"a i savour, ruck LO-FIDELITY ALLSTARS

King Tut‘s, Glasgow, Fri 22

Jun oooo

Any r;:isual observer ol the Lo— lis' l)l(:‘.il()tlf} incarnation may almost he forgiven for looking on them as a sort of poor man's Primal Scream. With their synthedrup. iridiofriendly groove and siihliain vocal whine. But that would he doing them no lavoiirs. as they prove tonight that they can match

either Xl'I-i’M/‘J’H? for

sle<lgieliammer-heaw funk

Iminus the politics) or

SomaliHide/mi lor li'aX/led.

loved, up wonder.


The set conSists of familiar material thrown together with

some untested new tunes from their tOrthcoming album Don't

Be Afraid Of Love. They score early doors With a verSion of

last year’s fine ‘The All, The All' icomplete With fat synth hook) and proceed to make the intimate confines rock like T In The Park's Slam tent Via new Single 'Sleeping Faster‘. Fan favourite 'Battletlag' (featuring

long SlliCe derailed vocalist

Wrekked Train... albeit only sampled from the Original) is knocked Out. before the vibe

backflips brilliantly halfway

through. The album 's title track.

for example. sounds like Dark Side Of The Moon w0uId've if


Pink Floyd had composed it on a beach in Ibiza in the early

80 yOu reckon guitars and dance mUSlC haven't mixed since 1991’? The Lo-Fidelity Allstars urge you to think again.

IDaVid Pollock)

CAMERA OBSCURA Hyndland Church Hall, Glasgow, Sun 23 Jun ooo

No inattei how hard you try. it's impossible to watch Camera ()hscura Without thinking of Belle 8 Sebastian. It's there in the multitude of percussion. from the casual smattering of trumpet tO the rattle ol a tambourine; and keeping guard on sound control sits [38.8 helmsman Stuart Murdoch. sporting an AC/DC T-shirt. as his proteges play in what is eltectively his living quarters. The honeyed female lead vocal calls to mind a warmer Beth Orton. while the band's folk-pop owes much to the whimsical sounds of the Go-Betweens and the Field Mice. The only rumble of discontent comes from a loose tot stumbling about at the back. but you have to wonder if the nipper's intrepid attempt to master the art of walking managed to overshadow Camera Obscura's attempt to shake off the spirit of Belle 8. Seb. (Jason Cranwell)

I Beach Boys and Status Quo Edinburgh (‘£l\llt‘. l‘) .llll.

I The Music Venue. Edinburgh. l‘) Jill.

I Jurassic 5 Arches. Glasgow. l‘) .lul.

I Saw Doctors Barrow land. Glasgow. 20 .lul.

I Mark Knopfler

(‘lyle .-\udiioriuin.

(ilasgim. 20 Jul.

I The Music IRili Note (‘Iub. Glasgow. 2| .llll.

I Tom Jones Edinburgh (mile. 20 is 2] Jul.

I The Beta Band Barrow land. Glasgow. 2| .lul.

I The Eagles Hampden Park. Glasgow. 22 Jul.

I Mull Historical Society Venue. Edinburgh. 24 Jill.

I Jools Holland Rim Bandstand. Edinburgh. 2‘) Jul.

50 THE LIST 1"»

7‘.“ Jul .‘L‘Gl




The Venue, Edinburgh. Tue 19 Jun.

‘The most important band since Oasis‘ enthused NME recently, but don’t let that put you off Noo Yoik five-piece retro kids The Strokes. While the skinny kids share a similar gobby attitood and propensity for violence to the Manc brothers, musically they're streets ahead, if still derivative as hell in

their own way.

But before we get to that, there’s Mull Historical Society to ponder on. Their two singles have displayed a somewhat whimsical plinky- plonkiness not dissimilar to the Beta Band on a good day, but live, Colin McIntyre and his band are a

much more sprightly entity indeed.

Sounding and looking like Stereophonics cooler, weirder older brothers, MHS transform songs like ‘I Tried' and future single ‘Watching Xanadu’ into full-on rocktacular pop songs, with McIntyre belting out each catchy hook with a rasp of voice and even a slight hint of axe-wankery thrown in.

Moldy Peaches are one of those sick, arty jokes that only Greenwich Village can cough up like a musical furball. A bloke dressed as Robin Hood and a girl in a rabbit costume strum haplesst and sing badly through a selection of schoolyard ditties with a knowing wink and an ironic eyebrow raised. Songs about sucking dick, taking crack, and sucking dick for crack abound, and it's all tedious shit.

Unlike The Strokes, who rawk. Not, it should be stressed, in a foot-to-the- floor metal way, but in a cool-as-ice, Noo Yoik new wave kinda way. While the tousle-haired band all strike poses and throw out saucy stuttering rhythms, it’s singer Julian Casablancas that’s the focal point. Like the bastard son of Mick Jagger and Jarvis Cocker, he pouts and preens and jerks about, and for some reason, is utterly mesmerising.

And The Strokes have got the tunes to back up their bravado. ‘Hard To Explain’ and ‘Take It Or Leave It’ are glorious reinventions of Blondie and Velvet Underground, and, rather superbly, they’ve got a song called ‘New York City Cops’, which is about New York City cops. For extra rock’n’roll points, they play forty minutes with no encore, chuck stuff about, then leave. Ya gotta love ‘em. (Doug Johnstone)

The Strokes in retro rock shock!

Ticket information: Tickets for most medium/large concerts can be bought from the following: Glasgow: Virgin, Buchanan Galleries. 332 4400 ° Credit card bookings from: Ticket Link: 287 551 l 8. Way Ahead: 1330 81583

Edinburgh: Virgin - Princes Street. 220 3234 - Ripping Records South Bridge

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Bratmobile, Angelica, Carol Laula and The Gossip I3ih Note (Rife. Glasgow. 14 Aug.

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feat. The Vandals and Less Than Jake

SECC. Glaasgow. I8 Aug.

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I New Found Glory Garage. Glasgow. 28 Sep. I Walter Trout Renl'rew Ferry. Glasgow. 4 ()cl.

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Barrow land. Glasgow. (i ()ct.

. 226 7010 ° Way Ahead 0141 389 8383

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