I Spanish Pub Night at lit Barrio. 10pm 3am. Free. Weekly. A right old kneex-up tor the Spanixh and Spanish- toying community hmted by l)Js l’elix and ladu and featuring llamenquito straight through to llixpanic chart hitx.

Chart & Party

I Funky Underground at The Subway Wext lind. 7pm 3am. l‘ree. Weekly. Seyenties shenanigans with DJ Diggler and Daddy ('ool.

I The Subway at The Subway.

0pm 3am. l‘ree for student\ with matriculation card: it otherw ixe. Weekly. See 'l‘litl.

Edinburgh Tuesdays


I Immersed in Music at Ply‘t).

9pm lam. Free. Weekly. ‘Monkey' Boy" Mark tidmondson play s funky phatback grooves for all the playa/ otit there.

I Salsa Experience at Baracoa. l0pm tam. liree. Weekly. l.atino grooyex to make yott \alxa. with dance claxxex for beginnerx and intermediate from £3.50. I Tango at til Barrio. 6 9pm. l-‘ree. Weekly. Informal tango night that'\ unled tor the lirxt \exxion of the fortnight bttt tutor Stey e McKay ix back in the saddle ax from l7 Jul.

I UrbannHangSuite at Bann’x.

l lpm 3am. l-"ree. Weekly. Light \egetarian Snackx \ery'ed to a mellow hip hop and break\ \oundtrack froin asxorted guext l).l\.


I C.C. Blooms at (‘.(‘. Blooms. |0.30pm 3am (bar frotn 6pm). Free. \Veek‘ly. take a \tep back in time to 608. 708. 80\ and early 90s tunex at this gay club.

I Flava (formerly Motherfunk) at The Venue. l lptu 3am. Free. Weekly. Now re—named fttnk and you] night. hmted by (Hi. Beany and Felix. with boo/e promos a plenty.

I Motherfunk at The ltoney‘cotttb. l‘ree. Weekly. (iino and l‘ry'er break out the funk pipes and comfy \oul slippery as

Glas ow

I Ad- it) t t I Hope Street. 248 6645. I Air Organic 36 Kety‘ingroy'e Street. 564 520i.

I Alasksa I42 Bath Lane. 248 l777.

I Archaos 25 ueen Street. 204 3I8t). I The Arches . litllantl Street (ort‘ Jamaica Street). 221 400t.

I Asylum 70 ('owcaddenx Road. 332 068 I .

I Babaza 25 Royal [Exchange Square. 204 (Hill.

I7Bennet's 80 (ilax‘xford Street. 552

. 6t.

I Bonkers Hope St. 248 5884.

I Bret 3‘) Ashton l.ane. 342 4966.

I Budda t42 St Vincent Street. 22t .5660.

I Caledonian Universi

Student Union (Asylum 70 ('owcaddenx' Road. 332 068 I.

I The Cathouse I5 t'nion Street. 248 6606.

I Cleopatra’s 508 (ireat Wextern Road. Kely'inbridge. 334 0560.

‘I‘lcxlub Budda 142 St Vincent St. 22!

I The Cran 1038 Argyle Street. 248 688 l.

I Cube 34 Queen Street. 226 8000. I Cut De Sac Ashton l.ane. 334 880*).

I_ Eat Drink Man Woman 34-44 king St. 552 0227.

I Firebird I321 Argyle Street. 334 0594.

I Fury Murry’s 96 .\la\well Street. 22! 65l I.

I The Garage 400 Satrehiehall Street. 332 ll20.

they ruake themxelyex at home in the SillllbrltltJS \urrotmdx ot litliiibtir'gli\ hottext hotxpot. l’|ea\e note that ttll\ IS the original Motherfunk \o it'\ ratnmed cyery week and early arriyal en\ure~ entry.

I Oaxaca at l’o .\'a .\'a. t lprn 3am. Free. Weekly. l.atino funk night with a name that make\ you Sound like you‘re coughing tip a kitty fur ball. (ieared

tow ardx pleaxing the \tudent market.

