As Tommy Boy Records celebrates twenty years in hip hop, The List charts the quest for the perfect beat. Words: Neil McMillan

n order to properly celebrate the contribution of

Tommy Boy records to hip ltop music. the only

plan should be to stop reading this article. track down. listen to and savour the most itnportant recordings made on the label o\ er the past twenty years. To help you do this. 'l'ommy Boy has tiovv reissued a substantial portion of its classic back catalogtte. letting the music itself speak for the label’s influence. But. as an extra reminder of its status. it's also embarking on a twentieth anniversary tour. featuring the DJ talents of old—school legend Afrika Bambaataa. .\laseo of De la Soul and Handsome Boy Modelling School‘s Dan the Automator. And just so you don‘t have to nrake do with the home-

show is coming to (ilasgow.

late 7()s when 'l‘om Silverman. "l‘ommy Boy’ himself. became draw it to the city's emerging hip hop scene. Meeting the Zulu Nation’s .-\frika Bambaataa alter a show in a Bronx club. Silverman invited him into the studio to attempt to make new recordings from Bairrbaataa's impressive collection of breaks. (obscure records featuring hard funky drum solos around which the rapping and ln‘eakdancing cra/es were developing).

After a cottple of years of experimentation. forging

a street sound to contrast with the slick productions of the Sugarhill label. Bostonian producer .-\rthur Baker

and rappers Soul Sonic l"orce were drafted in. By 1982. only a year after 'l’ommy Boy had launched. the collaboration prodttced the label’s first hit. ’l’lanet Rock". a fusion of eerie orchestral electronics. popping rhymes and hard programmed drums which still sounds futuristic today. While borrowing from Kraftwerk‘s li‘unx [film/re lit/tress in order to create the electro sound many still identify as

De la Soul continue to listening experience. the whole darn prO‘VIde a necessary antidote to the thuggery It all began in New York in the rife rap,

Tommy Boy artist and Zulu warrior Afrika Bambaataa

quintessentially New York. the success of the record bled back over the Atlantic to influence bands such as New Order. who becatne largely responsible for the development of the British dance scene.

The electro sound waned in popularity dttring the 30s. bttt Tommy Boy found its feet again with acts such as Stetsasonic. a live hip hop band who were nevertheless to champion the virtues of sampling in 'Iii/kin' all Illul .lu::. Another innovative sarnpladelic collage. appropriately produced by Stetsasonic's DJ Prince Paul. was De La Soul's l98‘) debut album 'I'ln'ee [Veer High And Rising. With its ‘l)aisy Age‘ politics. cra/y game-show skits and complex lyricism. the LP remains one of hip hop‘s truly classic sets. While their latest album xll'l Official Intelligence sounds a galaxy away from their debut (the band disowned the ‘hippy-hop‘ tag following 'I‘ln‘ee l’eet). De La remain as original as ever and continue to provide a necessary antidote to the thttggery still rife within rap.

lf' 'l'lrree Feet helped define the late 80s and propelled Tommy Boy. with De La-associates Queen Latifah and Digital Underground in tow. into the 90s. Handsome Boy Modelling School‘s Se. . . llun".v Your Girl." provides a blueprint for how hip-hop should be made in the noughties. An album which combines the quirky comedy of Prince Paul‘s production with the filmic sound-sculptures of Dan the Automator (also responsible for Dr Octagon and the (iorrilax). it stands as a Tommy Boy landmark for the millennium and more than justifies Dan's presence on the current tour.

With the .-\utomator representing the new school. .\laseo holding down the Daisy Age classics and Bambaataa cornrnernorating the origins of Tommy Boy. the Midi lli-l‘i gig will constitute an advanced lesson in hip hop history as well as providing an exctise to party on and celebrate the continued pursuit of the perfect beat.

Tommy Boy Records in association with Midi Hi- Fi at QMU, Glasgow, Sat 14 Jul.

..-‘:'t“.,.,j ‘. taxis-<55

I 1 __-.-é"‘=:v -L§§k"x¢-€i‘i‘;wz.Jig” 51‘," '::»' r‘“-.'...t\ 3,24,17- “$3499

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