Edinburgh life

Mon 9 Jul, continued


I don’t usually do this: my recent work National (iallcry of Modern Art. Bellord Road. 02-1 6200. l2.-15piii. Free. Winner ol' the Joliti Watson l’ri/e. lidinbtirgh ('ollege (it Art graduate Jonathan ()wcn giycs a talk on his work.

Tuesday 1 O


The Glass Cathedral Royal .\lttseutn. 2 (’haiiibei's Street. 247 421‘). Ipiii. Free. Jenni (‘aldcr discusses the not Main Hall ol the Royal .\ltisetiiii.


Beadwork For Adults Helios Fountain. 7 (irassntarket. 22‘) 788-1. 6,-l5piii. £ l0. :\d\altce booking required. Workshop leaching beadwork and

w irework skills to create a piece ol jewellery.

Wednesday 1 1


The Laird Of Grant’s Fool .‘s'atiiiiial Portrait Gallery. I Queen Street. 624 6200. l2.-l5pin. Free. The National Portrait (iallery ‘s recent acquisition of this portrait by Richard \Vailt is discussed by James Holloway.

Book events

Richard Woodhead water‘stiiiie‘s.

l3 l4 Princes Street. 556 3034. 6.30pm. Free. Robert Louis Sley Cttsolt tails of medical historians may be interested in this lictional exploration of the mystery surrounding Steyenson's illness with tuberculosis. Woodhead's The Strange (tire (If/6L .S'Ii'i't'tismt tl.uath £ l0.00l is written it] the first person (ll. the til. Rlbns doctors and offers the conflicting theories. Patricia Garfinkel & Linda Gregerson Scottish Poetry Library. 5 (‘richton's (‘lose. ('anongale. 557 2876. 6.30pm. £4 (£3). (iarlinkel and (iregerson join ranks as they read trout and discuss their latest work.


Evening Garden Walk lnyeresk Lodge (Bartlett. lnyeresk. nr Mttsselbtit‘gh. 665 I855. 6.30 7.30pm. £4. An evening wall. taking in the sights. sotiiids atid smells of the garden at dusk.

Other events

The New Wilderness littinhurgli ('ollt‘tic ol'Art. Lattriston Place. 22| 6000. 6.30 8pm. Free. An installation by littie Spencer comprising projected slides and light with music/sound limit the PMO tl’cb is and Mantra Orchestra). The piece relers to processes ol' weathering by the natural elements and parallels processes created by people iii the ttrban

em ironinent.

Museum Of Scotland Chambers Street. 2.17 4219. Mon—Sat 10am-5pm; Sun noon—5pm; Tue 10am—8pm. Free. Devoted solely to the history and heritage of Scotland. the building contains five theniatically-arranged exhibitions. movuig from pre- history through the Industrial Revolution, to the present day. Rosslyn Chapel

Roslin, .140 2159.

Mon—Sat 10am—5pm; Sun

1 l .45am—.1.45pm. Est (£3.50l. What you get out of a trip to Rosslyn Chapel may depend on your familiarity With books of the conspiracy theonst genre: a stronghold for the Knights

92 THE LIST 5—19 Jul 2001

Templai":’: proof of pre- Columbian trans-Atlantic travel'?: even the final resting place of the Holy Grailftl? Royal Botanic Garden Inverleith Bow. 552 7171. Daily 9.30am—Tpm. Free. A sea of tranquillity in the hubbub of the City. the Botanic Garden is home to a wealth of flora from around the globe.

Royal Yacht Britannia Ocean Drive. Leith.

5568. Daily 9.30am—430pm. £7.75 info—€595); family ticket C20. The former royal yacht has opened its doors to members of the public after a $2.5 million refit.

Aviation spectacular

N rung.”

'5,‘ ,W'

What is it? The Mtiseuin ol' Flight's annual air show is soarittg hack into town so e\pect more grayity-det'ying stunts and displays of historic planes.

Haven’t air shows been banned yet? Not quite. There ha\e been some tragic instances down south. htit we're assured saler will be paramount.

So what’s happening? .\'o sell-respecting air show would be complete without the Red Arrows. and they'll be flying past the Harrier Jtiiiip Jet. hot air balloons. stalls. simulators and the fun lair of Saturday‘s main eyent.

Anything else? (‘lassic Wings lly-in launch the testiyal on Friday with the chance to take a closer look at 20 aircraft. whilst Airwayes Liye? oti Sunday rounds oil the weekend with a music and aviation extrayagan/a.

I Festival Of Flight. Museum Of Flight, East Fortune Airfield, Hadd/ngton. 07020 880308. Fri 73 Ju/—Sun I 5 Ju/, times vary (see listingsi. wwwscotwmgscom

Book events

Guid Crack The Waverley. St Mary's Street. 556 957‘). 7.30pm. £2.50. John Fee is the guest storyteller and Andy Hunter the host at the second summer meeting of the storytelling club.


Festival Of Flight Museum Of Flight. liast Fortune Airfield. lladdington. 0l620 880308. 5 9pm. Per car £10 £40. See photo caption.

Saturday 1 4


Medicinal Herb Walks Royal Botanic (iarden. lnyerleith Row. 248 207‘). l lain 12.30pm. £5. Learn more about the medicinal properties of plants with herbalist Kereii Brynes.