Chart & Party

I Shagtag at (iaia. 10pm 3am. £4 (£2i. Weekly. Alcohol-fuelled flirting (aided and abetted by drinkx promow \ ia the infamous ntuuber-baxed introductionx system. Please note there\ free tequila and champagne for the lloo/ie with the most requests.

I The Subway at The Subway. 9pm—3am. Free for students with matriculation card: £| otherw ixe. Weekly. See Thu.

I The Subway West End at The Subway \Vext tind. 7pm--3am. Free for students with matriculation card: L'l otherw ise. Weekly. Themed party night\ every week. offering chart pap. cheap boom and pri/ey.

Edinburgh Wednesdays


I The Departure Lounge at t’opRokit. 9.30pm lam. l’rce. \Veekly. ('aptain llarry :\llt\\\(irllt and lli\ kooky cabin crew iny ite you to hop aboard an interstellar excurxion into qui/land. t’leaxe note that the new League has recently got underway and the night now features pri/es and promox from celebrity \pthUt‘ Mr Jack Danielx.

I Electrobank at Batu Botr.

‘)pni- lam. l-‘ree. 18 Jul. l-‘ortnightty. Dark dance and block rockin' booty from the lilectrobank :\lt-\titl'\.

I Excursions at Iguana. ‘lpm lam. Free. Weekly. Rotational rexidentx (i- .\tac (Manga). (iat'y Mac (Sublimei. Colin Millar and Adam Bray (lleadxpini demonstrate their aura/tug deckxtcrical Versatility in the fields of drum t8 baxx. hip hop. funk and break.

I Glasgow School of Art I67 Renfrew Street. 332 0691.

I Glasgow University Union 32 t'niy'ersity Ayenue. 339 8697.

I Groucho St Judes mu Bath Street. 352 8800.

I 92 474 Sauchiehall St (behind the (iaragc). 353 31 t l.

I Havana 50 Hope Street. 248 4466. I Lite (baxement of (‘orinthianL l‘)l Ingram Street. 552 Hill.

IThe Lighthouse 56 Mitchell Street. 221 6362

I The Living Room 5 Byerx Road.

33‘) 851 t. I MAS 2‘) Royal tixchange Square. 22t 7080.

I Nice ‘n’ Sleazy 42! Satrehiehall Street. 333 9637

I O’Henry’s l)rury Street. 248 375 l. I Polo Lounge 84 \VilSon Street. 553 I221.

I Queen Margaret Student Union 22 t'niyerxity (iardenx. 33‘) ()784.

I Beds. 375 Sauchiehall Street. 33l 1635.

I Riverside Club t-‘ox Street. 560 7287.

I Rocksy’s Basement 40 .\'ew Sneddon Street. Paisley. 552 57‘)l.

I The Shack W3 Pitt St. 332 7522. I Soba l t Mitchell Street Lane. 204 2404.

I Spy Bar Bath Street. 221 771 I. I Strawberry Fields 56 ()\\\;lttl Street. 22! 7871.

I The Studio. 1084 South St. SetitStUlllt. 40l 1750.

I Tchai-Ovna 42 ()tago l.ane. 35" 4524.

I Note 260 (‘tyde Street. 243 2177

i Trash 197 Pitt Street. 57: 3372.

I The Tunnel 84 Mitchell Street. 204 I000.

I Variety Bar 40lSauchiehall Street.

I Flashback at l'l.t\ltl‘.tek.

830pm 1am. l'rcc. \Veekly. l).l Randy .\ndy \how \ no \hame iii play mg top tune\ from the 6(i\_ "(k and (\tlx l)rlllt\\ promox a bottttx.

I Headzeint at t2lll. 0pm lam. l‘ree. \Veekly. Hip hop. tttnk and electrobeatx courtch of Michael and (iary.

