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I In the wake of last issue's Insider story about the Hollywood film studio that planted a fake film critic in a Connecticut newspaper in order to guarantee its films decent reviews comes a further outrageous revelation: Columbia THstar, home of invented critic David Manning, has admitted two of its employees posed as fans for television adverts for its film The Patriot. ‘lt's the perfect date movie.' said a Ms Petteway. So what do the real critics think about this? ‘Nobody is surprised when Hollywood lies. they lie all the time.' said ABC News' Good Morning America film

content and instruments used. Universal Music Group. whose artists include Shania Main, Eminem and U2. has asked the Beast to help them identify Singles from several upcoming releases.

I Blues legend John Lee Hooker would likely have taken the ugly stick to the Music Genome Project. But. haying passed away peacefully in his sleep on 28 June aged 83. he won't have to put up With that affront to good music taste. Hooker, who was known for his hypnotic. one-chord grooves and mournful vocals. gave his final performance the previous Saturday night in Santa Rosa. California.

I In another round of positive negative publicity. MTV has banned Eminem's promo for ‘Purple Pills'. the first single from

new album Der/s g".‘. The music channel has. aiiegedl_.. objected to the song's drug references blah. blah. tglaih and Snore. lronicall,. or perhaps merely in lllll‘?|‘.' fashion. the ban comes at a time ‘.'.xhen the censorship issue is fifilfirfiléill‘, controversial. following the recent New York City hip hop summit.

I ‘Shut it. Manics' was Cardiff Bay councH's reaction to The Manic Street Preachers rehearsals volume lOHUWIllt] a Visit by nOise pollution officers. A hand spokesperson pomted out the Manics used the same venue to rehearse for their recent Cuba gig without any bad feeling from locals. ‘Otfice workers would slip messages under the door saying how good the new material :5C)Lirf(l(3(l.'

I Just as Ed Gein the movie is about to open in UK Cinemas. the until now missing headstone from the grave of Gein has been unearthed in Seattle.

critic Joe Siegel. America's Federal Trade Commission is investigating Columbia for breach of conduct.

I It used to be a sign of appreciation, gobbing at punk rock bands during concerts. But Hear’say didn't appreciate it when they were egged off stage at Cardiff International Arena. where they were performing in front of 4,000 students at a university-organised event. Student Union president Steve Young failed to get into the spirit of the occasion as well, saying the incident was premeditated and admitting he was. “very disappointed we had to appeal to the audience to calm down and stop hurling things.‘

I Unbelievable. Marketing boffins are developing a project to identify ‘genetic' traits in music in order to generate hit

singles. California- "~ based Savage Beast 5 Technologies“ Music Genome Project is a computer-assisted method of identifying songs that will appeal to particular tastes. regardless of conventional ideas of §a genre or style. " Upwards of 15.000 . pieces of pop music have been analysed by professional musicians who have identified 400 key T‘s characteristics ' ' including a song's '~

rhythm. lyrical " _.


Washington. Gein, for those who don't know. is the serial killer whose macabre killing spree in the 50s inspired the films Psycho and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Gein was arrested following the discovery of a headless corpse hanging in the barn of his farm in Wisconsin back in 1957. Gein's headstone went missing a year ago and has now been recovered by police detectives from a Seattle rock promoter. The authorities have yet to

make a decision about what to do With the stone.

‘Chris Evans was sacked by Virgin Radio yesterday,

THE QUOTES raising questions

over the ability of

station owners SMG to manage high-profile celebrity talent.’

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‘I think my own American show is stupid; I’ve never watched it.’

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‘If necessary to puke during interview, cover receiver with hand and puke on floor. If there are people passed out on the floor, try not to get any on them.’

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‘What I’d really like to do is open a perfume shop.’

No longer the «infant tern/ill). t/ir/ie Burch/H sets out her goals in Me.

George Bush bangs on about the “freedom-loving peoples” he’s seeking to protect. I’d love to meet a freedom- hating people.’

Harold Pinter pause}. to set Dalila straight.

‘I don’t think we’re going to do stadiums any more, instead I think we’ll embark on a tour of schools.’

Fran flea/it gets carried away after p/ay/rig his loca/ pr/riia/y schoril fete.

‘Poor judgement is an understatement for what you did.’

Judge Denise La/igtor'd Morris raps Emilie/ii for {)i///i/ig a senii—automatir,~ gun III a (,‘(If' park.