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The Mummy Returns 1 ill .00 tStephen Sommerx. LS. 2001; Brendan l-raxer. Rachel \‘v'eixI. John Hannah 12‘) Ititiix. The plot ol the xetitici to the xttiaxh hit period adv eiiturc revolvex around Rick and icy ie ()‘(biiiiell'x ti'raxer and Weix/i piliermg oi ancient lagyptiaii tombx. a dark cult located in the Britixh Mtixeum and the legend oi a vvarrior \v ho promixed hix xoul to the god Aiitibix 5.000 yearx ago. Abxurdly high octane action cinema. tipping the balance right over into comedy and xometimex larce, (iood itiii. and a good deal more tiiaii a la/y xcquel. (iencral releaxe. Mysteries Of Egypt t l l ()mar Sharii xtarx in tiie lirxt National (ieographic iiim to appear in lMAX. imparting talex oi toiiibx. treaxurex and tiie ama/ing achievementx oi thix anicent civ ilixation. IMAX 'l'heatrc. (ilaxgovv.

No Place To Go (Die Unberuhrbare) ilXi (()xkar Roeliler. (iei‘many. I‘M”) I00 minx. Portrait oi a ilamboy ant middle-aged Wext (ierman vyriler tbaxed on tiie Iiie oi (iixela lilxneri \vhoxe perxonal and proiexxional lite and long held political belieix dixintegrate vvith tiie dextrtiction oi the Wall. l-‘ilmhouxe. iidinbtirgh. Nowhere To Hide t 1m .0 (Lee My'ung-Se. Korea. 200i i l’ark Joong-Hoon. Aim Sting-Ki. Jang Dong-Kim. lit) minx. ('inematographer (‘hung vaang-xuk rightly vvon avvardx ior thix iilm. xiiot ax a croxx betvveen a docu-draiiia and a higii end manga live action iiick. Folio“ ing a murder. a 72- day man hunt ix run by a violent cop vv ho leadx hix gang oi thtigx around the vvet xtreetx oi Seotil. He. oi courxe. takex everything perxonally'. expecially‘ \vhen hix partner ix killed. My ting-Se triex hix bext to keep thingx irexh. btit little can xave liiix derivative drama. yyhich lookx like a xoporiiic attempt to exploit the movie-going public'x current ohxexxioii vvith Kung liu Lite. See review. Selected releaxe.

0 Brother, Where Art Thou? i ll) 0... (Joel (‘oen. LS. 2000) (ieorge (‘looiieyg John 'l‘urtiirro. Tim Blake Neixon. l07 ininx. Preston Sitirgex‘ Sullivan '.\ 'I'rui‘eli and Hoiiier'x [IA/lt' ()ilvyyi'y‘ are the .xtarting pointx ior tiiix .itix-xet xcreyv ball comedy. Smooth-talking liverett l'ly'xeex Mc(iill t(‘|ooney'i. ximpleton l)elmar (Nelxon) and maladjuxted Pete t'l‘urturro) are memberx oi a chain gang on the run looking ior buried loot. 'l‘heiriouriiey' tip and dovvn the .xtate oi Mixxixxippi bringx them into contact vvith axxorted eeeeiitricx baxed on Homer'x mythological iigurex. A lighter vvork ior the (‘oenx. more Rallying :li'ironu than l-iirgu, btit it'x .xtill a rare treat. A truly captivating coniederacy oi duncex. ()deon. Ayr.

Pearl Harbori 15m. (Michael Bay. LS. 200] ) Ben Al'iieck. Hartnett. Kate Beckinxale. ltx’t) minx. Aitleck and Harnett play Iiielong buddiex. Raie and Danny. vvho end up in the American airiorce ax pilotx. The boy'x are baxed in Pearl Harbor. Havyaii. btit Raie volunteerx ior a poxting to join the Battle oi Britain. thotigh not beiore ialling ior nurxe livelyn tBeckinxalei. When



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40 THE LIST 5—19 Jul 2001

Pikachu, and his trainer, back in a

Rate ix reported loxt. mixxiiig-inaction. Danny xlipx into the bed oi the lan lively n. And then juxt to bugger it all tip. Rate returnx irom the 'dead' and the attack by the Japanexe getx in the yvay oi xortiiig Iov c aiiairx otit. Pearl Harbor ix o\ er-iong and over-xentimental. and in going ior the broadext audience Bay hax Vaxeliiied tiie unpleaxantnexx oi vvar avvay. Iexxening itx impact. (ieiiei'al releaxe.

