime, Chabrol-style

an affair \‘.’|ill an ixtii'niiinly obnoxious media i‘eleliiit ,_ t3- iiiiiain iAnt tillt‘ tle Caunew And iii in t the iiitals in this Brittany IlSIlllltl ‘.l!lill_lt' w M a l>1t shifh as l.‘.'el|':’ Cllahitil Settles 'ieie less f it psychological ileiitl‘. than the '.'.liI‘Ii" .it social (lel[){ll)ll!f‘,. lllll)l(?$38|‘.t} stu lx ll‘ itixii‘ milii-u. iliiiiy McKihhini

I Fi/rrihouse. iti'irrtit.'_i;li from f 'i ' i‘ ./t//.

it'i‘ l (lllt‘lfi up .in

Michael Caine, every inch the star

End: fearful of t0uching anything. unWIlling to do even the lare lllllllllllllll.

This is Caine's film, though. He is every inch the star. deftly handling some broad lines and looking every Young Mod's dream. The supporting cast of beautiful ladies is like a theatreland dolly call: Julia Foster. Jane Asher. Shirley Anne Field. ViVIan Merchant. Elenor Bron and Yanks Shelley Winters. .iiid Millicent Martin. All of them too good for this mowe. Mind you the end credits aie

excellent. (Paul Dalel I GFF G/asgow from Sun 8 Jul.


Disney Dlunders its own small screen programming for this feature length verSion of its cartoon series. Recess concerns the adventures of a gang of pre-adolescent kids. whose roll call includes a natural leader. brainy nerd. cute girl. tomboy and. erm. a little boy who sings like a man.

Pre-adolescent antics

For the big screen school Outing, the gang put their iiiisr;"iie.o is ways to good use when an em! ex-prinCIpal of their school. Mr Benedict lArnold would tixat I)(;,.)). veiced by frightening James Woods. hatches a scheme to end summer .iacations by causmg permanent Winter. With a secret green ray. Mr Benedict aims to iiizist the moon into a new orbit thus reoreating the weather conditions of Non-my. which apparently has the highest school test re8ults. Of course. Mr Benedict doesn't have the pupils best interests at heart: rather he has his eye on the preSidency of the United States.

The San FranCisco Examiner wrote in a review titled 'Ftececs is like detention': ‘there's no good reason to leave home to see Recess: Some/“r.'. Chicago Sun- Times noted: ‘it doesn't have the two-track versatility of Flt/grara‘, ‘Ii/IIlC‘S Fielder,

I Genera/ release from Fri 73 Jii/.