V I saw you hlonde (‘liris with lriend l’ete in .\rta. Tell me more ilI‘tllll the [to e eamels. lhe (iray ity (iir'l yoti spoke with at the har on 33rd June. Bo\ No. [ 7418/1

V I saw you swinging lrom a tree in (ieorge Square. I saw you in a mirror in wonderland. I saw you oh a see-saw. see yottl Bo\ No. [74 I 8/:

V I saw you at Borders eale in your sandals. Big hairy leet. they turn me on. .\lust meet. Bo\ \o. [7418/3

V I saw you laii. in Bratislaya. Prague and Colorado. I hope w e get to see in many more New Years together. Bo\ No. [74I8/4

V I saw you hurping at Borders. how lunriy. how endearing. rue teaeh you some more ti'ieks. [' turn me on. Bo\ No. [74l8/5

V I saw you (iene. talking to (ioatee Boy ahottt solt roek. whilst lingering the yinyl in 1‘opp. ('hulla ehulla woo woo? Bo\ No. [74l8/(i

V I saw you lion. walking like a rohot around your own house. How 's your niee gall in ()slo'.’ 'l‘he Bile \ Bo\ No. [7418/7

V I saw you in slow motion. gliding through the restaurant t’l‘ron 'l'heatre 1. Your heautilul red hair and that smile. in the dark eandlelit amhienee. llope [' sei'ye me soon. l-rom young ehel. \ Bo\ \o. [74I8/8

V I saw you My 'l'iger ('uh. at the Iron. :\rrgh. hite yer hum. Bo\ .\'o. [7418/9

V I saw you Snakeliips. lake the haek to l)unoon and the swans w ill lind us. 'l‘hen

w e'll go haek to l-‘i'og liy es and lisrne. l’i'ineess. Bo\ .\'o. [7418/10

V I saw you ('lutha Vaults (Wednesday 27/00/01 1. You were in ‘lid Kemper' team. eute hlonde hoh and glasses. l'm mesmerised. Wear your leopard skin top lor me you tiger. Bo\ .\'o. [7418/11

V I saw you alter a lonely three weeks without my eliirpy neighhour. Miss you and line you. Sli Bo\ No. [7418/13

V I saw you ‘(ioirig haek to the Roots' loy e the red eoat and lunky red hoots. (iirl you hlow rue away? Bo\ .\'o. [7418/1 .1

V I saw you hopping to the _ia//. looking smooth and swilt in hlue with hlueshadesand a heautilul smile? Bo\ .\'o. [7418/14

V I saw you .\Is Kyi/ia with dem sti'ipy soeks. my 5 day old Mums and gorgeous as ey er. l’lease he mine always. Bo\ .\'o. [7418/15

V I saw you hoy in w hite top 'l'ron ’l‘heatre Sat 5pm. You know yoti want it? Bo\ .\'o. [74 I 8/ I (3

V We saw you ‘Seary-.»\lan' w e'i'e using your pen ll.-\ 11.-\. we loy e you and your

Tray isnessl (iood luek with your pei‘lormanee poetry honey pie? [an e. The (iirls w ho (iraduated tek drank too muehl Bo\ .\'o. [7418/17

V I saw you Sam. again and again. 1'“ he there lor you eome snow. w ind or rain. \\e hay e ups and downs. go round and round. hut essentially 1 think w e're eyaetly the same. Bo\ No. [74l8/I8

V I saw you ai the lion. you gorgeous little mins with the hlonde pateh. Yoti are the loy e o1 my lile and I'll do anything lot' you. Bo\ .\o, [74I8/I‘)

V I saw you Zorro ('aehorro.

