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lt starts oft pretty good. mth the first half ()i the album SOllllLllllg like Alice In Chains {l'til Nine Inch Nails haung an 'angst—ott' «mm. Just [)lCilll'G that for a second). Sadly, it all gets a bit self-indulgent towards the end. descending into mautllin industrial mush. Anti the less said about the cover of ‘Venus ln Furs'

WARRIORS The Stanton Session A Deserves 0000

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2. ts to listen to a car 3‘ ‘A'."CleCC‘.S cant-3:: the Stanton ‘.'.‘a*":ors The Sess e" that rare thing; a (lace, '7‘ x a'burn that captures the mm! of too Cluiilrt‘, DJS performing a :-_e assau‘t on decks anu‘ sawpler. And assault them, Dominic B and Mark Yardtej. reallt do, rttaklttg a nonsense of separate ianelling of ureakbeat, nip-hop. two—step. jungle and garage.

An acapella verSion of The Streets ‘Has lt Come To This lard over Jarnnirn's 'DstraCtlon' is one hignllght. Their own tracks though. Such as Dreakbeat stew ‘Da Virus'. suggest that a future album of their own material COuld be


Public Domain

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AS part'of their ongoing commitment to experimental music and sound performance, the CCA wishes to invite submissions of sound work lasting no more than 4 minutes in duration.

WORKS can be submitted on CD, DAT or audio tape and should be accompanied by a description of the work and a CV/biog.


WORK will be judged by CCA 4x4 commission recipients: EVAN PARKER. SNEAKER PIMPS, SPRAWL & TIM BRADY - judging to be chaired by SCANNER


FOUR winners will each receive prize money of £250 and their winning piece will be presented and distributed on CD as part of the



' AI SendentriestoCCA' I t201413327521t01413323226 www.cca—glasgowcom

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The Short-Staffed

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