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‘J.K. Rowling had been buying anonymously

for years’

—Toriy Gordon Gilly Langton

Wendy-Sarah Pacey

Amanda Doughty

There are plenty of ways to spend your money during the Edinburgh Fringe, but make sure you extend your overdraft enough to facilitate a visit to Dazzle. :s Louisa Pearson

he [)a//le RH\LdlCl) exlnlutnin isiihiking

its nineteenth \ isit to lidinburgh this year.

lniUsed in die.\trninitu the lrayerse 'lheaue.lflaunder'lony (hnthniseesitsyisu ui lahnburgh asinuch nnue dnnijUstayhnyeHery sale. 'There's a great social seenef he says. 'People arrange to meet in DaHle. One year we luullherce Brosnan wlniklzuranged urineet somebody in Daule and he was hanging around in his sweater and all the girls were eyeing him up.‘

()f course celebruies UthKHll(l\Cl can'tlie guaranteed. but the eyent's pulling power to the rich and famous as well as us ordinary minions is undeniable. Presenting work by young. new and exciting designers as well as internationally established names makes fora unique situation.

This year. Gordon has plenty of hot tips to look out for. 'The most exciting is probably a jeweller called .\likala Djorup. she's Danish and has built up a reputation by doing jewellery for alltlie [)1uiislijitn) grtitnis thzu \yt:’\trite\t:rliezutl of. She‘s done a whole range of kinetic jewellery widtlntsthatinoye anuunl dangletunlinake ntetalht:rniises-— n‘s a bitlike czniyiiig ytiur oyyri wind chimes.‘

011 home turf. Scottish jewellers to look up include Buckie-based (ieofl' Roberts. rated as one of iiurope's best. who creates large pieces made out of rusty metal. or for those of you who hayen't had a tetanus shot recently. his brightly coloured thin aluminium creations are perhaps a more practical option. (‘arla lidwards is an Edinburgh graduate. now based in .-\msterdam. but coming back to help out translating for any Dutch tourists. and also to show off her acrylic creations.

There‘ll be around 50 jewellers exhibiting. and if you’ye got plenty of cash to spare. look out for Debra Allman. also highly recommended by Gordon. ‘She does what looks like quite dangerous work.‘ he says. ‘lt's jewellery with sharp bits and sells for between £500 and £1000 a piece.’

If. howeyer. you‘re almost down to your last dime. there will be plenty of original pieces for under £20 a flux once apprechued by antnher c“ Gordon's famous customers. ‘1. K. Rowling had been buying anony mously for years and not been able to afford anything. Then last year she came back and said. "it‘s so nice to be able to afford eyerything I want”.’

You might not be able to buy the lot. but go along and find out why Dazzle has become an essential pan of the Fringe.

Dazzle, Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, 3-27 Aug.

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