D'i'c‘ BAD vooooo DADDY Vegas, Barrowland, Glasgow, Sat 14 Jul.

It don‘t mean a thing if you ain’t got that swing and by that reckoning, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy must be the most meaningful band in music today because they got swing by they’ve bucket-load. This month, the explosive seven-piece jazz swing combo make their debut appearance in Scotland and as lead vocalist and founding member Scotty Morris explains, they’re more than looking forward to it.

‘We‘ve always loved to travel and we’ve always tried to spread as far and as wide as we can. This is one of the coolest destinations for us because all of us have always wanted to go to Scotland. Four of us are hardcore golfers though, so we’re gonna have to work some time in for that.’

Since forming in Ventura, California back in 1989, it’s hard to believe that Big Bad Voodoo Daddy have had much time to brush up on their golfing skills. A rigorous and relentless touring schedule of at least 210 gigs a year since 1993 has seen the band cultivate a massive following, one that was boosted considerably in 1996 by their appearance in cult indie movie Swingers.

‘It was huge in the States for us,’ explains Harris.

'The next thing we knew, we went from playing to 1,200 people a night one week to playing in amphitheatres to 30,000 people so it was an interesting change in our career. It was fun too, to watch your friends realise their dreams as well - Jon Favreau and Vince Vaughan - that film launched their careers and they were good friends

previous to making the film.’

Given the opportunity to cash in on this sudden success, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy have instead remained true to the original ethos of being first and foremost a live, touring band. ‘We’ll go along with the idea of putting out singles if that’s what our record company’s excited about,’ says Morris, ‘but the band doesn’t go out of its way to do that. We make records because we have to and we play live because we love to.’

Those wanting however to sample the Voodoo Daddy sound before experiencing the live show at the birthday celebrations of famed easy-listening

Kings of the swingers

showcase Vegas, can check out the band's two albums, the self-titled debut and the current collection This Beautiful Life. Both feature an intoxicating combination of crazy bongos, crashing drums, blasting trumpet and wild swing rhythms that sound fairly spectacular on the stereo but it’s most definitely at the live shows that this big band really lets loose. “Anything goes, it’s a really unpredictable show,’ enthuses Morris. “We’re getting three and four generations of families coming to see us play now, so it’s wild and entertaining with something for everybody.‘ (Catherine Bromley)


The List continues to unearth those musical hot potatoes among the scabby turnips of rock ‘n’ roll.

This issue: Shelter.

Shelter, eh? Gig for charidee then mate? No.

Oh yeah y’don’t like to talk about it do you? Yes we do. This is hardcore punk band Shelter from New York.

Okay what’s fuss all about?

48 THE LIST 5—19 Jul 2001

No fuss unless y0ur talking about the onstage ferocity unleashed by frontman Ray Cappo and his band of straight edge backing men.

Straight edge? What, are they draughtsmen or something? Not exactly. They subscnbe to a vegetarian. drugless. drinkless lifestyle.

So no cans of Special Brew a la The Exploited.

I doubt it very much. Cappo was leader of 80s hardcore legends Youth Of Today before leaving the US in 1988 to travel to India to study eastern philosophy. yoga. Sanskrit and natural medicine.

Great I've had this twinge in me back for weeks. . . Shush. If you listened to their latest platter When 20 Summers Pass yOu'd realise Shelter speCialise in melodic but weighty hardcore with a posmve message. In shOrt. KrishnaCOre.

Oh Christ! They won’t start coming around trying to get cash out of us and inviting us to meetings like that wee religious bloke on Union Street will they? Couldn't be further from the truth mate. Just good tunes. good vibes with a positive message. (Mark Robenson)

I She/fer p/ay the Venue. Edinburgh, Wed 77 Ju/.

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THE ARCHITECHS Soundpresence, The Honeycomb, Edinburgh, Thu 5 Jul.

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