Glasgow life

Glasgow life

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Wild Days Out Ilogganlield I.och. 287 5004. 1.30 3.30pm. Free. Various activities organised h} the ('ountr) side Rangers.

Wild Days Out Queen‘s Park. Victoria Road. 287 7273. 1.30 3.30pm. Free. See Thu 5.

Wild Days Out (‘rookston (‘astlth 'I'oIIcross l’ark. 254h Wellshot Road. 763 1863. 1.30 3.30pm. Free. See Thu 5.


Fionna Duncan Vocal Jazz Workshops Rainshorn Theatre. ‘)8 Ingram Street. 552 348‘). £300 (£250). The renowned Scottish jal/ vocalist Duncan and educator Madeline Iiastman host a live-day workshop to imprmc Vocal skills and techniques.


Fionna Duncan Vocal Jazz Workshops Ramshorn Theatre. 98 Ingram Street. 552 348‘). £300 (£250). See Thu 5.


Fionna Duncan Vocal Jazz Workshops Rainshorn Theatre. ()8 Ingram Street. 552 348‘). £300 (£250). See Thu 5.

copies o1 his most recent work. xlnit'rii im (I'U(13 lllCilLIlIllL‘ £10.99). I'itms ()1 the award—w inning author will remember (iaiman's muIti-ini|Iion-se|1ing graphic nm e1 sequence in The Slim/nun).

Tuesday 1 O


Wild Orchid Foray Kihhlc I’alacc. (ilasgow Botanic (iardens. 730 (ireal Western Road. 334 2422. 0.30am. £8 inc. transport (£5 w ithoul transport). .'\d\ancc hooking essential. (ilasgow Botanic (iardens' orchid e\pei't I)a\ id Menzies leads this da} out to Mugdock ('ountr} Park to \ltltl} name orchids and other wild llowers. Bring hoots and

w tilt‘l'prUIs.

Wednesday 1 1

Book events

Reading Group \Vaiei-siiiiic's.

153 157 Sauchiehall Street. 332 9105. 7pm. Free. Join in with the reading group's regular meetings. in which the} discuss a wide range o1 literar} talent. In this month’s meeting the group will discuss Alistair Mcleod's. .Vo (irt'iil .lIis’r‘hitj/l \"intage £6.99). For more details. contact Tessa on (1141 332 910.5.


Wild Days Out (‘l'ookslon ('ztstIL‘. Tollcross l’al'k. 254h \Vellshot Road. 763 1863. 1.30 3.30pm. Free. See Thu 5. Wild Days Out Kelvingroxe l’ark. ()tago Street. 3346363. 1.30 3.30pm. Free. See Thu 5.

Wild Days Out Victoria Park. Victoria Park Drive. Whiteinch. 287 5064.

1.30» 3.30pm. Free. See Thu 5.

Badger Watch l-‘iills o1(’Iyde Visitor Centre. New I.anark. 01555 665262. 8.30pm. £5 (£1 ). Marvel at the hadgers in

Museum of Scottish Country Life. Kittochside. East Kilbride

Rural charm and an animal farm in the country

The National Museums of Scotland and the National Trust for Scotland have put their talents together and created the first ever Museum of Scottish Country Life. It is made up of an exhibition building, a historic farm, a Georgian farmhouse and a 60-acre events area, all of which will look at the way the countryside has been worked, changed and developed over the years.

The exhibition building is your first port of call, housing the rural life collections of the NMS, including a portrait gallery, agricultural model

their natural environment. This w ill include a 30- 40 minute walk.


Nursing Times Live Sli(‘(‘. Finnieston Quay. 0870040 4000. The popular nursing magazine hosts an exhibition for workers in the healthcare lield to keep up to date on the latest


Walk The Waterways Mugdock (‘outitr_\~ l’ark. (‘raigallian Road. Milngavie. 956 6100. l.30-6pm.£1.:\ live mile ranger-led walk around the local area. taking in ancient woodland. heaths

’md rcwrmir“ 1'}fll"‘lr-V “:"i‘llgc‘ “"d 15‘1" “"9” exhibition and heavy machinery and tool displays. Hugh Cheape from NMS Other events p "mm? M 3 M' reckons that they now have ‘the biggest combine harvester collection in International Co-op Day New Talks Europe’.

The Georgian farmhouse is the National Trust’s part of the development and has been restored to its original working condition. The farm itself will be worked for the first time in many years using traditional methods of farming and ploughing, haymaking and harvesting as well as the rearing of livestock. Kids will find it very difficult to be bored here, but just in case, there is also a learning centre where they can find out more about the good old days when fields were worked by hand and horse, as well as going out on walks and field trips for some hands-on experience.

‘Scotland now has a European class development for rural heritage,’ said Tom Devine, trustee of the NMS. ‘It will show modern Scots people the way that rural life and experience has shaped our lives today.’ (Jane Hamilton)

I.auark Visitor Centre. New Lanark Mills. Lanark. 01555 661345. 1 Iain-5pm. Free. Family lun day celebrating the International co-op day movement. with special entertainment and games.

