Re: Ring my bell (issue 417)

We ha re now ascertarned exactly .-.hat The Lists ‘put on hold' music rs. T'nrs rs due in large part to Doug Johnstone getting rt totally .vrong first time as a clever means of encouraging further debate on the subject. Can yoo now turn down the trick/17g mus/c ?

Tim Abrahams

vra e—mar/


Re: Altered Altman (issue 417)

Rob Fraser asks for an explanation as to why there was nudity in the film Gingerbread Man. I am not commenting on his vrews on Altman particularly. but on his reference to ‘graturtous' nudity.

The answer to this little concern of his is simple: so what? What does rt matter if there rs voyeuristic titillating undiluted hard- core porn used wrth a creative or artistic endeavour no matter what its medium? What ultimately gives him or anyone the right to Judge a piece of work on these grOunds? The concept of gratuitous nudity or sex or vrolence has become the undebated target of a large group of self- indulgent. sterile-minded hypocrites who have lost sight of the wider question of artistic freedom and behave like moral censors.

I am not necessarin attacking the views of an individual who is actually upset at some contexts in which nudity manifests itself in the arts. but the dogmatic belief that if it does not fit a self-deluding formula of ‘right' and 'wrong‘ then it absolutely has to be a bad thing.

Can anyone satisfactorily explain why a work containing gratuitOLrs sex or violence cannot be a great piece of art? I'm all ears! M. Diderot G/asgow


T in the Park

There’s nothing a young music fan likes better than a weekend at T in the Park. and if the sun shines then all the better. In celebration of the unexpected UV rays I decided to purchase an ice-cream. Feeling a bit flush. I thought why not push out the boat and go for a 99?

Imagine my surprise when the smiling lady in the van then relieved me of a crisp E5 note for the pleasure of two cones with flakes stuck in.

Did I miss something here? Sure everyone expects to pay over the odds for food at festivals but what's the mark-up on

Write to:

that? Please T erga." se's. Cheaper cptrons next ,ear'.‘ Bankrupt in Edinburgh

via e-mail


Re: Celebrity death watch (issue 417)

I'll be zen. surprised :t’ ‘3”?!Y‘ét ma :e' .: rows berate Paul Dale for "ting; rat :J‘ t'w" ma 1. or soon tO be. in his ’1',rnt; co turnst‘l at"? Still. it was good to read sorta/Ito?

CntrCrsing editors for r;r;'~‘r*‘rssr'N'V‘f? T""*'\‘

inexritably ‘.'O‘;,etir'isti(: ccitrn‘ns.

I'd like to see not rust ri,rng "':i:r""f:f~i‘ but also healthy ones girwn lhr‘: rant tr rr‘ the weekend papers. Julie .murthdl‘s marriage break-up is only interesting; tr:

Julie Burchrll. And In: ’I()lif3l(i(illlltl innestrrxi ‘atf. '

in a year's supply of aiiirne sick bags deal wrth all those ()()lllll‘_.'lf; about her. terribly troublesome rbut iii a nice .t r to collect one's children from f§(ll‘().’ii.

This isn't interesting, :nstructing or

intelligent. Make these colun~n inrthes stop

now. please. Sidney Nicklin Via O-Ihai/

STUDIO STUDENTS Napier University Playback Night Ranging from a documentary about an

ltalian church maker to a meditation on the

hopes and fears of givrng birth. the Playback Night of short films I saw by Napier Unrversrty provrded a salutary reminder of why Scotland needs film courses such as those run by Napier. “K lvleticulous care has I iv; been taken in putting these films together. as if the directors view themselves as painters. rather than controllers

React, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1TE or React, The List, McLelIan Galleries, 270 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow 62 3EH or e-mail

Together Cameo Cinema. Edinburgh

Jonger Tet/fist tfrom the Faeroe /SK-?S.'l

Very good, I thought it really very funny



It was her“) funny It really fOCLrSfEO on minor ourrks of l‘.ipD‘,(iCt‘.‘ and a lot of its lltlll‘rOth can‘e fron‘ those contradictions,

T in the Park: better for music than ice cream

Jonathan Muirhead

WHO ATE ALL THE PIES? Re: Fat chance (issue 417)

I} ' . ' ' 1'." . ' ' ' " I l a r " l' I "\ P ~ r i Di VLA‘ l‘k.1.i1, (I i I (l ' ‘i " i ' t in. ..' (I ' I i'{ F‘ I): ' t ll'irii. i::;r in; .‘ a“ »- :"f

\..‘_,' .tfi'itl r".'" ,’ rl' ,', .1.” i i.,

that hit; 1 {‘l")lt’:?$lt'l’ rrr-akftruf

for it. l-‘iui‘r '5 lrf‘." .r' r l"

morning), it; people to lr.<: that t‘\il"i (:ia/y If «,ou'vt: fat zrrvl nu; ir.. wrrk, Samantha Moore


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