I The Merry Pranksters at the .\leadow\ Bar. 0pm lam. tree. 1 l .lttl. Fortnightly. Roan l.ayery r()rbital "tour DJ and rexident at Radio Baby loni entertain\ the colourlul cuxtomerx w ith all \ortx ol electro funkynexx.

I Nocturnal at Batu Bott. 0pm lam. tree. It .lul. fortnightly, lan ()wenxon aka li.\'() (.\lu/tk Bedroom Bedlam

w inner) ltISeS ntI-xkool breakx. garage and drttrn tk baxx at [MS \wanky new pre-club.

I Oxygen at ()\ygen. 8pm lam. Free. Weekly. the popular pic-club play \ hoxt to rotational rexidentx (iino. l5ryer and ('hri\ ileum and the mthical \ty le\ of funk. hip hop and \ottl. .-\rri\e early to capitalixe on two—lor-one drinkx offerx.

I Salsa Variations at Baracoa. 8pm lam. l'irce. \Vcekly. l).| .\likay cl play \ the l.atino grooye\ to make you \alxa with dance clawex in either a (‘olumbian or ('uban \ty lc.

I Son de Rumba at (’ctlar Bar \o 1. 10pm lam. l-‘ree. \Veekly. ()ne ol the pioneering l.atin muxic nighh atid \lllt the bext \election of nturcommercial grooyex courtexy of DJ lznriquc.

I Tango at the ( )uthouxe (llp\l;tlr\l. 7.30 l lpm. l'rce. \Veekly. Informal tango night with free beginnerx claxx from 7.30pm. l’leaxe note that [MS w ill be an untutored eyent until l8 Jill.

I UrbannHangSuite at Hartrrk. llpm 3am. l'rce. \Veckly. light \egetarian \nack\ \eryed to a mellow hip hop and break \oundtrack trout ttSStit'tetl gtle\l l).l\.


I C.C. Blooms at ('.('. Blotth. 10.30pm 3am (liar front 6pm). l’ree. \Veekly. :\ \pol ol midweek house action at tlil\ alwayx buxy gay club.

332 444‘).

I The Velvet Rooms Satlchieltalt Street. 332 0755.

I The Woodside Social Club 32‘) North \VtmtlSitle Road. 337 I643.

I Yang 33 Queen Street. 248 8484.


I The Ark 3 Setnple Street. 22‘) "33. I The Attic t)y cr\ (‘lo\c. (‘owgate 225 8382.

I Bam Bou 66/6." South Bridge. 556 0200.

I Bann UK 5 lluuter Square. 226 l|l2. I Baracoa 7 Victoria Street. 225 5846. I Bar Union 253/258 (’owgate. 557


I La Belle Angele It llaxliex (low. 225 7536.

I The Bongo Club 14 New Street. 556 5204.

I Cavendish \cht 'l‘ollcroxx. 228 3252. I C.C. Blooms 23 24 (il'eellSItle Place. 556 933 I.

I The Citrus (irtndtay Street. 622 7086.

I The City Cafe Blair Street. 220 0|25.

I Club Java (‘ommercial Street. l.erth. 555 5622.

I The Cocteau Lounge (Ego), l’icardy l’tace (entrance through the ()uthouxc (iardenx. Broughton Street l.anc. 428 2434.

I Cuba Norte I92 .\torrr\on Street. 22! 0490.

I Ego l’icardy l’lace. 4‘8 ~434.

I eh1 1‘)" High Street. 220 52“.

I El Barrio (04 Wed Port. 22‘) 8805. I Eros/Elite l‘iountairipark. Dundee Street. 228 l66l.

I Flashback U l I Hope Street. 226 0901.

I Gaia King Stablcx Road. 22‘) "()86.

I Holyrood Union Holyrooti Road.

