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Eighties Fan New single 25 June. CD & Ltd Edition 7"

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52 THE LIST 5—19 Jul 2001

Simian play King Tut's, Glasgow, Mon 16 Jun


GShelter, S.R.I. and In The Clear The Venue. l7 2] ('alton Road. 557 3073. 8pm. £7 7 £‘). A \trange mix of religion and hardcore. or ax they like to call it Krishnacore. l‘rom Shelter \\ ho haven't played lidinhurgh lor the year\. See preyieyy‘.

I Foil, Degrassi and Bulb Bongo (‘luh. l4 New Street. 553 7604. 9pm. £4 (£3). A triple hill of lel‘t lield angular guitar hands presented by the'\ Battle (‘ollectiye


I Janus Stark, Cat Kills 6 and Closer King Tut's \Vah \Vah Hut. St Vincent Street. 22] 527‘). 8.30pm. £5.50 plus hooking lee. Mtiscular rock \Ulllldx from the l’t‘odigy'x liye guitarist.

I Burnout and The Stunts The l3th Note ('al‘e. King Street. 553 I638. 8.30pm. £2.

I Summersalt .‘x'ice‘n'Slea/y. Sauchiehall Stree 333 ‘)637. ‘)pm.

I The Magic B'les Surfers Studio One. B)'I'L‘\ oad. 34l 6516. ‘)pm. Free. Blues.

I Vagabonds 'l‘he Scotia. Stock“ ell Street. 552 8681. 8.30pm. Free. Popular

I Jam Session Samuel Dow's. Nithsdalc Road. 423 ()l()7. 8.30pm. Free. I Live Music The (‘athouxe l'nion Street. 248 6606. 7.45pm. £3.50. ()y'er- 14.x show. Local hat. ' \ltoyy‘casc night.


I Unique Freak d Ultimo Dragon (‘al‘e St J :5. 25 St James Shopping Centre. ( redral Lane. 557 263 l. ‘)pm. Free. ll 1 and hem y rock ax The Full Moon ('11 resent [ltix .'\('li henelit night. with ird act to he added to the bill.

I Bap Kennedy and Kate Cassidy King Tut's Wah \Vah Hut. St Vincent Street. 22l 527‘). 8.30pm. £7 plus booking fee.

I Lapsus Linguae, Single Point Of Light, My Legendary Girlfriend, Pentothal, Vinyl Reverb and Ives The l31h Note Cate. King Street. 553 I638. 8.30pm. £2. including a copy of the Smoke Records (‘1). ’l‘hix i\ the first of three consecutive nights launching the compilation. ()l' the nineteen hands on the (‘1). eighteen will perform at these \hoyy s.

I Cartel, Sneak Attack Tigers and Nebraska Nice'n’Slea/y‘. Sauchiehall Street. 333 ‘)637_ ‘)pm.

I Grover, Opitomy and Central Fury Murry s. Maxyy ell Street. 22| 65] 1. ‘)pm. £4. including entry to poxt-gig club.

I Texas Gun Grand Ole ()pry'. Paisley Road Toll. 42‘) 5396. 7.30pm. £3 (£2 members). Country sounds.

I Abba Disco Party Bourbon Street. George Street. 552 0141. 7pm. £5 I450

\y 1th dinner). l’eaturing an .-\hl\a trihute act.

I Caucasian Male .\lc(‘ltuill\. lliglt Street.552 2|35. 10pm. l-‘ree.

I Real Easy Samuel l)o\y 'x. \rtlixdale Road. 423 0l07. H.30pm, l'ree.


I Bob Dylan Stirling (‘axtle. ()Id loun. (ll-736 450000. 0pm. £35. 'l‘hc old man ot rock \hoyyx he'\ \till the man \\ ho rightly inl‘luenced a \\ hole generation ol' llill\lL'l;tll\.

Saturday 1 4


I Afrika Bambaataa, DJ Maceo and Dan The Automator Queen Margaret l'nion. l'niycrxity (iardenx. 33‘) ‘)7S4. lllpm. £l2 plth hooking lcc. Tommy Boy Records celehrate their 2001 anniyerxary' \\ ith Alrika Bamhaataa. one of the godtathcrx ol' hip—hop and lounder ol' the Zulu Nation. l’lll\ l)J .‘ylaceo ol De La Soul and Dan "l'he Automator' Nakamura. hall 61. llandxome Boy Modelling School and one ol' the \hadoyyy ligurex hehind (iorilla/.

0 Big Bad Voodoo Daddy Vegax. Barron land. (ialloyygale. 552 460l.

‘)pm- 2am. £l2 plux hooking lee. See pre- yieyy.

I Seafood, Easyworld and Pupkin King 'l'ut‘x \Vah \Vah llut. St Vincent Street. 22] 527‘). 8.30pm. £5 pllh hooking lcc. Yottlltl'ttl indie rock \oundx. I Squander Pilots, Aether Flux, Mercury Tilt Switch, Kasino, Slowloris and Greebo The Hut Note ('al‘e. King Street. 553 I638. 8.30pm. £2. including ('1). See l‘ri I3.

I Ancient Monsters and Sputniks Down Nice'n'Slea/y. Sauchichall Street. 333 ‘)637. ‘)pm.

I Non Jovi 'l‘he l-‘erry. (‘lydc Place. 42‘) 8670. 8pm. £5. Tribute [0 lion Joy i.\ hope they play yy ith more laxtre than the originals at llampden Park.

I Hutch 8. The Bunnies and The Rhythm Method Papacool Summer Social. Duke's Bar. ()ld l)umharton Road. ‘)pm. £3 donation on door. Ja/ly \oul youndx from the lormer hand and yarner perctission l‘rom the latter.

I Route 65 (irand ()le ()pt‘y. Paisley Road To”. 42‘) 5396. 7.30pm. £3 (£2 members). ('ountry.

I Rod Stewart Tribute Hour-hon Street. (ieorge Street. 552 0I4l. 7pm. £5 t£l6.50 \\ ith dinner). Tribute to Rod the l’lod.

I Open Stage The Hall liar. Woodlands Road. 564 I527. 4 8pm. liree. Weekly \exsion for local mudcian»

I Dogs Die In Hot Cars Mc('huill\ Way Out \Vext. Kely inhaugh Street. 576 5018. ‘).30pm. Free.

I The Duvets Samuel l)()\\'\. Nithxdale Road. 423 0107. 8.30pm. liree.


I Goddard Henry \ JaI/ Bar. 8 Morrixon Street. 467 5200. Midnight. £5. These up-and-coming lunksterx play a xelection of original and classic tunex. featuring \ocalist Jeremy (ioddard.