in a dream. 1 know you'ye dreamt ahout me. Stay iuiey. Bo\ No. [74l8/2I) V I saw you (it-'1‘. 29/(i/t. You ushered your way into my lile Ill einema I. let me take you out ol the darkness. Bo\ No. [7418/31 V I saw you . . . or not . .. ('ouldn't see through the milk in mine own ey e7 I adore you my equine ereature ol the night. \\\ Bo\ No. [74I8/33 V I saw you [' iiotieed me. as you went to the toilet. Wish 1 was in the euhiele too. Bo\ .\'o. [7418/23 V I saw you in your wee sports ear giying me the eye. You se\y thang. (‘omnion grunt grow that heard. I line you. Bo\ .\'o. [74I8/24 V I saw you sexy. dark- haired hoy. sery'ing in Roots & Hints on By'res Road. (iet your ass to the other w holelood shop on a weekend and I’ll show you a thing or two ahout organies? Bo\ .\'o. [74I8/25 V I saw you (’aili. sweet linglish rose. You're tasty enough to nihhle on your toes. You're not thorny. hut yery horny. I'll miss you petal. rememher to eall me. Bo\ .\'o. [7418/26 V I saw you I.oyehush itirie (iilliesl doing ‘the lawnmower danee' in the garage with your army ol poleeats you love to londle. (io mow your grass so the lorest is tamed (‘hiellf Box No. [7418/27 V I saw you supping lrothy eollee oy er the sports pages in the 'l‘inderhox. Like the hlouse. laney dinner‘.’ 1 was the hyper- aetiy'e IL'itIIlel'-CI£I[I dude. Box No. [7418/28 V I saw you Jude looking eute in your 1.androyer. Blonde eurls and hahy -hlue eyes. It was loy e at lirst sight?! Bo\ .\'o. [7418/2‘) V I saw you Alan Partridge. looking se\y with your sports easual look and a lowly new w ateh. (‘an you make time for me‘.’ Box No. [7418/30 V I saw you my prineess Yiy ien. looking sparkly as ey'erl Keep smiling my little eheruh \ Bo\ .\o. [7418/51 V I saw you May Rose with yer linger pointing to the sky in ‘mega' altei‘n8 sty'lie on Sunday thanks lor the lun pr'essiel Bo\ .\'o. [7418/33 V I saw you ('atherine you are yer'y sweet and you are loyely 3!? Bo\ No. [7418/33 V I saw you watching The .I/mtkr'y'y .IIusk at the (iI'VI‘. You: l‘emme in pink. .\Ie: huteh in hlue. Be my lohster. Bo\ .\'o. [7418/34 V I saw you haying the peri- od t'rom hellllf Hope you man- aged to soldier on throuin the Madonna gig? l.oye you loads \xx Bo\ .\'o. [7418/35

V I saw you limily. Do you want to eome o\ er to stay the night. |.oye lt'ottt (‘hristie Bo\ .\at. [74 I 8’30

V I saw you Hannah are you haying a good holiday I'it'ont Rohyn. Bo\ \o. [7418/37

V I saw you eireus hoyl \\‘anna jump thru hoops 4 me .‘.’ Swing your trape/e my way 1 might just eateh onll liy en giy e you a stroke. \\ Bo\ No. [7418/38

V I saw you my heart sereamed .\l.-\.\'(i.»\llf (‘ome sail those oeeans with me and we ean danee under the stars. il'm the one in the Seottish 'l‘ogaft \\\ Bo\ .\'o. [7418/30 V I saw you hootylieious hoyo. You make me want to

jiy e. gimmie the ehanee.

'l‘homas you're a honey. Yup. yup. yup. Put it in??? Bo\ No. [7418/40

V I saw you in Brel. Bird with lag in hand and polka dot hlotise. l’rom all l‘airsess. 1-'er‘ry to my mill please. \\\ Bo\ .\'o. [7418/41

V I saw you you in the long- legged litsh hope the hruis- ing's gone down. Rememher you're not skinny you're just long. llay'e lun with the () Douglas SIi. Box No. [7418/43

V I saw you ('aro. with your exeellent speedy r'eaetions and great hike riding. llay e a grand hirthday. 15. Box .\'o. [7418/43 V I saw you liroggy. all the time & in my mushy thoughts. 1 loye you more and more hahy. Yours loi'ey'er t+ then some?) (‘hompers Xxxx tjirst a lit- tle....l) Box No. [74I8/44

V I saw you as you tripped up the stairs in Brel looking smart [' gay'e me a look I'd like to see it again? (‘all me? Box No. [7418/45

V I saw you Baldy. shiny y'ii'ile man. Blaekli'iars on your stag you shag. I think your name was Lindsay (1’1 eall me. Box No. [7418/46

V I saw you in Blaeklt'iars smelling ol poo! .\Imm young hoy /? (‘hange that 'l‘imhei'land top hel'ore it runs away.

