decides to aria, " s plane tcket to Greg. a guy he rreefs c the airport bar. The p a e Crashes and gait eats

away at BuOQ‘y. so re decides to took up Greg's Wife Abby real i-‘e Gwyneth Pattroix.’ to Check she is oxay. Next thing you K'lO.‘.' the. fa. in love. but as expected. she finds out about the plane ticket and unceremonIOusn dun‘ps him. Of COLJFSQ. they do live happy ever after. MOre sChma!tz than you can stomach. Buena Vista VHS and DVD rental) i’Jane Hamiltoni


LAST RESORT (15) 75 mins 00.. Polish director Pawel Pawlikowski has in Last FieSOrt crafted a mOving love stOry that's also a damning critique of the UK's immigration system. Tanya (Dina Korzun) is a RuSSian single mother who arrives on the s0uth coast of England With her young son, Artiom, hoping to take up residence With her British fiance. Subsequently abandoned and left victim to an unSympathetic. verging on despotic system, Tanya forges an unlikely alliance With part- time bingo-caller Alfie (Paddy ConSidine). The enSuing cross-Cultural romance thankfully steers clear of cliched happy endings. thereby achievmg magical yet gritty stOrytelling that never loses srght of reality. lArtifiCial Eye VHS retail $15.99) (Catherine Bromley)


PAY IT FORWARD (12) 118 mins on

With American Beauty casting a long-life golden light on Keyin Spacey. directOr Mimi Leder must have thought She was onto a Winner With this sentimental drama. Throw in Helen Hunt and The Sixth Senses Haley Joel Osment and it seems like a dream package. Osment plays the schoolboy who. inspired by a proiect set by his teacher. creates ‘paying it forward'. where if someone does you a good deed. you then help someone else. and so on (until the w0rld becomes a better place. obviously). But slick direction and solid performances from

stars can: b ca tr‘e .er s he'e the

u ‘17 'ea

are: c a power.

Redcus Vr-iS 3‘0 DVD

renta Lou sa Pearson,

PERC: act/2

(18) 119 mins .00

Carry On De Sao’e would be a more accurate title for dug W’ights adaptatoo of his own play. directed by Philip Kaufman, whicn melodramatises the last days of the notoreotis Marguis de Sade. Geoffrey Wright chews the scenery to remarkable effect as de Sade. who. having escaped the guillotine during the French Revouition ends up being locked away in a loony bin by his Wife. But there he continues to write. and busty maid Kate Winslet smuggles Out his lusty composnions to be published to the chagrin of Emperor Napoleon who dispatches Michael Caine's sadistic doctor to Cure or silence the pomographer. Naughty. and by the disturbing final act. not nice. (Fox Pathe VHS rental and DVD retail) (Miles Fielderl

HORROR RING 2 (15) 95 mins 00..

Derided on its release as a campier. shOWier, less original seguel to the Ring cycle's opening turn, the second of the Japanese Supernatural thrillers still has much gOing for it. FOr one thing. it never lets up the tenSion for one second. whereas the first film was content to drift along. building slowly to a big. bad scare. The somewhat confused plot concerns a female JOurnalist investigating the mysterious Videotapes that spread through the population like a deadly virus. With the help of a Supernaturally- empowered small boy. she tries to get to the bottom of the ‘woman in the well'. We await Ring 0. (Metro Tartan VHS rental and DVD retail) lBrian Donaldson)



(15) 107 mins 00..

This stage-bound drama lit is based on a playi brings together the

ease _. exce e“. M rgac Freeman as co :e detect ‘.e V ctcr Benzet and Gene Rackman as .awyer Ham, Hearst. Hearst is a r c". crash attorney who 8 ca -eo " on susocicn of murdering :.-.c young gris "‘ "is “CWBiOWDV‘PJERC Rico. The majority of the action takes place in Bei‘ezet's office here the two loci< nOrr‘s. As Hearst's alibi starts to fall apart. his private life becomes the object of much: SCrut'ny Hackman stretches himself in a part iike he hasn't OOne in years. while Freeman reprises the wond weary gumshoe role that he excels in.

