Joan Rivers

I Tommy Tlernan The 1999 Perrier winner may well be the most complete stand-up on the leCUll. Sell-outs aSSured for the Galway gigglemeister. Tommy Tiernan, P/easance, 556 6550, 22—27 Aug, 7. 75pm, £72.50

(E 70/.

I Johnny Vegas Bitterness. recriminations. self-loathing and singalongs. Being Johnny Vegas. Gi/ded Balloon, 226 275 7, 3—27 Aug (not 6, 73) 70. 75pm, £72.50 if 70).

I Joan Rivers The grand dame of mouthy US comedy adorns us with her presence for the hottest ticket in town. Joan Rivers. Festiva/ Theatre, 529 6000, 24—26 Aug, 77pm; 27 Aug, 7pm 8. 77pm, £75.

I Adam Bloom After a one-year Fringe absence. the Bloomster storms back with a messianical show which could take him all the way to Perrier glory. And God Created Adam, Pleasance, 556 6550. 4—27 (not 6, 73) 7.05pm, 89—8 70 (EB—E9). Previews 7—3 Aug, E3.

I Garth Marenghl Last year's surprise Perrier nominee hits back with more macabre goings-on. Garth Marenghi’s Nethernead. P/easance, 556 6550, 5—27 Aug (not 7, 27) 70.25pm, 29—270 (EB—£9). Previews 7 —4 Aug, £5.

I Alan Davles Tne mild- mannered janitor of comedy tickles fancies in the gentlest of ways. Plus financial advice. Alan Davies, Assemb/y Rooms, 226 2428, 3—7 7Aug (not 6, 73) 70pm, £70.50/E72 (89/270).

I Jenny Eclalr Former Perrier winner and gallus besom gets all spiteful for her new show. Middle Aged Bimbo, P/easance Dome. 556 6550, 5—27 Aug (not 7, 27 ) 8.40pm, £9—E70 (EB-£9). Previews 7—4 Aug, £5.

I Emo Phlllps The man with the yelpy voice and some of the finest one-liners in stand-up histOry returns with a new look. The manic demeanour remains. Emo Philips, P/easance, 556 6550, 4—27 Aug (not 27) 8pm, 270/877 (59/570). Preview 3 Aug. £5.

Mitchell and Webb test the double

act waters

at the t ,. Assembly


ric 'n‘ Ernie. Dawn & Jen. Rik And Ade. Stan 8; ()llie. Pete & Dud. Vic 'n‘ Bob. Hinge And Brackett. The comedy world has been filled throughout the years with twosornes whose

names are forever linked: so much so that whenever

they went off and did a solo project. things just weren‘t quite the same.

But what brought and kept these duos together? Were these people afraid of going out there and dying on stage alone or were they simply well aware

of a good thing by sticking around with the partner

who complemented what they were doing and vice versa‘.’ And while the straight partner is never quite given the credit deserved. their role is integral. The Erics. Stans and Petes were terrified to go off and do their own thing: to lose their punchbag was to tempt career fate.

These days. the concept of the clown and stooge is largely redundant: Vic 'n‘ Bob may have been the catalyst of this (they were known among their comic peers as Eric 'n' Eric). Their roles were interchangeable: both were the fall guys. both came

up with the mania. And of the huge outpourings of

duets on this year‘s Fringe. you'd be hard-pushed to find a straight man or woman among them.

Perhaps the most eagerly awaited twosome on the Fringe will be Trev & Simon (Pleasance. 9—27 Aug). Those of a certain age will recall them as the double— entendre spouting. pant-swinging partners from

Going Live and Live And Kicking. the golden era of

Saturday morning children‘s telly. If you don‘t count the Swap .S'lrop/Tisir'as years. Or the current quality stuff from Ant 8; Dec. Another duet making a return after lengthy absence are Lano 8; Woodley (Famous Spiegeltent. 1—26 Aug). The former Perrier winners will be bruising themselves silly with more knockabout routines.

Slapstick of a satirical French flavour comes from the unbelievably popular 1999 Perrier newcomers


The double act has been going since the days of vaudeville but was predicted to have died with Eric Morecambe. As this year’s Fringe proves, our comedy turns believe that two is great company for a crowd.

Words: Brian Donaldson

Priorite A Gauche (Pleasance Dome. 1—27 Aug) who have yet to find their stock of galltis (iallic humour running out. Noble (8’; Silver (Pleasance 1—37 Aug) scooped last year's Perrier newcomers award with their brand of bravura surrealism. The publicity shots of the pair crushed together in a washing machine or in clinglilm actually does go some way to describing their act.

Radio stars Parsons 8; .\'aylor (Assembly Rooms. 3—27 Aug) will be doing their own ‘Spin'. Strsan & Janice (Assembly Rooms. 3—27 Aug) ditch the school uniforms for habits and say it's 'Because They're Worth It' while So You Think You‘re Funny finalists Mat 8; Mackinnon (Pleasance. l—27 Aug) are dark. wild. toterns of timing and ones to watch.

This selection. though is merely scraping the surface. Bachman 8.; Evans. Revell 6; Higgins. Sam (8; Cy. Mitchell 8.; Webb. Driscoll 6.; Message. Chambers é: Nettleton. Kiki & Herb. Oram 6.; Meeten. Wood (St Hides. Super‘girly. The Saddam Brothers. L'mbilical Brothers and The Marquez Brothers: some other duos trying to avoid a bad pair day.

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Susan and Janice pick up some nasty habits

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