Supermarket wines

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Café Odile at Stills Strlls (Trailer).

7.1% Cockurr‘. St. ;";’:'> Kiel-r Delreroush srmrrli: l iiEllli". lirrrne

(th 9/) l1

(l()()l\'llll}. Chorfrxtrle. rlfj, coffee. Sane. patrsserre. (fest :sr hen? lues; Sat. 10am—5pm.

Cuba Norte

192 Morrison Street. Iii/‘1 7.1.30 Brerwenrdos? \‘l’eleome t:> the authentrc premier palader. Dance. -».'.rrrre and dine !r‘ (lulra Norte sansnrne.

Elephants & Bagels Nr<3olsorr Square. ($084.10.:

Elen more elephants and

Scotland's only settler: e‘ true bagels -— nutr‘rtreus. frllrhg. non-tattertrrtgi rllOXpOllSllt? 8. utterlx delrrnousf

The Elephant House Bl George IV Bridge. 220 1335:").

Hundreds of elephants. the best (‘ttl7lrllt147llt‘ r‘ to“ Great p:.'.'a:;. ore'v‘a q"

J K Renal 11g. a'xi ‘tr'x \‘e"::ettf

Filmhouse Cafe’ and Bar

88 Lothran Road. 32:? 5‘98: Relaxed. atmospherre eate l‘rar.


:Ie"\.!r‘ri; great \alue snacks. salads. Sl‘l‘l‘k’tlS and l)r‘r|lrartl t‘apputxtrnos ‘t‘av‘ trfl


The Frances Ann Crursrng the Union Canal 07957 58:3 3:33 07790 39-1 9-10

Lunches. Corporate Elents. E\enrng Meals. Parties Afloat!


Salad table restaurant bistro bar deli shop. Good Ltllalr‘tl. healthl \egetarran. Lrle music e\enrngs. Open Sam—70.30pm.

‘Kiwi Cuvee’ Sauvignon Blanc 2000 .. 7- 1' .. ,; _.., :

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Tesco Chilean ardonnay (£4.29)

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Advertising feature

Loopy Lorna’s .9:- l.)!:£:l"l£::I§i'\ Si"?‘fi. Sturuttwrddr: tit-Lg} .1.2,'.f1

Strand. it 4-5:“...

.'.(/lllt:'rlu. ()l/pt,‘

:r:a° teas, trurt hero ilf‘réil‘ritt‘r. Supt-rt day. arid (:'.l:7l!7ll}

rrrer‘ruts. Opt-"r r' dag; lirarr1~l_ate

fpcmcho Villas


Pancho Villas (Lil) (Earterrgate.

A i=ttle hat of ltlexreo rr‘. the heart of the

Buer‘ prone-elm.

www.5pm.co.uk 5 CO lhe best drnrr‘rg pmzuk bargains; rn Glasgow.

l:drrrl>urgh. London and the rest Of the UK are Just a cirek of a mouse away.

GLASGOW Cafe’ Antipasti

tines Read. ..r. ANTIPA TI

3 \‘\ ‘7 5(i\l\, Ill, l<Irl Shift,“ 331 J‘x/VC

,\o. \/\,co. \ \ k


Sli Glassford Street. :37? 0080 Globe tr‘ottrng menu served 12—7’pm exerldal' plus speeral Sunday brunch nenu. Football. DJs. prrx'ate partres and (ir'rr‘ks l)l'()lll()llOllS.


8t} Mrller‘s Street. 221 1568 lnter'estrng. well-t)alanced and adxenturous staff and menur. Restaurant food at bar prrees. sewed 112—? dth rThu Frl trll :Z‘rrn‘ra \.'.“.‘.".‘..llXX-l)itCCllllSCOllk


Los Borrachos " J St Georges


4-\ till. JO; ILL)‘:



Sim—Fr: from 86.95. Werld fa'm‘us award ‘.'.’r"r‘.rr‘.g Mexrean

C new 3 '\ V ‘0 ’)V\/l ll ‘h ) D‘ \IrO 1k " IUcIlo (I rLI bill l -(3 (Illlty b


rr‘est pepular' MEXICEIW r'estalrr‘ar‘t and ha'. D" nk erg/“es it? right nrghtf

The Underworld

95 Ur‘ro't St. 22? 520:? 72- ‘: 3pm. \l’orid‘ and lxrlexrean CLIIS'TTG. Nev. breakfast deal from 11am 8. 2 ro'ls for only C21 2 for ‘r marr‘ course nouc‘ners alarlable Sun—Thu Dank promos elem night.


NV \\ L \F\

Tesco Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon same could be

sax s "- t‘ouse red. brouhg tt‘at aretrnd ths r;"‘:;e range Chile rs ward to beat. Agar" a geed. chunk; st;,re ~.'.rrth med...r*‘r-hodred eta"; :ter am: good balance bet‘.'.'een Craneh‘, i‘rlameurrant fruit, érght tamrns‘ and Subtle :rttlrerree tiaxeur in the rracxground. Eduallx. at home with meat en the 880 or r'tsrde wrth a pasta salad.

Tesco Cétes Du Rhone Rose’ 2000 France. 5.7-1.29r \‘l’hereas most generic Cotes Du RhOnes are reds there are some reall'> exertrng roses about as naell. and thrs rs no exceptron. Based mostly on Grenache grapes. rt rs remrnrseent of raspberrres and strax'rrl’JGrrreS. wrth the trademark whiff of whrte pepper Slillhg on top of the frurt. They tend to be ourte alcoholic wrth a refreshrng sprcy strng on the finish. It's not a Wrshy-washy rose and is well capable of matchrng farrly heavy foods. lGordon Haggartyl

I A// wrnes avar/a/J/e from Tesco.




NEXT MARKET Saturday 21 st July

Edinburgh’s Farmers’ Market takes place on the lst and 3rd Saturday of each month.

Contact Edinburgh City Centre Management: Tel 0131 652 5940

Over 40 stalls filled with fresh, home grown, traceable food and drink. Seasonable fruit and vegetables plus organic produce, wild game and wild boar, free range eggs and poultry, fish, cheeses, preserves, home baking and more . . .

o \




The Pub/r'can

champagne wine






Join us every Tuesday from 5.30pm to 7pm

Free Vl/irretastings

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