Glasgow Thursdays


Steve Retson LUBT ('entre. I I Dixon Street. 22I 7203. 5.30—8.30pm. Free. Weekly. (lay men's sexual health ady isory seryice.

Lesbian Health Clinic Sandyl‘ord Initiative. Sauchiehall Street. 2l l 6700. 5.30 8pm. Free. Weekly. Lesbian women‘s health advisory sery ice. Glasgow GOC Badminton (iaines llall. Knightswood Secondary School. 60 Knightswood Road. 954 2404.

7 9.30pm. Weekly.

Glasgow G00 Swimmers (‘mitaet 649 5896. 7.30 9pm. Weekly. lnl‘ormal swimming session.

LIPS (ilasgow Women's Library. I09 'l'rongate. 552 8345/7539. 79pm. Thu l2 Jul. Fortnightly. Project supporting young lesbians and bisexual women aged 25 and under.

Glasgow Fridays


Girls On Top Bennets. 290 (ilztssltird Street. 552 576I. llpm 3.30am. £3 £6 (£2~£5). Fri 6 Jul. Monthly. Women-only night on the second Floor. this month held in aid of the (ilasgow Women‘s Library.


T.F.l. Bi-G-Les Youth Group Drop In l.(iBT (‘entre. I l Dixon Street. 22] 7203. 4 ~8pm. Free. Weekly. A drop it) titne for young l.(iBT tip to the age ol‘ 25.

Glasgow Saturdays


LIPS (ilasgow Women's Library. I09 Trongate. 552 8345/7539. 2-4pm. Sat 7 Jul. Fortnightly. Project supporting young lesbians and bisexual women aged 25 and under.

Gay Rambling Group (‘ontaet 950 I08]. Sat I4 Jul. Fortnightly (alternating between Sttn and Sat). (‘all for more details on meeting places and times. MAST I.(iBT. I I Dixon Street. 22l 7203. 2—5pm. Sat l4 Jul. Monthly. By appointment only.

OLGA l.(iBT. l I I)ixon Street. 22l 7203. 2.3()~4.30pin. Sat I4 Jul. Monthly. (iroup l'or older lesbians.

Glasgow Sundays

Groups GOC Cycling Group (‘untaet 649 5896. Sun 8 Jul. Monthly.


Oot In Glasgow The Stand. 33.3 Woodlands Road. 0870 600 6055. Sun 8 Jul. Monthly. (‘raig lliII introduces a night ol‘ gay and gay-lriendly humour

with Jo Iznright and Pauline M. prox idmg the laughs. .-\Iso the chance to w in a nteal l'or two in a gay blind date.

Glasgow Mondays


Holistic Healing Group I.(iII'I' (‘entre. I I Dixon Street. 22l "203. 7.30 I0pin. Weekly. To tind otit more about this group that meets eyery Mon night contact 423 5952. Performance Group I.(iB'I" (‘entre. ll Dixon SII‘CCI. 22l 720.“. 7.30pm. Weekly. Regular meeting (it anyone interested in theatre and music


Glasgow Tuesdays


Bi-G-Les Youth Group I.(;I3'I‘ ('entre. l I I)ixon Street. 22l 7203.

7 I0pm. Free. Weekly. .-\n open meeting l’oi' young I.(iBT tip to the age til 25.

lcebreakers Sadie l'il't)\I.\. 8 l0 \Vc‘sl George Street. .332 8005. Tue l7 Jul. Monthly. (iroup l'or lesbians. gay men. bisexuals. and transgender people.

Glasgow Wednesdays


Crosslynx Group I.(iB'I‘ ('enti'e. I I |)ixon Street. 22] 7203. 7 I0pm. Wed l I Jul. Monthly.

Poets And Writers l.(}B'I‘ ('entre I I Dixon Street. 22l 7203. 7.30pm. \Vetl l8 Jul. Monthly.

Edinburgh Thursdays


Gay Outdoor Club (‘ontaet 556 8705. Thu 12 Jul. Monthly. Social meeting.

13. 3 (D

The Monkey’s Mask Filmhottse. 88 Lothian Road. 228’ 2688. £3.50 £5.50 (£2 £4). Fri 6 Thti I2 Jul. :\ dark and sexy thriller which sees Kelly Mc(iiIIis‘s lesbian detectiye lalliiig under the spell iii a teacher w ho could hold the key to the mysterious disappearance ol’ a young girl.

Edinburgh Fridays


The Monkey’s Mask I-‘ilnihnuse. 88 l.othian Road. 228 2688. £3.50 £5.50 (£2-£4). Fri 6-7Thu I2 Jul. See Thti.

Edinburgh Saturdays


Joy ligo. Picardy Place. 478 7434. I0.30pm--3am. £I0 (£8). Sat 7 Jul. Fortnightly. Maggie and Alan serye tip solid. meaty house in the main room wltile Trendy Wendy and Sally Finlay stir up chart. pop and garage downstairs.

Telephone (H3! 33" {NH


. a; sac-«m shit?