Pippi Longstocking t t' l O.

t('|ivc Siiiith/Michael Schaack/Biil (iiggie. ('anada/Svyeden/(iermany. 2000i 78 minx. 'l‘here'x xomething vaguely dixttirbing about a nine-year-old girl vvho paradex dovv n the xtreet xinging ‘()h vyhat a iabuloiix day. I'm happy ax can be' hay ing _ill\l vyatched her iather being yyaxhed otit to xea. Btit may be that'x being chtirlixh. Aiter all. l’ippi Longxtocking'x anarchic behaviour hax won her a place in the heartx and on the bookxheiy‘ex oi many a child xiiice Axtrid Lindgren iirxt unleaxhed the \yorid'x lirxt riot girl. Btit in an age oi xophixticated children‘x lilmx. l’ippi Longxtocking yyith all her exuberance. iailx to deliver. (iroxveiior. (ilaxgovv.

Pokemon 3: The Movie ti’(il (Michael Haigney'. Japan/LS. 200] i Voicex oi Veronica Taylor. liric Stuart. Rachel Lillix. 9t) minx. Ax with the previotix iiliii. I’oke’nmn .i’ comex vy ith a xhoi't. l’ikue/iu.‘ The Movie 300/ - Pikllt‘llll And Pic/Ill. vvhich ieattii'ex the popular. electricity -povvered yellovv Pokemon and hix brother. The main ieaturc. Spell ()7 The l'nuii'n. concernx an orphan girl yyho'x home ix turned into a ci'yxtal caxtie by alphabet-like Pokemon the Ltioyy‘ii. who then inakex her every vvixh come true. Still. one ior kidx only. See revievv. (ieneral releaxe. The Princess And The Warriori l5) 0. t'l'oin 'l‘ykvver. (iermany. 200] i l-"ranke l’oteiite. Benno l-‘tiriiiann. 135 minx. In Run Lulu Run. 'l‘y'kvy er ruthlexxly xei/ed the attention oi the cinema—going populace vy ith hix iaxt-paced. adrenalin-tuelled crime drama xtarring plucky l’otente. Altliotigh bearing uncanny thematic xiinilaritiex and once again .xtarring l’otente ax a perxevering

The Small Wonders

Production Avvard Scheme

£2000 to make your film! Supported by i’VA filmmaker- in-rexidence: Amy Hardie Encouraging new talent - Doeumentary/Animation/ periormance/Fiction contact: The Film and Video Access Centre on: 0131 220 0220 deadline: 27 July 2001.

...._T$ . ofiplNBVRGH°

ction in Pokemon 3 - one for kids only

yotiiig vyoman m thix caxc a xhy and retiring pxychiati'ic niii'xe unyx ittingly looking ior love thix tollovv -tip managcx to be the polar oppoxite oi itx lore-runner. ()yei'blovvn. long-\y indcd and irctiticiitly ci‘iiigevvorthy. lhix iiieilccttial. idealixt romance dixappointx. ('ameo. icdmburgh. Recess: School’s Out 1 t 'i «had Shecll. LS. lelll i Votcex ol Jaiiiex \Voodx. Dabney (‘olemaiL l)iin (‘axiellaneta b’l lllilix. l)ixney plunderx itx oyyn xmall xcreen pi'ogi'amiiiing ior thix ieature length verxioii oi itx cartoon xei'iex. ly’t‘i‘i'yy concei‘nx the adventurex oi a gang oi pi'c-adolexcent kidx. vyhoxe roll call includex a natural leader. brainy nerd. cute girl. tomboy and. emit. a little boy \v ho xingx like a man. For the big xci‘een xehool outing. the gang put their mixchievoux vvay x to good iixe vvhen an evil e.\-pi‘incipa| oi their xcliool. Mr Benedict (Arnold \vould that be'.’i hatchex a xcheme to end xtiinmer \acatioiix by cauxiiig permanent vv inter. Sec rev ievv. ()deon At The ()tiay. (iiaxgovy.

