Bonnets (“I ( il.l\\lIIItl SII'L'L‘I.

"~I I lpin 3.30.1111. L5 LINE: [5).

IEII w \ InngesI running gay club

It 3! Ir. 'Ingltls .t \\ cck \\IIlI some

I w 'r :m - dancing \Vcd tn Sun. Thu

II!"l « .IIIIlt'III night.

! "l1; lounge S4 \Vilsnn Strch. 553

" IIIpin 5ttlll. L5 Downstairs in the

I’nII» I lit" place In dance with cltrb

I I' In San with l'rcslt. lush and

_ HII l’Iilti.

tithe i1 UIIL'L'II SIIL'L'I. 32(3 39‘)”.

III III {min I_3 I£2 will. I'lycri.

I ~ w. ‘in known as l’lancl l’cach this

~le I club hnlds gay nights on Mon

w I lll:' with l’asslnnallly and l".l'..\'.

lw III: nI Inch play cheesy chart and

lI.‘IIIll‘.I" liltllst'.

'5. Par I‘II Ingrain Slrccl. 55903-14.

I l["ll Run. L' 3. 'I his new kid on the

II I‘l.t\ s discn classics c\cr_\ Tue of




I I; 'I“

Sadie Frosts S I0 \\csl (ienrge

€32 S005. l'rcc. Something I'or ‘.."§.IIII«‘ throughout the week with [Ms

v' II. S 'i and \lnni. karaoke IThu and

IIl' i .lllll t)lll//L'\ (Tire and Wed). To be

.: I-II- IuI tlillcrcnt Tuc blends the dull

.IIIT I .Il.'I‘i\t' and comes tip with


linlnmnicas (iS Virginia Street. 552 “I”; “run. l'tcc. l)c|s has a week

I; I t-II ItiII nI things In kccp you

--w II v. llll l).ls on Fri. Sat. Mon and Inc. .I Illll/ on Thu. karaoke on Sun and

.1 ".Illlt" night on \\ctl.

roar Centre I I l)i\on Street. 22l ‘I‘ i. I It'c. llrc bat/calc III lhc LGBT

'l willy scivcs cnllccs. loud and drink

Imt .II .n has karaoke I'rnni l-‘ri In Sun

.IllIl .I llllll night on a Mon.


Polo Lounge 84 Wilson Street. 553 I22I. I0pni lain. l'ree. lintertaininent Irnin Mon In Thu with everything from laid-back sounds and live inusic I‘rnin TUIll and Mari at the beginning ol' the week In Iunk. disco and requests nearer Ihe weekend.

Revolver (ia John Street. 553 2456. 8.30pm. Free. Weekly. Pnpttlar new bar which hosts arcade games and qui/ nights on Fri and Tue and also has a superb jukebm which is totally and utterly I‘ree.

Court Bar ()0 llutchesnn Street. 552 24o3. 6.30 I0pin. Free. A popular traditional bar w here you can chill all week apart I'rom Sun when there is karaoke.

Waterloo Waterloo Street. 22‘) 5391. ()ne of (ilasgow ‘s best known gay bars. candle Bar 20 (‘andlct'iggm 56-1 I285. 9pm. Free. Recently refurbished this lively bar has karaoke on a Tue and Rob 6’; May Miller playing live on a Thu.


Body Positive 3 Park Quadrant. 332 50I0. Support and advice for those affected by HIV/AIDS.

Centre For Women’s Health 2 Sandyl‘ord Place. 21 I (i700. ()l'l‘ering a range of information and services to women and specilic services for lesbians. Glasgow Lesbian Line Pt) Box (186. (i3 7'l’l.. 552 3355. (living advice and support either on the phone or by SAli.

Glasgow Women’s Library 10‘) 'l‘rongate. 552 8345. Open 'I‘ue— Fri I~opmz Sat 2 ~5pm. A library full of women's literature as well as the lesbian archive. This is also the ideal place to find out about women's events happening across Scotland.

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uscow urn EDINBURGH mumm-

Phace West 49 Bath Street. 332 3838. The main service in the West of Scotland for people who are affected by HIV/AIDS.

Steve Retson Project 2 Sandyl‘ord Place. 22l 860k ()pen Tue & Thu 5—S.30pm. Sexual health advice and counselling for gay men.

Strathclyde Lesbian & Gay Switchboard PO Box 38. (i2 2QF.. 332 8372. Open 7~l0pm daily. ('onlidential advice for all gay men and lesbians.

Bi-G-Les (‘/() LGBT. I 1 Dixon Street. 22l 7203. (iroup ol'l‘ering befriending and support network for lesbians. bisexuals and gay men under the age of 25.



C.C. Blooms 23-~24 Greenside Place. 556 933 I. I0.30pm—3am (bar from 6pm). Free. A bar and club with a whole host of high camp and disco classics.

The Honeycomb 15—17 Niddry Street. 530 5540. I Ipm—3ain. £8 (£6). livery Sun The Honeycomb plays host to Taste. a night of hard house and hedonisrn with l)Js Fisher & Price and guests.


6.0. Blooms 23~24 (ireenside Place. 556 9331. I0.30pm--3am (bar from 6pm). Free. A bar and club with a whole host of high camp and disco classics. Habana Greenside Place. 558 I270. Free.

Frenchies Rose Street. 225 765 I. Free. Formerly Hotstul‘l'. A place to drink and chat or wait until Sun for the trivia quiz. or Wed for karaoke with Titty (ialore.

2 years (52 Issues) at £80 1 year (26 Issues) at £45

6 months (13 Issues) at £24

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lesbian issues.

Blue Moon Cale I Barony Street. 557 091 1. Free. Edinburgh's longest running gay cal'e.

Nexus b0 Broughton Street. 478 7069. This cafe/bar is pan ol' the l.(‘rli (‘entre and serves tip good food as well

being a great place to find out what is happening.

Planet Out (ireenside Place. 524 00M. QpIn—Iam. Free. A darn line bar with [Us every Mon night and 'l'rendy Wendy ol~ Tackno lame doing her stult every fortnight.

The Gilded Saloon (‘owgaie 9pm. lam. Free. livery Sun the Saloon holds the damn convenient pre-club session for Taste at the Honey comb.


Dykes Night Out PO Box Ion. EHI 3|-U. lnl‘orrnal get togethers and social evenings for women. Stonewall Youth Project PO Box 4040. 556 4040. Regular meetings and social events for lesbians. gay men and bisexuals under the age of 26. Gay Men's Health ()ttsis Drop In Centre. l0a Union Street. 558 0444. Free advice and counselling for gay and bi men as well as those questioning their sexuality.

LGBT Police Link LOB (‘entt-e. (ll) Broughton Street. Mon ()777pm. Weekly. (‘all 620 5| 3X. ()20 5l40 it' you want a chat with your community ol'licer.

Lothian Gay 8t Lesbian Switchboard 556 4049. 7.30 10pm every day. (iay and lesbian helpline giving all types of advice including sexual health and HIV/AIDS. Lesbian Line 557 ()75I. Mon & Thu 7.3()»l()pm. Helpline for all





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