Zzti'l‘IE1)..’7(t'~ .\ >;l it"-~ I." it,‘

Blue Moon Cafe


Eye Candy (‘Itih Mercado. 36 39 Market Street. 226 4224. I Ipm 3am. £|0 (£8); £6 iti lancy dress. Sat 7 Jul. Fortnightly. Residents (iraeme Popstar. .\'e_iat Barton and Neil (‘rookston host their inlamotis. glam house party.

Sat Social (‘Iub Jay'a. ('ommercial Street. 555 5622. 9pm 2am. Free helore I0pm: £6 (£4) alter. Sat l4 Jul. Fortnightly. Featuring a mix ol party hits and quality dance l'rom resident DJ l)a|e (l.ttsli) and special guest Maggie Joy. Blast (’lub Mercado. 36 39 Market Street. 2264224. llpiti 3am. £I0 (£8). Sat l4 Jul. Fortnightly. The inl'amous lluggy Burger Queen and his trusty sidekick Markell select the hes! III lilthy. dirty house music.

Oxygen Studio 24. ('alton Road. 558 3758. I0pm 3am. Members £8 bel'ore midnight. £I0 alter; non-members £I0 bel'ore midnight. £ I 3 alter. Sat I4 Jul. Fortnightly. Residents Johan and Sarah (i work the wildly hedonistic crowd into a hard house Iren/y.

Mingin’ Studio 24 (upstairs). ('alton Road. 5583758. 10.30pm 3am. £5. Sat I4 Jul. l-‘ortnightly. No-nonsense clubbing with hard house aitd sexy trance l‘rom the resident s Brian l)empster and Alan Joy.

Divine Divas The Venue. (top Iloor). (‘alton Road. 557 3073. I0pm» 3am. £6 (£4). Sat I4 Jul. Return ot' lidinburgh's women only night.

MsDemeanour Phoenix (‘eIIar Bar. 48 Broughton Street. Sat I4 Jul. Monthly. An eyening exclusiyely I‘or transyestites and transsexuals.


The Claremont The ('laremont. I33 I35 Fast ('Iaremont Street. 556 5662. Free. Sat I4 Jul. Fortnightly. (lay night organised by MS(‘ and The Bears \\ ith a dress code as wild as you dare.


The Monkey’s Mask I-‘ilmhouse. 88 Lothian Road. 228 2688. £3.50 £5.50 (£2» £4). Fri 6 Thu I2 Jul. See Thu.

Edinburgh Sundays


Lush ligo. Picardy Place. 478 7434. I0.30pm »3am. £3. Stiii I5 Jul. Fortnightly. (‘ommercial dance and pop Tron) (‘raig Dempster and Dale \Vilk’inson.


The Monkey’s Mask FilmhoUse. 88 Lothian Road. 22 2688. £3.50—£5.50 t£2-—-£4i. Fri 6-Thu I2 Jul. See Thu.

Trendy Wendy will be spaced out at Planet Out, Edinburgh. Mon 16 Jul

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Edinburgh Mondays

Clubs Trendy Wendy Planet ()tit.

(ireensidc Place. 524 006l.

l0.30pm 3am ibar l'rom 6pm). Free. Fortnightly. Trendy Wendy ol'l'ackno lame plays eyery l‘oi'tnight ( I6 .ltili with [Us doing their slllll on the weeks in between.


Gay Men’s Swimming Group ('all 226 4476. 8pm. Weekly. lnl‘ormal sw imminfi session. ('alI l'or more inl'ormation.


The Monkey’s Mask Iiilmhouse. 88 l.othian Road. 22«' 2688.

£3.50 £5.50 (£2 £4). Fri 6 Thu I2 Jtil. See Thu.

Titbits l‘iImhotise. 88 l.othian Road. 228 2688. £3.50 £5.50 (£2 £4). Mon I6 & Tue I7 Jul. An erotic and heady programme ol‘ lesbian short lilms.

Edinburgh Tuesdays


The Monkey’s Mask I~‘ilinhotise. 88 l.othian Road. 228 2688.

£3.50 £5.50 (£2 £4). hi 6 Thu 12 Jul. See Thu.

Titbits Filmhotisc. 88 l,othian Road. 228 2688. £3.50 £5.50 (£2 £4). Mon I6 & Tue I7 Jul. See Mott.

Edinburgh Wednesdays


Women’s Group Drop-In I.(iB ('enti'e. 60 Broughton Street. 478 7069. 7pm. Free. Weekly. An inlormal drop in group l‘or women.

Edinburgh Gay Women’s Group Nexus. Broughton Street. 557 8847. 7pm. Weekly. Social group who meet to chat. discuss and plan luture activities. lcebreakers (‘.(‘.Btooms. 23 24 (ireenside Place. 556 933 I. 87 9.l5pm. Wed I I Jul. Monthly. (iroup for lesbians. gay men. bisexuals. and transgender people.


The Monkey’s Mask l'iiliithouse. 88 Lothian Road. 228 2688. £3.50J£5.50 (£2—£4). Fri 6—Thu I2 Jul. See Thu.

Big Eden FilmhoUse. 88 Lothian Road. 228 2688. £3.50-£5.50 (£2~£4). A lil'e-allirtning leel good movie about a middle-aged gay man returning home to Montana.

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