all M er liurope and America. Rerribrandt was the greatest artist ol' the Dutch school whose paintings are characterised b_\ lll\tl- riant br'ushwork. rich colour and master} olchiaroscuro. Housed at lidinbur‘gh's National Portrait (taller). curated b) .lulia l.|o)d Williams. the e\hibilion will tra\el to l.oridori\ Rtwal Academ} ot' Arts. Among the paintings incltrded in the eshi- bitiori. the (iett) Museum is lending the lirst drawing e\ er purchased Mule lib/mm Hit/r A Snake. and The l’nrlmil ()f A li'mmm Aged ()3 sold late last _\ear Tor a record {IVS rrrillion hits also been ol'l'ered to the e\hibilion. (‘lrarles .\latton's lilrir li’t'm/H‘unt/l accompanies the exhibition and will be screened at the l.urriiere cine- rna tsee l‘ilm listings). See re\ iew and llitlist.


(ieot'ge IV Bridge. :26 455]. Mon Sal ltlam 5pm1SurrZ 5pm.

The Write Stuff t‘nul wed RI Oct. Scottish writers as seen through the lens of lidinburgh photographer (iordon Wright. t'eaturing Hugh .\lacl)iarrnid. Norman .\tac(‘aig. lair Rankin and J.K. Row ling.

NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY Queen Street. (324 6300 (recorded information 332 230m. .‘slon Sat

ltlarn 5pm: Sun noon 5pm. (‘ale l'i'ee. King Over The Water l‘uul Strn 30 Sep. £3 (£2 i. An eshibition charting the life or l’rince James l-‘rancis lidward Stewart t loS'S' 1706). known to histor} as the ()ld Pretender. lrrcluded in the displu} are rarel} -seen icons of the Jacobite cause. a lit‘e-si/e reconstruction or ('anma's rnagniticent tomb to the exiled Stew arts and an important new acquisition A lieu ()t' The l’u/u::o .llurl. the 18th centur} painting of the Prince's Jacobite Palace in Rome attributed to (iuiseppe Valeriani. Return To Life: A New Look at The Portrait Bust l'ntil Sun 14()ct. This e\hibition challenges the conternporar} \ iew er to look again at portrait busts and engage in a lace-to-tace dialogue with a rernarkabl} skilt'ul and irnentise art. The work of w ell-know n sculptors Sir Jacob lipstein. Henri (iatulier-Br/eska and Sir l’rancis (‘hantre_\ are letttured in the show as w ell us less tarnihar practitioners including Sariruel Joseph and Kathleen Scott.

The Laird Of Grant’s Fool wed I 1 Jul. l2.-15prn. The National Portrait (iallers 's recent acquisition of this portrait l‘} Richard \Vaitt is discussed h} James Hollow a).

Jimmy Reid Wed ltS' Jul. l3.~15pm.A talk b} artist Kenn) Hunter.


()n-line galler}. w w w .rrew -conternptnary-

Miniatures One The opening exhibition Tor this new on-line galler} which showcases the work of up-and- coming artists t‘rorn (ilasgow and lidinbtirgh with all works aVailable to buy.


l4 New Street. 558 760-1. Mon Sat llarrr o.3()prrr. l'ntil late on Bongo ('lub nights.

New St Artists Thu 5 Tue 2-1 Jul. An exhibition of work by members of the New Street Studios.


2] St Leonard's l.iil1C.()()2 Hill.

Mon» Sat 10am 5pm; Sun noon 4pm. The Weaver’s Signature Tue

It) Sun 2‘) Jul. To celebrate 250 years of lslarnic Studies at lidinburgli l'nis-ersit)‘. a selling exhibitions of rugs and kilirns distinguished by dates. signatures and inscriptions in the languages of the Middle liast.


75 7‘) (‘umberland Street. 557 lt)2t). Mon l‘ri 10am hprn; Sat ltlam 4pm. A Time Of Summer Light l'ntil Thu l2 Jul. (‘oastal and seascapes b} Frances Macdonald.

Carola Gordon l'ntil Thu 12 Jul. Recent paintings of local lidinburgh

Bryony Burn t'ntil Thu t2 Jul. Ceramics.

Summer Show Sat l4 Jul Thu 9 Aug. A summer selection of paintings b} o\ er 4() ins'ited artists including John Bellan). Leon Morroeeo. Willie Rodger. (‘laire Harrigan and (‘hris Btislie.

Lisa Marklew Sat I4 Jul—Thu 9 Aug. Quirk} ceramics.

Natalie Vardey l'ntil Thu l2 Aug.

Jew eller};


I7 I‘) Barclay Place. 477 3933. Tue -Sat lt).3()anr 76.30pm.