Monday 9

Book events

Gaiman Gaiman Borders Books, 283 Buchanan Street. 222 7700. Iptn. Free. Science liction writer extraordinaire. (iaiinan is on call to read iron) and sign

Gallery Talk Lillie Ari (ialler). Station Road. Milngavie. 578 8847. 2.30pm. Margery (‘Iinton talks about her work.


Wild Days Out (‘rookston ('astIc. Tollcross I’ark. 254h \Vellshm Road. 763 1863. 1.30 «3.30pm. Free. See Thu 5. Wild Days Out Kelvingrose I’ark. ()tago Street. 334 6363. 1.30 3.30pm. Free. See Thu 5.

11am—5pm. Free. Sir William Mon—Fri 10aiii—iipiir; Sat was/t, ,v<i.tik ..'.-'.‘ House For An Art Lover Burrell's world famous collection ‘iOani—noon. (31asgou'. slum; i it :' -.Li=’_i ‘o' xii, «itifw ~' ‘rxri a? 1 tie :' im‘ x Haw of beautiful an ohiects from Art is Charles Rennie Glasgow Zoopark i i .r 2 ~ attraCtions around the globe. housed in a MélellthSIFS greatest Czli’ilttlxirk. tJ<i/).iii;;ut'i' 3 z 3 , 5; 1' ':i‘. ’1‘. w: specially designed. award- achievement and it continues, to ‘187': ijziii, ’) ‘1‘er ’2 -1 i, . Civirfiv ‘1 Kin v w " Winning bLiilding. intrigue and !1iSl)|T(f (Kilt-.175; fro)" ' i./‘« r.:iti_i’;i' “titan / ' v v z: w l,‘ ’1 Art canary & Museum, Glasgow Ducks all over the ‘.‘."()1'I(I. :~.r.1i',u!‘.i_t,t;. (bani/xx. 7 /;i,~':."'« w". Muir! ' Uri." Kemngmve Glasgow Seience Centre. 50 Glasgow Science Centre :xiarits. :: give/i ’f'erI.’ r 2‘ . i. r,-°_-.- ii I. v' «yiw Ii... Argyle Street. 287 2699 PaCIIIC Quay. 0370 013 0140. '30 Pacific Quay. 42..) ii.“ "111%.. guru: ' 1‘5,“ . " it .s': l\/1()[]--ThL18l Sat 10arn_5pn]; Fn Daily 108171—501“. 5:11 3:13.50-531‘1 (Shi-E‘lifi. T"‘.: I, 111$. (if, .‘.‘;I 21‘) ;: .'.':-‘-‘:'.'/,"‘;/2 I."i£:’.r .' '0 ,’ ','. i: 3, sun 113m_5pm Ree Thls ($760—$960); tamih ticket £35. Seienee Mail has; f;;.ii “Airs I,‘ mm»:- Hunterian Art Gallery fine example of (are Vmonan Scotland's only amphibious lOUl' tun '1il8r8(:ll\.(3 exhii wife. TI‘E: Walk Greenb nk Garde 1)") 3:". T, ,‘ ’a: 1:1» architecture houses a gives yeti LinuSual views of the (:inenta snows sell/Tut" in». FRE'Vli’flE» 9.9.1:. (3 wk " i' ii "at: S,"- ~'-‘ " permanent collection of work by Clly. from the \881 open space a 80 b\ 600 SCHXEY‘. {1"111f'1": .LQE‘. '. DEE 7 it," : 'i it? 2710' Si! If 11:" “It,” i" -’ Such names as Rembrandt. Oi the RIVGF Clyde l0 the 127177 (318890.? TC.'."3.’ Eiiii,‘i’7.1S T" éiil‘j"! fléi'l ' i 9“ I 31/ i Botticent Whlsue, and Cadeil. heartland of Glasgow's industrial amaZing menu's ot ant. i 4.2a. r fine C; a», .r i x: r .t .f ' Bum" couecfion heritage. the world's eni, .50. '.‘f:‘:‘. ’. ."'.j‘:"$3 :i .‘.-':a‘.' y‘ i' g it} no i’)' i Polloksham/S Road‘ Glasgow SChDOI Of SliUClLITG. OerCTI‘lig '. " ‘28 :i".1 l; éi"'.>; 51'“) i ,.'.-T:"_: 5:. .'.-’: '1‘, " éi i337) 02-3“. I... l":" I,’€:' ’17. 2550. Mon_ThU 8. 381 The Mackintosh Gallery 167 prices for each of T'V: att'agtrxiie 32".: .‘.i: k .. .1: _; .' ', .'.-’; O ii")? . ' ' ' ' "‘ .51" Rentrew Street. 3:33 4500. \éillGS. so check in a::.3:'7.‘z; ;'i an”) .'.e:'.-':" tut/wits, " '11-,7'1 ~'.-',. a (5:2? v" rt' '

lOam—Spm; Fri 8. Sun

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