Box No. [7418/47

V I saw you in the Ben you hunky man. mayhe you ean show me your single malts! to man in hlaek. Box .\'o. [7418/48

V I saw you painting water- lalls (0 the (iS.-\. hut you ney er saw me damn girl. are you hlind'.’l or haye you turned to Jesus?! 7 and il you'd take your headlones oll you might hear my shy hello‘sllf Box No. [7418/49

V I saw you Superman sending me wee eryptie mes- sages. making rne giggle. mak- ing me realise onee more the miraele that’s lile. 1 am so happy your energy exists on this plant. So come and get your Kry ptonite and stop arsing around. .-\11 my loye \\'.\\' Bo\ No. [7418/50

V I saw you Karen |(irandaddy] and we had a ehat. "lo the lront‘ you said. and on my shoulders you sat. You gaye me a hit. while 1 liled you . . . Does your hospitality extend beyond T in the Park?! Alan Box No. [74I8/51

V I saw you ended up in my duyet this morning. you Shrek- I.oy ing Super Bahe, You hay e eyery right to he arrogant. .\ou're the hestl .\0 one else eompares. I signed up tor the lull paekage. now (ilVIi II ['1’. ya tight treak. Bo\ So.

[' 418 ‘52

V I saw you se\y moilier' .-\t Borders. You motieed me in pink yelyet. .\lust meet. Yours .lan \\ Bo\ .\o ["418 53

V I saw you you se\y heast. You glaneed at me and groped your ei'oteh. helore you entered the toilet. I think 1 line you. meet lor some more groping |.o\e \ Bo\ No. [41854 V I saw you at Borders oui/ night. light top. pot helly. long heard. ya se\y heast. won the pri/e. win me too. 1 like it rough. ("all me. loye .lulia. Bo\ No, [74 I 8755

V I saw you harmaid lrom the ('ul de site". with a smile and pigtails there was a spark and now I'm eaptiyated. Tell me more . . . Bo\ .\'o. [7418/5o

V I saw you onely hlonde lady on the darieelloor all nighttu opt 1 mo 18/71. We were trying to work out where we Ilttd seen eaeh other helore. I'd like to try again when my hrain wasnt so ohy iously diseonneet- ed lrom my mouth. 1 was too shy to say that I wanted to meet tip again helore you lelt so hay e said it now? (iet in loueh lets go tor a drink. Bo\ No. [7418/57

V I saw you ('arra. Stey en. lileanor. \Villy. Brian 1’. Billy. Linda. Raehael. Helen and l.isa at ()‘Neils. (ilasgow on l‘riday 20th June 2001. 'l'hanks tor a great night out. see you all nest year... low Jim \\\ Bo\ .\'o. [7418/58

V I saw you at 'l‘ in the Park. You had a wry dodgy red shirt with Dragons on it and a hlaek hiii hag. You were ealled .-\ndy and you w atehed James with me and my lriend. 1 was the girl I‘l'om New eastle who showed .\ou her red ‘roek-star” t-shirt. You eame to wateh \Ylieatus with us hut 1 lost you in the erow LI. Please get In toueh. Bo\ .\'o. [7418/5‘)


V I saw you at lidinhurgh (‘astle then when l was on the tour hLis wearing an orange iaeket. l haye long eurly hair. Please get in toueh. I couldn’t get oll the hits? Bo\ .\o.

