I Rumba Te Tumba at Havana Bar. 9pm-3am. Free. Weekly. A wild mix of Latin selections. interspersed with commercial chart faves from Keith and Alexis.

I Shake The Disease at The Riverside Club. Midnight—late. £8. 7 Jul. Monthly. Classic house and techno from the years |99()-95 with the residents and guests Twitch and GK Machine.

I Solution at Q. 5pm—3am (DJs from I lpm). Free before I lpm; £5 after. Weekly. Archaos' Ryan Kerr takes over from Stevie Middleton. on a vocal house tip.

I Traxx at The Soundhaus. Next date 2l Jul.

I Triumph at The Tunnel. l().3()pm—3.3()am. £9 (£7). Weekly. Colin Tevendale and Steven McCreery supply the dressed-up glamour kids with progressive house and trance in the main room. while Kevin MacFarlane and Stephen Lee mix up garage. disco and vocal house in room two. if you're not wearing awfully nice clothes. however. don't expect to get in.

I “no Tun at Budda. l lpm—3am. £6. Weekly. Geoff Montford and Chris Harris get funky with a bang-up-to-date selection of disco house.

I The Unit For details visit www.the- unit.co.uk

I The Vault at Vault. l lpm—3am. £5 (£4). Weekly. The brand new basement joint down the lane next to Strata features at Sat night selection of techno and electro. past. present and future courtesy of Stevie and Ian.

0 Vegas Birthday Party at The Barrowlands. 9pm—2am. £12. l4 Jul only. The swingingest club in town cele- brates a year of Glasgow grooving with special guests Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. As ever. Frankie Sumatra. Bugsy Seagull and Dino Martini. plus Lola Las Vegas, The Vegas Showgirls and The Fabulous Scott Brothers will be on hand to ensure that you enjoy an evening of libidinous Latin and scintillating swing. See Preview in Music section. and Hitlist.

I Velvet Rooms at The Velvet Rooms. 1 lpm—3am. £6 (£4); £3 before midnight. Weekly. Keith Pyper breaks out the soulful house and garage in the main room while Raymond Woods cools things down with hip hop and R&B in room two.

I Wired at Asylum. Caledonian University Union. l()pm-3am. £tbc. Weekly. Glasgow's longest running altemative indie night with drinks promos aplenty.

I Xtravaganza Records Party at The Arches. £l2 (£l()). l4 Jul only. A one off event at the Arches with Xtravaganza label boss Alex Gold. Agnelli & Nelson and Mark Sherry. the man behind Public Domain.

Chart & Party

I Bonkers at Bonkers. l lpm—3am. £4 before midnight; £5 after. Weekly. Hits from the 80s. chart house and cheesy trance.

I Classic PM at Fury Murry‘s.

l lpm—3ani. £6 (£4). Weekly. Dance classics and party tunes. with alternative and rock tunes upstairs in Twister.

I The Garage at The Garage. l()pm—3am. £5 (£3) before i lpm; £6 (£4) after. Weekly. Super-commercial party sounds on the main dancefloor and indie classics in The Attic.

I Graduate Club at g2. l lpm—3am. £4 (£3). Weekly. Designed to suit those who have always enjoyed a Garage-style night out. but feel a little long in the tooth when surrounded by fresh-faced. lager-stained youngsters. Steve Davis provides the party anthems.

I The Shack at Shack (formerly The Temple). 10.30pm—3am. £7 (£5). Cheesy chan tunes.

I Seduction at Destiny. lOpm—3am. £6 before i lpm; £7 after. Weekly. Tonight the club would like you to ‘dress to impress‘ while enjoying the usual commercial house ‘n’ trance pap.

I Strawberry Fields at Strawberry Fields. l0.3()pm-3am. £5. Weekly. Classic party nonsense from the 60s to last week.

Glasgow Sundays


I Anti-Bar at The l3th Note Cafe. Next date tbc.

I Bitch School at Nice ‘n' Sleazy. 3pm—7pm. Free. Weekly. The chaps behind Deathlehem (they have a way with names. bless ‘em) bring you four hours of the hard and heavy stuff. from Ozzy Osboume to Slipknot. Moshtastic. I Budda at Bar Budda. 8pm—midnight. Free. Weekly. Colin Walker (New York Alliance) playing deep house.

I Fast Forward at Eat Drink Man Woman. 4pm—midnight. Free before 6pm; £3 after. Weekly. House music and chart anthems. with drinks promos an added bonus.

I G-Man and Traxx at The Living Room. 4pm—midnight. Free. Weekly. It is now possible to write off the Sabbath in its entirety while enjoying some top- notch tunes. thanks to the Living Room‘s double bill. The afternoon shift is taken care of by G-Man. with his beats and hip hop. From 9pm. things get a bit livelier thanks to underground house from Simon and Derek.

I Harri at Groucho St Judes. 9pm—midnight. Free. l5 Jul. Fortnightly. The Sub Club stalwart brings his high calibre house to the most stylish of Glasgow's style bars.

I I'll-T at Tchai-Ovna. 4—l()pm. Free. Weekly. A Sun relaxation session aimed squarely at those after a spot of detoxification. since the venue is a rioti- smoking tea shop that looks. conversely. like an opium den. The tunes. courtesy of a huge number of local DJs. are drawn from every genre under the sun. as long as they're laid-back. Drink obscure teas. play chess. give your body a rest.

I Man With No Suitcase at The Griffiny. Next date 5 Aug

I Moloco at Moloco. Spin—midnight. Free. Weekly. Martin St. John spins stompin‘ Northern soul. roots. rock and reggae.

I Nick Peacock at The Variety Bar. 8pm—midnight. Free. Weekly. Local hero Nick Peacock selects the best jazz grooves. with the occasional foray into house.