Rembrandt l Ill 0.. ((‘tiarlex Mattoii. i‘i'ance/liolland/(iermaiiy. 300] l Klaux Maria Brandauer. Romane Bohringei‘. Johanna ter Steege. Ilii minx. Matton’x biopic ix ax much an introduction to the “ink oi the Dutch maxter ax a i'ey elation oi ilix pei'xonal Iiie. portraying Rembrandt'x xuccexxex. Iovex and ioxxex through a pictorial chronology oi hix Iii-e. Hix early iorttiitoux career ax the leading portrait painter in Holland ix \v ell documented. ax the iilm bringon hie xoineoiReinbrandt‘x moxt iamoux paintingx. Rather than iiixt reproduce Reiiibrandt'x inaxterpieeex. Matton hax the vvorkx bear rexeiiiblance to the aetoix rather than the oi'iginalx. Rembrandt may provoke heated debatex abotit itx accuracy. btit thix line-looking. “ell—acted iiiiii createx a iaxcinating celluloid account oi the great iii;ixtc'i"x art. The Lumiere. iidinburgh.

Rien ne va Plusi Hi 0... «(‘laude ('iiabrol. i‘rance/Svy it/crland. l‘)‘)7i lxabellc Huppert. Michael Seri'ault. i‘raiicoix (‘Iu/et. l05 minx. Huppert'x Betty and Seerault‘x Victor are a con man vvoman team vv ho are alxo romantically involved \y ith each other. Btit vy hen Betty meetx Maurice ((‘lti/eti and initiatex a love triangle it becomcx unclear vyho‘x conning \y ho. iinorinotixly good itiii

vy itii a killer climax. iiilmhouxe. lidinburgh. Rugrats In Paris: The Movie iii 0.. tStig Bergtp ixt. Paul l)emeyer. LS. 200] l Voicex oi (‘hrixtine ('ayaiiaugh. Suxan Sarandon. Debbie Rey noldx. 77 minx. The anticx oi thoxe diaper-clad under-5x. Tommy. (‘huckie. l)il. Phil and Lil. and tormenting big couxin Angelica. make a great kidx cartoon. Better than itx predecexxor. Rite/uh In l’urii hax the gang dexcending on iiuroreptarland tread iiurodixney i. u here conniving Angelica iixex tip motheriexx ('huckie and hix gullible lather. (‘hax. vv itii the v illainotix (‘oco La Bouche \y ho batex children. To xave ('huckic the kidx hijack the giant robotic Reptar and race ior .\'otrc l)ainc to xtop the vvedding. Lively. “ell-paced entertainment ior younger children. and iuxt xmart enough ior moxt adultx. Selected releaxe.

Say It Isn’tSodSio lJ.B

Rogerx, LS. 2001 i Heather (iraham. (’hrix

Klein. Sally held "5 minx Indiana animal xheltei‘ employee (iilly iix'leini ix a kind- hearted ll dtiiiib orphan vv ho teelx an inxtant connection to beautiiui blonde hairdrexxci‘ Jo itiraham l. and xo the duo embark on a paxxionate romance vy hich comex to an abrupt iialt vy hen Jo'x vindictive mother iiiieidt dcclarcx that (iiliy ix ilt‘l‘ biological xoii 'l'hix ixn't. hoyy ey er. the end oi the road tor the loyci'x Rogei‘x and xcieeiiyy riterx i’etcr (iaulke and Gerry Syyallovv have attempted to replicate the gtt‘xx-olll. xcatological humour oi Peter and Bobby i‘ai’iclly ivvhom pi'oducel. \yhilxt neglecting xticii exxeiitialx ax a tightly -p|otted iiariative .iiid engaging chaiacterixationx. Selected ik‘ik‘d\k.