Mixed Exhibition A changing selection of paintings including reproduction art - Van (iogh. Dali. Monet. Kandinsk). Miro originals and work b_\ up-arnl-corning local artists.

Kosovar Refugees by Sebastiao Salgado at the City Art Centre

PATRIOTHALL GALLERY t\\.:\Sl’St l’atriothall Studios. oll 4S Hamilton Place. 325 IZS‘). lidinburgh‘s unique artist—led galler} space w rtlr an ongoing programme ol' ternporar} e\hibitions.

Semaphore Valley t'ntil .\lon 0 Jul (Mon. Wed. Thu. Sat (k Strn 2 5prni. Recent paintings b_\ Ruth Barle} inspired b_\ the landscapes ot the Ari/ona Desert and New Mexico.

Ronnie Buchan, Kristin Hannesdottir and Caroline Wright Sal l-l Wed 35 Jul tdail} noon (iprni. Representational paintings leaturing still lil'es and tigur‘atise paintings.


(i5 (ieorge Street. 23.5 3300. Mon l't‘l ltlam 4pm; Sat ‘)

Young Scottish Painters Exhibition Mon lo Sat 2| Jul. Two soung painters ha\e been selected hour each ol the Art Schools ol Aberdeen. Dundee. lidinburgh and (ilasgow ‘s graduate show s, to exhibit at the prestigious salesrooms ot‘ l’hillips

lidinburgh. See Artbeat. Nli‘x‘.’ SHOW.


35 Marchrnont ('rescent. 33‘) Jon}. .\lon l’ri 9am 5.30pm.

Inaugural Exhibition A photographic galler} and training workshop featuring a range ol trained mounted images with space tor local photographers to show their work.


('lerk Street. (in? 777(i. Mon Sat

ltlam 5.30pm.

Katie Stewart Brown t'nul Sat l4 Jul. Hora] paintings b_\ l’it‘e-born artist Katie Stewart Brown leaturing abstract. minimal and highl_\ detailed works in watercolour. gouache and ink.


()3 Dublin Street. 557 rust). Tue Sat llarn 5pm.

Scottish Landscapes l‘nul Sat 3s Jul. Scottish landscapes b} Jonathan Shearer. ('olin Black. Michelle Knight and (‘airine Macgillma}.


l5 Rutland Square. 32‘) 7545. Mon l-‘ri 9am 5pm.

Clackmannan And The Ochils - Regenerating The Wee County l'ntil Fri 27 Jul. A small e\hibition to celebrate and promote the Jul}

l.strngs Art

l‘ublrcatron ot the new res rsed edition or \darn Swan's ( I'm Uranium: tin." liit

()r ink it: li'.'.'rs.'rt.'.'t r." in inn t (aria .tocusrng on new buildings. restorations and cornersrons


ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN lrwerlerth House. lrnerlertli Row, 55: 'l"l ltre Sun llam 5 input

Ulrich Ruckriem l rrtrl Sun 2" Jul \\orks on paper b_\ the nraror (ierrnan sculptoi.l lrrclr Ruckriern Renowned tor his monumental works in stone. tor lnserlerth House. Ruckrrerrr will be presenting o\ er ltltl drawings. each drawn in graphite on o\erlapprng la_\crs or translucent paper shown behind glass See Sleeper.

Return Of The Natives l ntrl Sun 3" Jill rl'.\hrbrlion Halli l he role ol natne woodlands in Scotland is celebrated in this niaior new eslirbitron

ROYAL OVER-SEAS HOUSE landings ( i.rller'_\. ltltl Princes Street. 335 15M. Hail) lHarn hprrr

Dakawa Artists l’ntrl I ii In \ug' \rr e\hrbrtion ot work b_\ black South \trican artists trorrr l)akawa \rt and (‘ralt ('orrirrrtrnrts ('errtre based in

(iralrarnstow n in the l2astern (ape


lo l)undas Street. 55S ljoo \lon l'tl lilarn (ipnr. Sat Illarn -lpm

Summer Exhibition Of Paintings l'ntrl Sun 3‘) Jul. (taller) artists past and present teature in this cshrbrtron ol paintings. drawings and prints including works b_\ the Scottish ('olourrsts. the lidrriburgh School. l'.lr/abeth lilackaddcr. Barbara Rae. John Hellarrs. John Houston. Stephanie l)ees .rrid Alison .\lc( irll Andrew Lamb l'ntil Sun 3‘) Jul -\ solo show ol jewellers b} Andrew lamb leaturing delicate tlurd structures made lrorn wire.

‘f I‘


An Exhibition Celebrating the Millennium Forest for Scotland

3;. THE LIST 85