I Nico’s at Nico's. 9pm—midnight. Free. Weekly. Billy Milligan. the lan Mellis of dance music. supplies a wide- ranging cheeseboard.

I Paul Gawley at Groucho St Judes. 9pm—midnight. Free. 8 Jul. Fortnightly. The Fenetik fellow with some beats. breaks and hip hop.

I R&B at Bar 10. 7pm—midnight. Free. Weekly. Relax with R&B cuts and take advantage of the generous drinks promos at this city centre style bar.

I Scratch ‘n’ Sniff at MeChuill‘s. 9pm—midnight. Free. New pre-club venture. featuring Danny Barbour playing house. garage and whatever else he fancies.

I Seriously Sole Sunday at Candy Bar. Next date 29 Jul.

I The Sunday Social at The Arches. Next date 2 Sep.


I Bennet’s at Bennet's.

l 1.30pm—3am. £3. Weekly. Tom plays tunes loved by twelve-year-old girls. plus some bangin’ handbag. to equally appreciative gay men. Funny old world. I Bite at The Cathouse. 10.30pm—3am. Free before 1 1.30pm; £2 (£1.50) after. Weekly. A milder mix of indie and rock than you‘ll find at the city‘s premier rock venue on Fri or Sat. I Bump ‘N’ Grind at The Velvet Rooms. l lpm—3am. £4 (£2). Wind down the weekend with DMG‘s mix of R&B and street soul.

0 Chittlin’ I‘loedown at The l3ih Note Cafe. 1 lpm-Zam. £l. A new night devoted to pretty much whatever the l)Js please. including dub. hip hop and electro with added splashes of indie stuff. See Panel and llitlist. I Club Tropicana at The (iarage (Attic). llpm 73am. £3 (£2). Weekly. lndie. botli classic arid contemporary. with a healthy dose of Britpop. I Dream at Strawberry Fields. ll).3llpltl~31tllt. £l5. Weekly. l-‘ifteen nicker might seem a bit steep for a night down Strawberry Fields. btit in addition to banging hotise anthems and saucy dancing girls. the bar is totally and utterly free. Much like a stomach ptiiiip on the NHS. I Liquid Cool at Baba/a. ()pni— 3am. £5. Weekly. .-\.J.. Kris Keegan and [art Thompson playing top-notch yocal garage and house to a club packed with hy per- hedonistic twenty something rcyellers. all of whom seem to have forgotten that they have work iii the morning. If quality tunes and glamorous antics are your bag. Stats at Babaza are unmissable. I Optimo at ('ube (in association with the Sub (‘lub). llpiii~3am. £6 (£5); £7 (£8) on guest nights. Weekly. Lady Miss Roland and Twitch 6‘; Wilkes play music. including gut-busting techno. country & western. punk and painfully cool electro- pop. plus anything else suited to the dancefloor from the past 4() years. Arrive before I lpm. or face a long queue. (“heck wwwoptimo.eo.uk for details of how to join the Lady .‘yliss Roland fan cltib. I Pure Funk at (‘lub Budda. l lpm—3ani. £5 (£4). Weekly. (ilasgow reacquaiiited itself with its long-held love of the funk this year. with a brace of nights devoted to the genre. including this one in the bijotix environs of Budda. I Sin at Trash. l lpllli-Rillil. £5 (£3). Weekly. llouse. garage and student classics from Jim l)a Best. with drinks for £l all night.


I Soulsa presents: Vinyl .1 \ llpm 3am. £5iL-1i 2-1 .liin \\ee-l I new club ott Queen Street lauii. l1. \ Sun-nighter tleyoietl to illi.till\ (in. proper garage .lllti house w ith aesni. Andy l'nger and Shae l) lo t elei launch. Domenic l‘l Suht ultuie l...:.. joins in the tuti. See I oiivplay

I Sunday Worship .tl Him is iti, llptii 3am. £5 (£3) \\eekly \li. an. Kilkie and Simon I my do then upiiii. house thing.

I Transistor .tl lhe Poll» I . llpm 3am. £tbe \\eekly Real pop real people with His .\iall \lt \liiii ' Wayne l)i\on.

Chart & Party

I Atmosphere .tl l)t'sllll\

Itlpni .‘yain. £i beloie llpm. t l .2li.. Weekly. I‘ull on patty .ietion accompanied by generous tllllliy\ , ;. I Disco .it l‘uiy \ltu 's lll‘lli

£4 (i3). \Vk‘k'l'sl}. ( 'lleest‘ litsllt \ll' t it for students. witli [the and Phil sl i. the discs.

Glasgow Mondays " :g


I It’s Lonely Being Cool .tl Hi.- l.i\ing Room. ‘ipni midnight lite Weekly. Your host leaniy and partners ii: crime (’artligan Snow shoes and ( )ne \‘. .l_\ Len play some wlialeyei they danin 2‘. ell please to help you iecoy er li‘oni the weekend.

I Loose at The \aiiety liar.

9pm midnight. l-i'ee. Weekly. .\lt tountiy. classic 70s rock and blues li'oin l’.iiil Shields.

I Playstation League at ti.” tt-tli 9pm midnight. l‘lt't‘. Weekly l-oi kitls sure of thumb and pallitl ol t‘oiiipleyioii \ case of lager is tip lot grabs lot the top : nz, gamer. assuming you can drag youi sel' awa} from the 'station at home.

BANK ttoi4ti5A¥ SPECIAL . L




‘COULD Do BETTER’ We” SPIN A SELEcTto» or THEIR sesresr RECORDS titan Tlt£ 70’s. 30’5190’5


io.ooPM-s.soAM. may its/£5 mess CoDE - SkooL UNIFORM


I?!» PITT ST. GLASGOW can 332 7522 .wsuaéknuem

lit THE LIST 71