1.. i

0 you ever want to strip off

and run through the street

naked? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to feel tarmac between your toes? Well soon, i very soon you c0uld just get to try it. Performance artist, Spencer Tunick, is coming to Glasgow and he wants you all to get your kit off.

As part of a worldwide project. Tunick is gathering acres of bare flesh to create natural patterns in various urban environments. and then photographing it. He explains: “The body is vulnerable and the body in

h \I.

Flesh photograph

Artist seeks bare naked Weegies. Words: Ruth Hedges

mass has a purity to it. The project

brings out the best in a city. The most understanding, caring people come to


And so no, you naughty voyeurs.

this isn't for the likes of you. Tunick insists that ‘it's a performance for participants only' which is why the location and dates are top secret: ‘I

never reveal dates.‘ All we know is that

he's 'coming soon'. Interested? If the prospect of

getting naked and being involved in a mass art happening tickles your fancy.

you can e-mail Tunick at

ies of evrdonce: Spencer Tunick‘s New Vibnna 2 (Kunsthalle Wren) 1999

Coming quite soon . . .

Brad Pitt Will take the lead in an adaptation of Jack Kerouac's beat classic On The Road. Pitt WlH play Dean MOriarty the character Kerouac based on his drifter pal Neal Cassady; Billy Crudup will play Kerouac's altm ego Sal Paradise. Joel Schumacher is to direct and Francis Ford Coppola WIH produce . . . Roberto Benignl. the motormouth Italian comedian who conquered Hollywood with his Oscar-Winning Holocaust comedy Life Is Beautiful, is now filming a live action version of Pinocchio. Benigni takes the title role in the film, which. budget at the equivalent of 845 million, is the most expensive film ever made in Italy. Pinocchio wrll be released at the end of 2002 . . Madonna. Robbie Williams and George Michael's names are being bandied about as plans for a Live Aid-style concert are being firmed up. The event. to be held at Cardiff's Millennium Stadium on 20 October, will differ from the first Live Aid by having artists sing numbers from inuSicals backed by an orchestra . . . Sonic experimentalists Stereolab release their eighth studio album. Sound—Dust, on 28 August through Elektra Records. The twelve-track LP. produced by longtime Stereolab collaborator John McEntire of Tortoise as well as Jim O'Rourke of Gastr Del Sol, WI” be released to COincide wrth Stereolab's UK label. Duophonic, putting out the ‘Captain Easychord' EP.

scotland@spencertunick.com to sign up. Only then, and at the last minute. will the details be revealed.

It should be big. and the bigger the better. Recently 2500 peOple amassed in Canada. Could Scotland improve on this? Tunick is excited about the prospect. ‘Absolutely anyone can join in.‘ he says. ‘Any size, any shape, any colour. any religion. Everyday peOple.'

So, if you're an everyday person who wants something a bit different from spending another Saturday down the shops. why not give it a whirl? Let's just hope it doesn't rain. eh?



'l’he Film Festival will

host the gala premiem‘

of Lucky Break r

4 THE LIST 5—19 Jul 2001

The Edinburgh International Film Festival launches its 2001 Programme on Wednesday 11 July. Unfortunately. because that falls in the mid-point of The List's fortnightly issue, we can't yet give you the low down on this year's film line- up. We do. however, have an exclusive on one the Film Festival's gala screenings. Lucky Break. Lucky Break is directed by Peter Cattaneo. who won Edinburgh's Young Filmmaker Of The Year award back in 1990 and returned to premiere his hit The Full Monty in 1997. The new film is a prison escape comedy written by Ronan Bennett (Face) and starring Co/d Feet's James Nesbitt as well as Olivia Williams. Timothy Spall

Film Festival sneak preview

New movie from Full Monty director. Words: Miles Fielder

and Bill Nighy.

The Film Festival has also announced the international premiere lie outside its country of origin) of Stacy Peralta's Dogtown And Z-Boys. a skate movie narrated by Sean Penn and featuring Henry Rollins alongside the Zephyr Skateboard team. And. as preViously announced. the festival will open with the international premiere of Ame/re. the box office hit from France directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet (De/i‘catessen).

The 55th edition of the longest running film festival in world, this year to run 12—26 August. will be Lizzie Francke's last as artistic director.