Every issue, The List is highlighting the work of a young Scottish photographer in association with Beck’s.

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Gwyn Jones Gwyn Jones graduated irrith a 2:1 lll photography this year from Napier University. haying prevroush x'xorked as a photographic assistant. His main interest lies in portraiture and his portfolio will soon he available for wearing at ‘.‘/‘.‘.".'/.g‘fl‘fllellGSCOlll. You can Contact llllll on gwyn a gwyniorteseoin

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How to enter work

Applicants should he students in the second tear or lye/end ot a photograph, or "ele'xan‘, degree course. or those ‘.‘./ho have graduated in the last three years. To arrange a time for The List to see your portlolio call Helen Monaghan on 0131 550 3076. Each of the chosen photographers will receive 8:100. courtesy of Beck's and The List.