Local hero Jo Malik

Mange To coincide with the recent release of his latest mix album Infrastructure. drum & bass talent J. Majik makes a special guest appearance at this highly respected showcase. Manga, La Belle Ange/e, 225 7536, Fri 70 Aug, 71pm-4am; £70 (£8).

Ultragroove Never ones to rest on their laurels. residents Gareth Sommerville and Colin Cook continue to push boundaries at their real deal house night, regularly inviting guest DJs of distinction to join them in their crusade. This Festival date is no exception as the boys welcome disco don Joey Negro. Ultragroove, La Belle Ange/e, 225 7536, Sat 78 Aug, 77pm—4am, £10.

Acetate presents: John Digweed Not just superstar DJ John Digweed, mind. but Timo Maas and Ashley Casselle to boot. Audiences can expect a positively huge night ranging from the progressive house style of Casselle and Digweed through to the percussive wet funk of Timo Maas. Acetate presents, The Liquid Room, 225 2564, Sun 26 Aug, 77pm-5am, £13 (£71).

Alrborne Second session of this brand new techno night. sure to reach heady heights with a steady slew of big name guests. For the festival frenzy UK techno hero Funk 0' Void steps up the decks and he'll be joined in his mission of terror by Dutch maestro Orlando Voorne and the up-coming resident DJs. Airborne, The Venue (all floors), 557 3073, Sat 25 Aug, 10.30pm—5am, Etbc.

The Wendy House Having just had the inaugural house-warming. Trendy Wendy throws open the doors to her house party once again for a night of unbridled hedonism featuring special guest. Jo Malik. With an album due for release on Compost Records and a world tour in the offing. this a rare chance to catch one of Edinburgh's most talented DJs doing his thang in a nu-jazz to futuristic house styl-ee. The Wendy House, Club Mercado, 226 4224, Sun 72 Aug, 10. 30pm—4am (tbc), £6 (£5).

20 rue LIST 19 Jul-2 Aug 2001

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Capital clubbing tends to flag at Festival time but the good folk at RENEGADE PROMOTIONS have all dance bases well and truly covered. Words: Catherine Brornley

thinks that staging a one-off club night during the

Festival is a sure-fire way to make a killing. Granted the capital’s population does swell to twice its normal size in the month of August but, as the boys at Renegade Promotions argue, it’s for the comedy and for the theatre, not for the club nights, that the marauding hordes descend. For these savvy club promoters it’s business as usual and August looks to be a busy month.

‘People make the mistake of assuming that because there’s however many thousands of extra people in town, they might actually be interested in going to a club,’ says Renegade spokesman, the mighty Rock. ‘But they’re not. It seems to me that the Festival is pretty much a festival of corporate comedy and Channel 4 commissioning. From a musical point of view not a lot happens and in terms of clubs specifically, I always say we should ignore the Festival and take full advantage of the 5am licensing.’

Respected throughout Scotland, not least for its long-running techno night Pure, Renegade has established some of Edinburgh’s most successful club nights. The stable includes easy-listening

I t’s a sad and soon-to-be sorry club promoter who

‘The Festival is pretty much a festival of corporate comedy and Channel4 commissioning.’

1 0.30pm-Iate, £8 (£6).

showcase Vegas (voted the best Edinburgh club night by List readers for the past two years running). Disco Inferno, occasional C&W evening Rawhide and underground dance nights Radio Babylon and Nameless. This coming month sees the chance to sample each and every Renegade extravaganza, all geared, in Rock’s words, towards ‘the good people of Edinburgh’.

Highlights of the Renegade festival programme include Pure’s massive eleventh birthday bash featuring UK techno bod Luke Slater. And if it‘s techno you’re after, this year’s Club Festival at Teviot Row House includes a Radio Babylon special with electro pioneer, Andrew Weatherall.

At this stage the eclectic DJ is unsure what he’ll be playing on the night in question. ‘Chances are that it’ll be reasonably bangin’.’ he thankfully confirms. ‘There’s a certain son of techno record that I’m getting a bit bored with at the moment ‘cause they’re lacking in bass so I don’t think you’ll be hearing too much loop-based tribal techno.’

Vegas, Famous Spelgeltent, 555 6966, Sat 3 Aug, 11pm-late, 28/29; Nameless, Tevlot Row House, 650 4403, 7, 14 & 28 Aug, 11pm-5am, £3; Radio Babylon with Andrew Weatherall. Tevlot Row House, 650 4403, Fri 10 Aug, 11pm-5am, £8; Vegas, Ego, 478 7434, Sat 11 Aug, 10.30pm-Iate, 26/28; Pure featuring Luke Slater, Studio 24, 558 3758, Fri 17 Aug, 10.30pm-5am, £10 (In advance); Rawhide, Club Java, 555 5622, Sat 18 Aug,