[74 I 8/(il)

V I saw you darling 'l‘ulip (iirl I'll miss you most olJuly hut w e'll still hay e the tour- hostei' in the :\('Illl. You heau-

ty. l)weeh Boy. Bo\ .\'o. [7418/(il

V I saw you Xmas 7. (iyle. Sat 7th July I .oaeeo lilower enthusiast. you looked strangely lamiliar. l was short haired girl in purple top and leather jacket getting massiye deja or while we were talking. Who are you‘.’ It's heen driy'ing me nuts . . . Bo\ No. [7418/63

V I saw you the entire har stall at [£111. Thanks lor making me leel like a loeal ey en though I'm lrom thousands ol miles away. l)an. Bo\ .\'o. [7418/63

Classified 1 say: yo.

V I saw you Reuheii \~~' [HI 01111 Ruhy. don‘t take your lo\e [y‘ [0“ ll I [‘\ e Stella. II\‘\ .\i‘

[i 4 I .\ o5

V I saw you .Iaekre the heat! [llllI and hi'ash South \tirean dream She say s what she means hut we lo\ e you tor rt.You will he missed" Bon yoyage and mine w ill he a (‘.\l’l’['[‘[‘l\(l" .\lay all yom dreams eome I'ls’l 1:" 1 me trom your partners in ei‘ime l(i.I’l “\\\ \\\ 4].\ (i(\

V I saw you 111 the delegate s eentre. almost .i yeai ago a lit tle hear lll ehetiueted lI.tle\

and was smitten man instant .\ow I miss you terirhly. hut not tor mueh longer. 'loiiy rmglit hay e heen to San I'1.tll hut me'.’ 1 lelt my heart in l)..\lams. hahy. Bo\ \o. l" 418 o7

V I saw you 111 are I Saw You eolumn. you hay e a

l’i’mee .\lrles llayis hootleg. I‘m lzdinhurglis other l’i‘riiee tan Who are _\Hll I Bo\ .\H [‘.'4Ii\.(i.\

V I saw you petite. dark.

w eartttg shades. di'ry trig your green (‘iti‘oen with .\lmories window stieker. hetween Seoteh (‘orner' and .\'eweastle. w here unloi'tunately we parted eompa ny at the .\o8. Were you head ing loi' ladinhui'gh‘.’ \\as there anything in all that oyertakiiig’ rue Islloyy, Bo\ .\o. [7-II8/(i‘l

V I saw you John at Beniietts. Saturday 7th July and 1 lost your hloody phone num her on the way home. So keep in toueh eattse I'm a tuhe. IJI‘litll. Bo\ .\Io. [i/V-IIH/7I)

V I saw you liliiihouse and huh stall lor the last (i year's. 'l‘hankyou tor the laughs and loyes. and il any o1 you make II to .-\ustralia giye us a hell. Big loye lidinhurgh1rom lehs. Bo\ No. [7418/71

V I saw you small hlonde girl. I saw you on l'rrday hut I didn‘t play underworld. eome to (iaia on Saturday and we eould mayhe get slippy_ Bo\ .\'o. [7418/73

V I saw you 3 .\tirses asleep at the Meeting Point at too oll Saturday. llow heautilul. You win first ollieial Se\ Bomh award tsharedi. Judges l)eeision is linal. no eorrespoii denee entered llllo. Bo\ No. [7418/73

V I saw you Beluga Boy. you wayed your eroteh at rrie on Saturday 7 July. llow ahout let ting me taste your eay rar next time‘.’ Bo\ \o, [74I8/74

V I saw you eyery morning w ailing lor' your hits on ('ommereial Street. you dark hair and looking hor'ed. me little red ear always smiling? [' hr'ighten my morning. ’io\ No. [7418/75

V I saw you Joel Young. spunky Ameriean. working at lilll. Shake your ass down my alley. I.o\e .\Illlky. Bo\ .\o [770


V I saw you. we spoke ahout gliders/grandparents/names on the I.olldott train ((iih July I. Hope you enjoy ed the ('hilean wine. I enjoy ed the eonyer'sa- tion.1-aney y isitiiig ()y‘lord on one ol yottt long w eekends‘.’

Bo\ .\o. [7418/77

19 Jul—2 Aug 2001 THE LIST 127