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Book events

Quintin Jardine Assembly Rooms. 54 (ieorge Street. 220 4349. 7pm. £4 (£3). Crime novelist. Quintin Jardine chats to Francesca Atkinson as he launches his

1 1th novel. Ailing/uplis In The Rain (Headline £9.99) in what has become an ever-popular crime series.

Words 8: Beats Marlin's Wynd. 34 Blair Street. 554 7516. 8pm. £5 minimum donation. Turning Point Scotland host an evening of words and music to raise money for their drug crisis projects based in lidinburgh. Some of Scotland's well known authors including Bill Duncan. Maggie Graham and Linda Cracknell will read from their work. and there will be live music and entertainment on the night.


Japanese Theatre In The 21st Century Royal MUseum. 2 Chambers Street. 650 4227. £15 per day. This five day symposium continues to bring together those concerned with Japanese theatre through workshops and performances. Some events will take place at the University of Iidinburgh.


Ingliston Bike Blast Royal Highland Centre. Ingliston. 447 0224. 6.30pm. £l—£2. An introductory evening for people aged l()——l8 interested in becoming more involved in cycling. Circuit training. demonstrations. advice and more will be on offer in the safety of the closed roads of the Royal Highland Centre.

Book events

Guid Crack The Waverley. St Mary‘s Street. 556 9579. 7.30pm. £2.50. The storytelling club launches its summer season of weekly meetings with host Colin Mackay and guest storyteller Audrey Parks. In addition to the usual open sessions of ‘ceilidh storytelling‘ complemented by music and song. visitors to the city are invited to contribute their own stories and songs.


Japanese Theatre In The 21st Century Royal Museum. 2 Chambers Street. 650 4227. £15 per day. See Thu 5.


Wood Carving Demonstration Royal Botanic Garden. lnverleith Row, 552 7171. Noon—5pm. Free. Kenny


Edih life

Pick up a pedestrian in yOur hand at this attraction, which gives visitors a real-time. 360:

Grieve carves a Native American mask using skills acquired in British Columbia.


The Hoegaarden Belgian Beer Festival Caledonian Brewery. 42 Slateford Road. 623 8066. Noon. £4~-£5. A wide selection of beer from around the world to sample. served up with food and a generous menu of live music.


Japanese Theatre In The 21st Century Royal Mtiseum. 2 Chambers Street. 650 4227. £15 per day. See Thu 5.


The l-loegaariden Belgian Beer Festival Caledonian Brewery. 42 Slateford Road. 623 8066. Noon. £4- £5. See Fri 6.


Chad McCail In Conversation With Jason Herzmark Fruiiiiiarket Gallery. 45 Market Street. 225 2383. 2pm. Free. Award-winning artist Chad McCail talks about his work.


Wood Carving Demonstration Royal Botanic Garden. lnverleith Row. 552 7171. Noon~5pm. Free. See Fri 6.


l-Iaddington Show The llaugh. Lennoxlove. by l—iaddington. ()1368 862376. 8am~5.3()pm. Agricultural show with competitions for stock. show jumping for horses as well as WWF wrestling. falconry displays and dog shows.

Other events

Knights Of Royal England Linlithgow Palace. Kirkgate. Linlithgow. 668 8885. 7pm. £5 (£3--£4). The jousting company perform a medieval re-enactment in the historic setting of Linlithgow Palace. There will also be themed theatre performances and music.


Wood Carving Demonstration

Royal Botanic Garden. lnverleith Row, 552 7171. Noon—5pm. Free. See Fri 6.

Other events

Pop Quiz Night The Haymarket Bar. 11 West Maitland Street. 228 2537. 8pm. Free. Weekly quiz night with beer and prizes up for grabs.

Knights Of Royal England Linlithgow Palace. Kirkgate. Linlithgow. 668 8885. 1pm. £5 (£344). See Sat 7.

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Edinburgh life

Foot, Meet at Festival Square and Bristo Square. Sat 14 Jul; Mouth Off.

Studio 24. Sat 21—Sun 22 Jul.

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Hot foot it around the streets of Edinburgh

Reclaim the street protests are a strange phenomenon. On the one hand they’re a positive sign of a society that cares enough about an issue to mobilise itself and do something about it, on the other hand, they‘re often depicted as senseless uncontrollable violence, fuelled by anarchic

propaganda and frustrated hate.

Last year on 17 June, Edinburgh had its first notable reclaim the street rally. Demonstrators gathered on the streets of the city centre protesting about the number of cars and fume-blustering vehicles on our roads, and effectively succeeded, for one day at least, in replacing man for machine.