Plant Fair Inyeresk Lodge (iarden. llt\'el'esk. nr Musselbtirgh. 665 I855. Noon 5pm. £l»-£2. Specialist plaiits will be on sale at this garden fair. which also includes garden tottrs and trails and competitions for children.


Reshape Urban Space 2 Festival Square. Lothian Road: and Bristo Square. 557 6242. 3pm. Reclaim the streets demonstration organised as part of the ‘Foot and Mouth Festival'. See preyiew.


Scotch Whisky Heritage

354 Castlehill, 220 0441. Daily 10am—5pm. $26.50 (23.25—81.50; family ticket 914. Take a romp through the traditions and history of yer national drink at this fully interactive attraction.


Festival Of Flight Mtiseum ()l' Flight. liast Fortune Airlield. lladdington. 0l620 880308. 9am --6pin. l’er car £l0~£40. See Fri l3.

Other events

Peugeot Summer Party Royal Highland (‘entre. liigliston. 333 3036. Summer lair hosted by car inanulacttirers Peugeot


Dream Catchers And Willow Crafts Royal Botanic (iarden. lnyerleith Row. 552 7 l 7 l. Noon- 5pm. Free. Jane Kyle leads a workshop on creating dream catchers atid corn dollies. Plant Fair lityeresk Lodge (iarden. lnyeresk. .\'r Musselbttrgh. 665 I855. Noon~5pm. £l—£2. See Sat 14.


Festival Of Flight Museum 01' Flight. liast Fortune Airtield. lladdington. 0l620 880308. 6 10pm. l’er car £ Ill—£40. See Fri l3.

Other events

Peugeot Summer Party Royal Highland (‘entre. Ingliston. 333 3036. See Sat 1-1.

Pop Quiz Night The llayinarket Bar. ll West Maitlaitd Street. 228 2537. 8pm. Free. See Stiii 8.

St Giles’ Cathedral

Royal Mile. 225 94342. Mon—Sat 9.3llall‘i-5l)ltl; Sun 1—5pm. Founded iii the 1. 100s. this church has Witnessed exeCLitions. riots and celebratiOns. With spectaCLilar stained glass ‘.'Jli'ldO‘.‘/S. ornate stonework and gUided toms it's a good starting

Royal Yacht Brita.”

Monday 1 6

Book events

Charles McKean \\'.iterstoiie's.

l5 l-l Princes Street. 550 305-1. 6.30pm. Free. (‘harles .\lel\'ean otters .i t'cinterpretation ot~ the Scottish Renaissance country house as he dlu‘thw‘s ltl\ new l‘tlt‘ls. lillt' .Vt'itHH/I ('liiitt'im: I‘ln' i'iiimtn liiiiiu' m setllltlllt/ [SUN lat”).


Perennial Pleasures lineresk Lodge (iarden. |n\eresl\. nr .\ltisselbtii'gh. 665 l855. 2 4pm. £l £2. .»\ garden walk with the emphasis oti successttilly designing and cotiibining herbaceous perennials.


Imagining The Future National (itillel') ol' Modern .-\rt. Belt'ord Road. 624 6200. l2.-15pni. Free. .'\l‘llsl Wendy .\lc.\lurdo talks abotit her worls.

Other events

The Great Trav Trivia Quiz 'l'rayet'se 'l‘heatre. ('atiibridge Street. 228 140-1. 8pm. Free. Ftiii qtii/ tor teatiis ot' tip to eight.

Book events

Tami Hoag \\‘ateistoiie‘s. 128 Princes Street. 220 2666. (ipm. l‘il'L'L'. American crime writer and best—selling author. 'l‘aini lloag reads from her latest noyel. Dust '12) Hits! (()i'ion £5.‘)‘)l.


Let There Be Light Royal Museum. 2 (‘haiiibei's Street. 247 421‘). Ipiii. Free. (ieolt Swinney discusses a display l‘t'otii the pie-electric era.

Wednesday 18


Jimmy Reid National Portrait (iallery. 1 Queen Street. 624 6200. [2.45pm. Free. A talk giyen by artist Kenny llttnter.


Watercolour Painting Workshop lll\ eresk Lodge (iai'den. lnyei'esk. nr Musselbtirgh. 665 I855. 10am 4pm. £l5 £25. Jillian Menougall hosts the First ol ten workshops on painting with \s‘att‘l'c‘tiltiut‘s.

Book events

Brian McCabe Waterstoiie‘s. l3 l4 Princes Street. 556 303-1. 6.30pm. Free. lidinbtirgh based aitd critically acclaimed author and poet Mc('abe reads from and discusses his third collection ol stories. xl I)(II(‘ Hit/I My lli/i' t('anongate £9.90).

l1()l"l tor exploring the Royaé Mile. The Life And Time Of Inspector Rebus

MOM at Old Omit}. [Jill/(Hall, 9f Edinburgh, 557 611041. Wed. Fri 8 Sat 230—4 306v: Fcl'ox.’ n the footsteps of lan Bankir‘s i‘é‘tl'K/l detectixr; on this marking toir amu'd St Leonard's police satiety). Salisbury Crag

and his fictional ."Qi'WC- in Marcnmvnt

Water Of Lelth Visitor Centre 2.2 Lanark Road. 455 7367. Daily TQal“—¥1pt*1. Disco.er aerytrwing there :8 to new about the 24 r'izle Journey the ‘.’.’ater of Leitn takes from the Pentland Hills to Leith, through inlelaCll‘.’C‘ disclays and KIletO panels.

if) ‘1.«;“! "i