65t 6l5'.

lrStmgS Clubs

I Fat Sam’s Swing Club at ligo. 8pm llpm ‘4" (:5 i. 18 Jul. Monthly .lump in mg action with Scotlanth leading \wmg band plux til \upport lrom the \cgax crew

I Festival Sensation at the liquid Room 10.30pm 3am. L'tbc. \Veckly. .\'o detailx ayatlable at time of going to prexx. I Kero-Scene—K2 at Sttrtiro 24. llpm 3am. £1.50, \Veekty. Increaxingly popular atternatrye night which \eex leaf. \Vally. lqy and l.l/ play mg death. doom. heayy metal and e\treme tune»

I Red at l’o .\'a \a. llpm 3am. t5ree. \Veekly. l).l llarry l.ct\ (iotBoombou put\ the eclectic into electric at tlll\

\ty lrxh \ouk bar.

I Ruff Kuts at The Venue ((‘oolert hax now linixhed.

I Salsa con Cabor at til Barrio. 10pm 3am. Free. Weekly. .loin .\'ano l-‘ernande/ at thix \w inging l.atin party

w here the tequila run\ like water.

I Sleep at The :\tlle littS now linixhed.

Chart & Party

I Midweek Mayhem at the l.lqtlltl Room. l030pm 3am. tree with matric card before l2.30am; £2 otherwixe. \Veekly. (‘hee~y. charty t‘tltttiltS. cheap drink and good oddx at coppiug oll.

I Shark at l'.l'tt\/l‘.tlle. 0. 30pm 3am. f3 ([2) before llpm; [4 (923» alter. \Veckly. 'Scotlaud'x biggext \tudeul' night

\upply trig the obligatory chart pap.

I Skint at the .~\rk. |0pm 3am. [2 (free with prool of o\erdralt l. \Veekly. 'l'he uudixputcd kitig ol \tudent lllg‘lttS not only \upplic\ the linext chart anthemx btit at\o carcx enough to proy tde drink\ at it all night and free entry to oyerdrawn \tudcntx.

I The Subway at the Subway.

‘lpm 3am. l‘ree for \tudentx with matriculation card; L'l othcrw rye. \Veekly. See 'lhti.

I The Subway West End at the Subway \Vext land. 7pm 3am. tree for \ttltlt‘lltS with matriculation card: L'l othcrw ixc. \Veekly. See thin.

I Viagraah at Reyolution. l0pm 3am. £4 (Ur. \Vcekly. Pumped-up party tune\ for the frixky \tudentx out there.

I The Honeycomb l5 l7 Srtltiry Street. 530 5540.

I The Human Be-ln 2/8 \y'ea (‘roxxcattxcway 662 8860.

I l uana 4l l.othian Street. 220 4288. I 19he Liquid Room ()c Victoria Street. 225 2564.

I LOCO 235 ('owgatc. 225 54t3.

I The Meadow Bar litteeletreh Street. 622 7680.

I Club Mercado 36 3‘) Market Street. 226 4224.

I Noa 7 ()ueenyferry Street Lane. 226 6828.

I The Outhouse Broughton Street l.ane. 557 668.

I Oxygen 3-5 lnlirmary Street. 557 9907'.

I Peppermint Lounge Blair Street. 622 68l l.

I Pivo 2 6 (‘alton Road. 557 2025.

I PO Na Na 26 l‘rederick Street. 226


I The Pond 22 24 Bath Road. 467 3825.

I PopRokit 2 l’icardy Place. 556 4272. I The Potterrow Brixto Square. 650 9W5.

I 0 Bar 50! l.cith Street. 557 5830. I Revolution 31 1.000110 Road. 22‘) 7670.

I RUSh 3 Robertxonix ('t()\L'. 557 3768. I Studio 24 ('alton Road. 558 3758. I The Subway ('ow gate. 225 6766. I The Subway West End l.othran Road. 2299107.

I The Union lleriot \Vatt t'niyerxity. Riccarton. 45l 5333.

I The Venue ('alton Road. 557 3073. I The Watershed 44 St Stephen Street. 220 3774.

I The Wee Red Bar tidinburgh (‘oltegc ()fArt. l.ittlrl\t()ll Place. 22‘)

l 2.

I Why Not? I4 (ieorge Street. 624 83| l.

‘.-T Jr THE LIST 77