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CAFE EXH'BITION mammm, Friday l5 June Sunday 22 July Howard Hodgkin

This exhibition concentrates on leading abstract artist Howard HOdngTS hand coloured etchings and lithographs I977 I986. comodmg With an exhibition of his newest series of hand coloured prints at the Ingleby Gallery Free

Friday 6 July 7.30pm

John Hall 8: Geneviene Wong

A celebration of some of the more popular class:ca| works from Bach to Debussy and Faure With Irish flautist John Hall and MalaySIan pianist Genevnene Wong,

Cafe Hub (US per person) 0|3l 473 2067

Friday 20 July 7.30pm

Kevin Macleod Band featuring Jack Evans

From Hawaiian hulas to ragtime melodies this lively trio wull showcase Scottish tra- ditional mus:c as well as exploring some veiy different mus:cal styles

Cafe Hub (“5 per person) 0l3| 473 2067 CULINARY ARTS

Friday l3 July 7.30pm

The Secrets of Greece

LUSCIOUS salads. fresh feta, JUIC)’ OlIVCS. fragrant herbs and spices and the freshest Ingredients. The Hub Chef reveals the warm aromatic taste of the Greek islands. The ouzo IS optional!

Cafe Hub (£22 per person) 0|3| 473 2067

The Hub. Royal Mile, Edinburgh EHI 2NE Open every day



5-7 JULY 8.00pm £6/£4



fACTionaI Theatre

: $I<inea£0flw

by Tomislav Zajec

12-13 JULY 7.30pm £4/£2

SNEAK THEATRE ' ‘9 first“? . -.

written and directed by

Rebecca Sharp

0901 022 0300

calls Charged at 25p per min


60 THE LIST :‘ ‘3' ,Ja


Church Hill Theatre, Edinburgh, Mon 9—Sat 14 Jul.

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SHE Sl’l (II? it; (:1 .Itsssn: MACBETH

Glasgow Cathedral, Thu 5 July, then touring.

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