See Spot Run il’t ii 0.. iJoiin \Vhitexcii. lb. lillli i i).t\ id .-\rtitiettc. Michael (’lai'k Duncan. l’aul Soryino. 0b ininx. 'l‘hix xliaggy -ixh dog xtory ix about Agent ii. the iiBl'x grcalcxt xniiier dog \\ ho ix vyaiited by the Malia alter taking a bite out ol the boxx‘ ballx during an ariext. Running alongxide thix xtory ix that oi liapicxx mailman (itil'tittll iArtiuettei vy ho ix in love vyith hix beautiliil neighbour Steph and vv ill do any thing to iinprexx her and her xoii Janicx. 'l'hingx xtai't to get all too predictable vy hen (ioi‘don endx up looking alter Jamex ior xevcral day x and the tvyo become the oyy iierx ol a may dog vvlio. xiirpi'ixe. xtii'prixe. ix Agent I Litixt excapcd iroin an attempted Malia axxaxxination. (ienerai releaxe.

Shadows t l5 t 00... (John (‘axxavt-tex. (S. “5% 8| llltllS. ll .»\inerican independent cinema vvaxn't born here. tiiix ix xurely ax good ax it ever got. it began liie ax an improv ixed drama about a bohemian Nevy York iainily. and became a film yearx ahead oi itx time. The great ('harlcx Mingtix iinprovixex the iall xcore. (ii’l'. (iiaxgoyy. 0 Shrek tl'i ooooo tAndrevv .-\danixon. Vicky Jenxon. LS. 200i i \'oicex oi Mike Myerx. ('aiiieron l)iaI. liddie Murphy. 00 ininx. S'lm'l. yvill have Walt l)ixney turning in hix cryogenic iree/e tank. THIS truly xubver- xiye animated iiim takex pot xhotx at lairytale mythology. yvhile xingling out l'ncle Walt‘x beloved .S'nmi' li'liili'. (ilN/(‘I't‘l/(l. l’llllt‘t'lliu. et al. l'nder the guixe oi a quext to rexcue a princexx ironi a dragon undertaken by the eponymoux green ogre tvvhich kidx will love). Sit/“ck alxo ruthlexxly' pillagex corporate l)ixney, xatirixing itx theme parkx and execu- tivex. And vvho‘x behind all thix'.’ Producer Jeiirey Kat/enberg oi l)ixney rival xtudio l)ream\\'orkx. alxo iorniei'ly head oi. yep. l)ixney. (ieneral releaxe.

Spy Kids tl’i O... (Roben Rodriguel. LS. 200! i Antonio Banderax. Alan ('uinming. ('arla (itigino. X7 minx. Like any young children. ('ariiieii and Juli (‘orte/ harbour hopex oi madcap adventure. btit unlike moxt children their apparently normal parentx are top international xuper-xpiex. When they 're kidnapped ax part oi a daxtardiy' plot to dextroy‘ the world. cooked up by kooky maxtermind liegan Hoop t('timining i. it iallx to the children to xave the vvorld. Riie vv itli iantaxy‘. xpecial-eiiectx vv i/ardry' and high-octane tiirillx. Spy Kit/y ix particularly enjoyable becatixe it'x the children and not the adultx that ultimately xave the day. (ieneral releaxe.

A Star Is Born it?) 000. (George (’ukor. l'S. I954) Judy (iarland. Jainex maxon. 152 minx. (‘ukor‘x inUxical tale oi the rixe oi a xtarlet ((iarlandi and iall oi a iading xtar tMaxoni hax been much repeated but never bettered. (iarland dixplayx extraordinary comic timing and vocal power. The Lumiere. Edinburgh.

Sweet November l lZi (Pat (retainer. l'S. 200i i Keanu Reevex. (’harii/e Theron. 120 minx. Reevex takex time oii the phyxical challengex oi hix Mama xequelx to make another xoppy romance. He did thix beiore with A Walk In The (Yum/i. and proved to Us vv hat we already know: Keanu'x range ix very limited. Neverthelexx. he xtretchex hix dramatic 'range‘ to here play a workaholic advertixing executive whoxe Iiie ix xhaken up by hix latext one-month xtand. Theron playx the kooky yvoinan with an air oi myxtery‘ about her vvho xuggextx xhe be Reevex' xtiuee/e. but ior 30 dayx and no more. See review. (ieneral releaxe.