Mark Robertson;


The Adventures Of Prince Achmed lBFl VHS $12.99 and DVD

Moby - Play

$9.99 ea Based or“ The Arab an \ go‘s. this is the first exer ‘uii engt" animated t'iim

The Black Samurai iRexeat on F. ms VHS 94.99 and DVD 9999 retaii Cheesy as a mutha blaxo oitat'on ‘lick starring :egendan, and oe-Afro'o Jln‘ Keify

Crime And Punishment In Suburbia .Fox Pathe VHS renta‘ii Dostoyeysky gets his c0me-uopance with this rr‘ooern-day reworking of his semina: novel.

My Dog Skip iWarner VHS £14.99 and DVD £15.99 retail) StOry of a boy and his dog. based on bestselling children’s author Willie MOrris' book.

Raising Arizona (FOX DVD £15.99 retaill The Coen brothers funniest film by far - and that's saying something.

Finally the DVD release of the best selling album featuring 10 promos extras ihClude 6 live tracks. a Moby megamix and a 20 minute Moby mowe


Oscar Winning drama from Steven Soderburgh starring Mr and Mrs Douglas DVD includes 24 deleted scenes. interView With the stars and a precis

featurette Under Suaplclon

Decent thriller. set in Puerto Rico. starring Gene Hackman and Morgan Freeman DVD includes interviews With the cast and also director Stephen


When Harry Met Sally

Well loved romantic ClaSSIC unleashed on DVD extras include making of featurette. director's audio commentary. deleted scenes. trailers and music

promos Super Furry Animals

The simultaneous release of the DVD of the CD - each of the 13 tracks features a mu5ic film promo extras feature 5 brand new tracks and 16 remixes

The Lost World

Fully restores 1925 monster classic regarded as the first live action dinosaur film - extras include audio commentary. orchestral scores and animation out-

;' takes 3'; Lake Placid

.1 Quality COmedy/ horror starring Bill Pullman and 1‘ Bridget Fonda tackling a huge alligator DVD extras include TV spots and behind the scenes features

Follow up to the Successful and downright scary world cinema horror movie continues the stay of the Japanese urban myth. this time With a bigger budget


Channel 4. Thu 19 Jul. 8pm 00

Some are born into darkness and some have It thrust upon them seems to be Just one of the very obVious truths this new series would like to mint 0th. A child who was born blind. a man who lost his vision because of a bomb and an 80-year-old lady who is Suffering partial blindness because of her age; these are the case studies here and we follow them indIVidually thr0ugh the indignities of their disability and then we watch the old dear have an especially gruesome operation.

For whose benefit this programme is for. is a mystery; there is nothing here that yOu c0uldn't pick up from The Miracle Worker. the narration is so dull that even a seeing dog wouldn't get a buzz out of it. Either

way yOu know you'll still be pushing that man wth the whte stick Out of the way to get on the Crowded bus. A Show fOr radio. iPaul Dalel


Channel 5, Fri 20 Jul. 7pm 00.

Essential plot: stripper getting a boob Job done gets Cryogenically frozen. wakes up in the year 2525 to )Olfl a band of Amazon women fighting to free the earth from robots. If you're thinking this SOunds Iike standard soft-pom fare you'd be right; but this is prime time so there's no sex. Just a combination of heaving bosoms. little leather outfits and plenty of speCial effects and kiCk-ass action that COLild make a teenage bOy weep With Joy.

From the makers of Xena: Warrior Princess and With Sam Raimi as an exeCutive producer. the gOremeister's black sense of humour helps lift this out of the trash can. You could critiCise the lowest common denominator appeal. but along With HerCU/es and the rest of the superhero series'. Cleopatra fills the shoes that the Dukes Of Hazzard once occupied: teatime Viewing With something for every family member. Just keep an eye on granddad‘s pulse rate. (LOuisa Pearson)

Cleopatra 2525 brings joy to the old

19 Jul—2 Aug 233‘ THE LIST 109