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spent the last decade wearing may " ats‘ most notably "‘e one hai‘ 0‘ ' duo Dodge C t, Productions. C frg We righteOLis Pete Flt/M and Al: Sl‘iaheed- Muhammad as his maior influences t" s 5; his first soc album proper and it IS more than :mpressive. Down/oat} This is sou. funk luSlon cf the highest order; think ‘1 Hero once they lrave Shaken the remain-rig clumps of drum 8. bass from their boots. Like spending the SLllllfllG" inSide SteVie Wonders keyboard. Lush. iPaul Dale;



Live In New York (SOundscape Emarcy .0.

Saxophonist Archie Shepp and trombonist Roswell Rudd go back to the halcyon days of the early 60s ‘ree Jazz explosion. The pair reassembled their mid- 60s guintet \‘JlllT trombonist Gracrtan Moncur |||. bass‘ist Reggie Workman. and drummer Andrew Cyrille for this date. adding the voice of poet Aim-r Baraka for good measure.

They open ‘.'.’|ll‘. the first tune they playe: ll‘. public in 1965. and go on to offer seyeral contrasting perspectiies alOng the way. It all seems more controlled than first time arctind. but still exudes unayes of expressive energy, while the band COheres beaullfully. with little hint of the long gap since they last played together. The CD is handsomely packaged.

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Mat Skeaping Quartet 233C .0.

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"awe ti: 0. "is "us"«panama suggests it s one .'.’()."i.." "‘i'll‘C"‘lflfl‘l‘g. As .'.’€‘:= as page! btit :>"<>li.i:s".re :lru't‘nwrrg. Skeabnd

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\A‘tii/ut (Ill/ti

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but one coh‘bostion on the album, ant: arranged the other. a pleasing version o‘ Paul S'l'i'ts't's ‘| Do It For You" Love. l'lU ntis'cial‘s work creat to bru'g ":s lliagi'iat‘e .'.'iwt;'ig to 1.1;. .‘.'th the most ll‘VlllxllillOII.’ ea"— catchi'ig cone-bat cits coming from h:s better- kl‘.()‘.‘.lli collaborators. guitarzst Phil Rb >50." and pianist 810.0 Noble. San: Burgess completes the line—up on bass. rKeni‘vy Mathiesc‘l‘ii

.lOll,‘ (li‘


DAVID AXELROD David Axelrod ilvlo Wax; .00.

Had the x'xords lying and 'legend' never before been married they wetild surely have four‘d copiugal bliss fer the sake of David Axelrod. A&R riiai‘ turned producer, 'TC started making his own "TUSLC E" the iate (SOs. And the“, new, "8"“ ":‘o knocked until ‘.‘.’l‘{;‘l‘. DJ S"£1(l©‘.‘.’ av": a l‘t."‘l)(3r o‘ the mp "ol‘ gutterat

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Jack cata ogae.

the "‘-d “Jigs



a iittle heir: Ras Kaas an: Let. ay.‘s. l't‘i“ A Lalo Sl“"‘t:" be "a

c ‘ased don-.i‘ a San Franciscan "i’i pi. a

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ant: \Cu set the be picture. Rouger :l.a"s


Chicago Underground Quartet TN

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‘8 JUN to. LL in,

berctissio" e ectrorncs belt." Joti!‘ MacEr‘t .1; if is unsul‘lrlsng to fi'Tfl ele't‘el‘ts of their core sound here. Strongest "‘ their more contevipiati‘.’e. slightly l‘l(}l£llt(3ll()ll(2 'itorvtents. IlliS .s as 'fr'ee' as any of these Chcago groups get: staking riitited trumpet “"08. electrOnic st'ilieicnes. bionking vibrabhone and plucked. ‘LJYZth-Otl’. guitars tying up bass and dr.ims. Not sparklingiy next in Jazz terms. but still compelhng.

lMark Robertson


His Name Is Alive Someday // B/ues './'.//// Cover The Earth MAD, Songs and “interludes of heartbreaking stillness.