This year, the organisers are planning a similar rally; the ‘Foot‘ element dubbed ‘Reshape Urban Space 2’. Only this time around there is no clear political agenda, only a physical statement of disenchantment materialising in a disorderly procession cum street party. The organisers want revellers to ‘create infinite possibilities’, but without parameters or an agenda, there is no certainty over what will happen. ‘Bring what you hope to find,’ proclaim the organisers, just as long as that includes a positive attitude and willingness to have fun. This advice is somewhat qualified by the in-depth website advice on what to do in the event of an arrest, but nevertheless, the good intentions are there.

In the aftermath of the rally, the following weekend’s Mouth Off event will be two days of discussions and informal chats to coincide with the Genoa G8 summit. A lower key statement, this relaxed chatroom could be a useful

and provocative debriefing tool.

The uncertainty makes this a volatile, unpredictable sentiment which could easily spiral from positive political ideology to a chaotic manifestation of the extreme. Rebels without a cause don’t always live

happily ever after. (Maureen Ellis)

Monday 9

Book events

Gaiman Gaiman Walerstone's. 128 Princes Street. 226 2666. 6pm. Free. Science Fiction writer extraordinaire. Gaiman is on call to read from and sign copies of his most recent work. .Ilnn'rn'mi Gods (Headline £10.99). Fans of the

Edinburgh's latest gruesoiiir; ViSitor attraction takes you on a spine-chilling t0ur of the deepest

award-w inning author will i'ciiiciiibcr Gaiman's multi—niillioii~sclliiig graphic novel sequence in The Stun/mini.


Musselburgh Races Mtissc'lbtii‘gli Racecourse. Linklicltl Road. .\lll\sL'llillf}_'ll. 665 2859. 2.15 4.45pm. Family race day with children‘s cntci‘taiiiiiicnt.

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\‘i’i/‘illél'il l's’li'i'V

ttractions Bank Of Scotland Museum On The Mound The M0und. 529 1288. Mon—Fri 1—4.45pm. Located within Bank Of Scotland‘s Head Office. this small but unusual museum is home to a display of banking memorabilia spanning 300 years. Camera Obscura Castlehill, Royal Mile. 226 3709. Mon—Fri 9.30am—6pm; Sat 8. Sun 10am—6pm. 94.25 (22.10—23.40); family ticket 5212.

image of the city.

Dean Gallery

Belford Road. 624 6200. Mon—Sat loam—5pm; Sun noon-5pm. Formerly a 19th century orphanage. the gallery houses a large collection of work by Eduardo Paolozzi as well as outstanding works drawn from the National Galleries' Dada and Surrealist collection.

Dynamic Earth

Holyrood Road. 550 7800. Daily 10am—6pm. £6.95 ($395—$495): family ticket $18.50. With volcanoes erupting beneath your feet. a tropical

earth has never been more interesting.

Edinburgh Castle

225 9846. Daily 9.30am—6pm. E7 (92—25,). Although much of the castle‘s medieval character was lost when it was converted

into barracks in the 19th centuny.

continUing excavations aim to redress this.

Edinburgh Dungeon

31 Market Street. 0870 8460 666. Daily 10am—6pm. £6.95 (£4.95—C595). Cruel methods of torture. pestilence-ridden streets. grave-robbers. prostitutes and cannibals -

darkest chapters of Scottish history.

Edinburgh Zoo

COrstorphine Road. 334 9171. Daily 9am—6pm, E7 (ETA—ESL family ticket {20—82450 VVIflOl‘, accepted as one of the finest zoos in Britain. there‘s plenty here to while away an afternoon. Or even a whole day if you take yOur time.

Hopetoun House

ShOre Road. South Oueensferry. 331 2451. Daily loam—5.30t3in. 22.7045. This stately home. part of which is still lived in by the Marquesses of Llfllllthi‘J.

Mary King’s Close Tours id‘;‘fi id lfl‘;V,€fl {J'ffifi W/‘flikl‘:i)? Glut; (Litlir/l'ali. ‘i‘n' '83-'34 ‘3 (‘1.’,.’:l’i“:r‘371 ilf‘:'itii},‘ It fit, to F’lirilitirrili's initiefiwirvt‘. f/‘lai, King's Clout.- tmrt at :i Subterranean vets/rift! 'i‘ 'if";t:t'. walk/i off If: 2‘1: l/lirt'lir; Nit-a ’l'JflllQi'il.’1lliiflfliiy of flit: plague

Museum Of Edinburgh

1-42 Catiowgate 527} -'-‘it1'i Mon—Sat iUi’il'i- ’,;."i

Packed .‘.'lii’l historic artetact'i

tl'ii‘; restored liift‘: (krill.


'll(1.'w()‘/}'l l{:li(/.il(:'1(,lry ’1'

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