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being the exclusive complete» CCRaL‘ 6’ a"3 bikers. then think again. On my quest for preserve of gomng comes U. saga the perfect tattoo I have come across dads are long gone. \ersoxs Ana 1809 so... many a dubious and intimidating place. and the revitaiised its. 99 front Argos, Toys But that was until I walked into Glasgow’s company has now R Us and other lTTaJCr most famous tattoo haven, Terry’s announced plans for a ’-O¥ ’918" Cutlas- Tattoos. cutting-edge brand GLASGOW Terry opened the studio in 1965 in the aimed at the youth independent designer Ganowgate before moving it seventeen market. Utilising denim Kat Feeley has years later to its famous location and °_°rdur°y for the 'aunChed her opposite the Tron bar. Since Terry passed "mt t'me' m? aUtum'T/w'mer _ . . collection Will also collection of away in 1999 his son, StluartIWrigley, has feature lambswool directional run the busmess which is still as popular cmwnecks and accessories, as eve" hooded tops. Expect recognisable for their The refresmng difference Wi‘h Terry's is the colours to be pure high fashion values that. 0" entering the MC“ room. you get a Pringle - pink, blue, and quirkiness. Look very pleasant surprise no greasy bikers, green and grey. out for her new no smoke and no squeals of pain. Only a THIS YEAR THE FRINGE original design, the clean and sterile room and a posse of has JOlned forces wrth Beltbag, which comes highly trained tattoo artists buzzing away. fashion designer Sir Paul in a variety of styles The artists are hand picked by Wrigley Smith. to produce an and Colours. You can and are always available to discuss your GXC'US'VG ’8099 Of T' bUYOKat Fee'ey . tattoo ideas before taking the leap from Sh'ns' II” the 'aSt few deé'gns at Two" m needle to skin. Wrigley is so confident in years the Fringe has Edinburgh (York his studio that he claims it is ‘the cleanest Give your completely develooed as Place' 0131 557 4045) ' ' t ' friends a a brand and a and Stons (Queen studio in Europe no mean feat in what thigmul. n fashlonable thing to do‘. Street, 0141 204 1524)

is essentially a self-policed business and with ‘approximately 90% of people coming to Terry’s first’, these standards are obviously paying off.

As with anything, trends and fashions change and Wrigley has seen his fair share over the years. Anchors and dancing ladies have made way for Chinese lettering, Celtic and tribal designs, the majority of which are influenced by the Beckhams and Halliwells of this world. But there are certain parts of the body that they won’t tattoo - so even if you wanted to, you can’t have disappointment written all over your face. But with over 15,000 designs to choose from Terry’s certainly offers an excellent starting point. (Jane Hamilton) I Terry's Tattoo Studio, 23 Chis/io/m Street. G/asgow, 0747 552 5740.


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services of a world- famous fashion deSlgner to really put US on the map.‘ Only 1000 of the T- shlrts have been produced, making it a real collector's item, for fashion and Fringe fans alike. Paul Smith Fringe T- shirts can be bought from the Fringe office, 780 High Street or on/ine at www. edtringe. com/shop ANCIENT VIKING rituals may not be the first thing you think of performing in the

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FASHION SHOW Scandinavian tradition FUNKY FOLIAGE of hot-cold bathing to George Square, Glasgow, Thu 2 introduce new Frozen Floral patterns are everywhere. Whether it's delicate daisies or Shower Gels- Aimed at exotic lilies. we lust can't help adoming ourselves with their image. imDVOVinQ mUSC'e tone Outside of weddings. it's not often you see people wear real, arid boosting the genuine, still fragrant flowers. but at the Fashion Flower Roadshow CifClJ'ationi they come with Interflora you'll find a whole new meaning to the phrase in Six variants. 'flower-arranging'. Students from Central St Martins College of Art inc'UdinQ "9W & DeSlgn have created a range of breathtaking outfits out of "89780698 2‘09)! hundreds of fresh flowers which will be displayed on the catwalk. Slammer. herbal The showcase has proved so successful that one of last year's NafkotiCk 80d participants. Yoon Hee Nan, is now working With Stella euphoric Happy For McCartney. Sad. From £2.85

While these deSlgns will most likely stay in the realms of fantasy "026". more details on rather than yOur wardrobe. there WI” be plenty of fashion brands On the catwalk to inspire yOU. Acupuncture. BOxfresh. and French RETRO FANS WILL BE Connection are Just a few of the labels that go on show and pleased to see that lnterflora's influence won't be far away creative director Nigel Swingball is back on the Adey has deSlgned a range of flower accessories to complement market (did it ever go the clothing. Add to that an energetic mix of music and dance and away?) bringing back it should be a vlSLially arresting event. many happy memories of

If yOu want a more hands-on experience then look out for Toni ‘aCCldentally' smacking and Guy‘s make-overs and of c0urse. check out the Interflora your little brother/Sister in experts at work. take notes and surprise yOur Mum With your the face With that tennis flower-arranging expertise next Mother's Day. lLOuisa Pearson) ball on a stretchy rope. If

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