Chicane Visions Of /bxza iBeechixloodi Slll‘lj'e Minds. Let‘tfieid. Slam and Jean—Michel Jarre revzsited by Mr Nick Bracegirdle.

Sally Oldfield F/aniing Star New World

lvlino bouy Spirit (lCOCliH‘QS. the sonic resu't of a twenty; year 'Lluest'.

Jimmy Barnes Doub/e Jeooarcfi.’ Ralcrt Glasgow-born.

Adela a --pased crooner '. t" sit-sky. soaked

.oca-s (tn-Cl {48110897 "lg

Lwei Various Artists Dr Dot/rte 2 RCA Ferret a "‘e ‘In‘. by sourotrack ‘or Basia

Phyl‘es. Lathe". Kn?

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’jv‘f‘ SIN/\by‘ (\r\r‘ ‘/\r1

Operation Flashpoint is gloriously different

OPERATION FLASHPOINT (Codemasters) £29.99 0...

o'“ "3 .'.'a" games "a e "tirel'. re‘ected the

.'.ar' pa”. of their na'l‘e. The, have Corl‘l) sated. sugared.- satia'e cl'iess-llke gawepla‘,’ or nude—and- his“. 3T8 mayhem ‘.‘./~ere Operation Fashboint stands oti‘. is that. to the an nuated. t .er,’ slel: have captured the feei 3f

"lll tan. combat. Playing viiaairiy in the first person yOu soon believe that you are part of a group of soldiers. who are in l‘u’ll‘ part of a lg rger :‘Orce at war mt?“ a cunning enemy.

Sure. the FMV acting is ‘.i‘./O€lUl_ the plot is almost redundant and the graphics are less that“ perfect. but tron‘. the first moment you and your friends charge across open ground towards a small. enemy- held millage. it feels all too real. The chance to drive and fly some large military machinery also adds to the experaence. Operation Flashpont has tried to be something gloriously different and. for the most part. is ’GSOLJliOlng SUCCESS.





(Electronic Arts) £39.99 0.

No we car“ sag. that trying scn‘etnil‘ig a little :ii‘ferer‘t necessarily a bad thing. Take Danube Pacing. It has deo (zed to n: x hotroo rac .vitl‘ stunt J'i.l"g. alloxrl‘ druers to se r‘ a

their cars o.'er obstaCles tc gaii‘ speed boosts. Cree.

\J \J "EKG .7 6 “c1” 8 888, LC

But neither asrec'. f)?

t"e game. "at, 'tgt

trek lid. is ef‘txfyze.

(:l‘(,c1l?5ticift(l “It: “Ler

are clumsy and ti'irespor‘sue.

‘.‘.’ll le

competitors riaggedg lOllO‘.‘.’ the racing are whether yoti are lll ll‘t‘: way or not. The stunts are univiipressrxe and

quickly becol‘ie seet'i’

nature. l'é;"‘()'.lu'l(_l <3” "‘9 thr ll associated .vit’i

back illplnlx} a U 9

meta? through the air

V/"iicl‘. leaves th’llb/O RaC/ng as a riice hm from the video store Lu?

a .‘JCelu! if purchasmi

P82 ONIMUSI-IA (Capcom) £39.99 0..

AGENT tn the Bill

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lgack Tl‘tflt: are 1; ,l'Tt- "iCt scat“. fetishes and Ear/'7”: lone“, gralirzugs till. tal fee‘s a if t: t'ariiiliai OK. extant/re together lion's: 'Tr‘e '98.: Amount;

bettel' than in s.


(Pan Interactive) £29.99 0...

it there :s a .llil‘XCl'fiéll

gr lJC associated 3/ th 5"“; Star Tit-w Telex/islet. series it s that space corribat is i/irtra/e’l ‘rgn‘. marsh”; bridges Bidtiets ’li’filt'l‘tt: tl‘at '."~(:’(: (W: l"; 'ltlg": e/zi‘osicns. snooping spacecrz‘i‘t and mass: Jr,- f'eet lila'w’mii/res ‘or the eager Trot/me. Thank

for P“

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WORK-Q COL/"l how; l0?

Epic space combat in 089 - Dominion Wars

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