I Live Bands The Mereut. 28 Wed Muitlund Street. 225 3861. 7.30pm. £2.50. lndie and rock uetx. line-up \[lll to he eonlirtnetl tit titne ol going to prev.


I Saltcoats Rock Stilteoutx Promenade. (H.294 324-182. Noon (ipni. l'ree. A rolling programme ol entertainment lor all age groups ineluding li\e littlxle.


I The Supernaturals \lttdioeltttn'x l.olt. 'ltihertttot'}. ‘)pm. Hi. ()ne ol Seotlund'x hext lo\ ed artists making a


I Francis Dunnery featuring Matt Pegg King Tut's Walt Wuh llut. St Vincent Street. 22! 527‘). 8.30pm. £10.50 plus hooking lee. liornier \ext- nearing irontinain with Xllx uherrutionx lt llitex.

I Late Night Foreign Radio, Troika, Transaudio, Cayto, Nibushi Shang Hong and Pulsar 'l‘he l3th .\'ote ('ule. King Street. 55.3 M38. 8.30pm. £2. including ('l). See l‘ri I3.

I Berd, Orion, Campus, Soul 9 and Sack Trick The (‘uthouse l'nion Street. 2-18 6600. 7.30pm. £4 plus hooking lee. ()x'er- l4\ Sllth.

I Western Rhythm (irund ()le Opt); l’uisley Rotttl To”. 42‘) 5396. 7.30pm. £3 (£2 members). (‘ountry \ttllntl\.

I John Hannah Studio One. Byres Road. 34! ()5lo. ‘)pm. Free. ('unudiziu xinger/wngwriter perl'orniing originals ttlttl classics.

I The Cobramatics 'l‘he Seotiu. Stoeku'ell Street. 552 868 I. 4pm. Free. Fortnightly residency.


I Alfonzo, Little Amber and The Shore The Venue. I7 21 (Hilton Road. 557 307.“. 3pm. £5. :\ trio ol- lttedl llltllL‘ nets.


I One Big Sunday Beueh Park.

2 4pm. l‘ree. Radio l'x li\e e\ent tnukex it to Scotland u ith ()l’.\l. Oxide and Neutrino. l.ll. Him \Vtm. l't‘ctlt‘l'. Sithi and Munie Street l’reueherx.

Monday 1 6


I Simian King 'l‘ut'x Wuh Wuh llut. St \'ineent Street. 22l 527‘). 8.30pm. £5 [)lth hooking lee. Dream) (ill\-lllllllCllL‘L‘tl pop with an eleetronieu edge. 'l'hink Stereoluh and Broadcast l’or‘ ret'erenee.

I Rev Doc & The Congregation Studio One. Byres Road. 3-1] 6510. ‘)pm. Free. 'l‘rutl RAZB.

I Acoustic Jam .\'iL~t-‘ii'8le;i/}. Suuehiehull Street. 333 9637. ‘)pm. Week!) \exsion hosted h) (ierry Lyonx. l’ree boo/e l‘or pet‘l‘ortttcrx.

I Live Music The l’err}. (‘l_\de l’luee. 42‘) 8676. 1.30pm. £4. All-day ehurit} CVL‘ltl.

I Live Music The 13m Note (Erie. King Street. 553 1638. 8.30pm. £2. [n the lirst of :1 series of imprtn' evenings. it number of lttttsieitttts hush zm'uy happily on various forms of percussion.


0 The Black Crowes and Cosmic Rough Riders Biti'l‘()\\lillitl. (iullowgute. 552 460]. 7.30pm. £|7.5() pltts hooking tee. See preview for The Black ('rowes. Support from the hippy. tlipp)’. jungly sounds of the (‘oxmie Rough Riders.

hebridean 9 :

11th - 14 Stornoway, ls"




rock salt & nails

atro celt sound system

slainte mhath wrigley sisters devana

Transforming Stornoway in July.

the Hebridean

Celtic Festival

is the largest Festival of its kind to be found in the north of Scotland.

for more details contact

by phone: 07001 878787

write: PO Box 9909.


Isle of Lewis

H82 9DW


boxoffice @ hebceltfest. o u wwwhebceltfe

l‘OCh 8 pop listings Music

tickets mt Iii“ mm “Ill mes llllllll [Slim ll hill“ lag]

l/fl let:

I115 $2 lllllll/IIBTII llllll I'll

"i ,\. in ' "i ‘fiL:

. ' (I ‘__,3.'_ _. ' r _V _’W’ “Ilium-1&3 m ,1 _ L . ,-, l



The Robot Wars LIVO Events IS organised exclusively by MBC I SFX and is not connected to the 88C.

DFC in association wrtn PCL present

"IJJ'E. 33m

Glasgow Barrowland Saturday 2 1 st July

,“I 'l’


Glasgow Barrowland Thursday 23rd August

. 1'.» "-

. .. __ s -


Fri 13 BAP KENNEDY + Kate Cassidy Sat 14 SEAFOOD + Easyworld + Pupltin Sun 15 FRANCIS DUNNERY leaturing Matt Pegg

Kin Tut’s Wah ah Hut

2725 St Vincent Street. Glasgow tel: Olll ZZI $279

Ticketszfiuhrs (Way Ahead): 0141 339 8383 In Person: (t Gimp! Virgin. Einburh Virgin. Dund Grouchos. £e_rt_h Goldrusti And Online: wawgigsinscotlandcom

Mon 16 SIMIAN + Special Guests

{—7 :Juf 2307 THE LIST 53