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DR DOLITTLE 2 (DR2) (U) Mins the 00.

Ulrfl marks the return of Eddie l/tiirphy's Dr Dolittle. and it's a lively, fun affair. The story begins when a Mafioso racoon turns up at the docs borne and demands that he VISIl 3ea/er. Godfather of the forest creatures. jean/er's problem. and all the animals'. is that two nasty humans want to 'develop' their home. [)oolittle. as green as horns can be. cannot refuse. If he can only mate endangered species bear Ava lvo:ced

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by l isa Kiidrow) wrth circus dude bear Simple, cheesy and eco-friendly

Archie. then by law the forest Will be

protected. up. his ‘l'll be back' is pure

Simple. cheesy and eco-friendly. the Schwarzenegger. and so on.

plot is orin a tiny percentage of the The mix of anirnatronic and motion

film's weight. As the title indicates. control cameras make the animals as

there's a lot of spoofing going on (Ms/2 human as us. Meanwhile. there's

was a pretty poncy title for a sequel plenty of t0ilet humour. which should

anyway). As Archie begins physical keep the adults laughing as hard as ‘1 e ,

training in an attempt to find his 'inner the kids. (Hannah Fries) Q 4*

bear" the theme tune for Rocky strikes I General release from Fri 27 Jul. 4" /-I“ . . ¢ -

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(15) 98 mins 0..

Caught in a crappy relationship and Wllll her father ill in hospital. Maria (Ana Fernandez) is also stuck in a menial cleaning lot). has her mum (Maria (Saliana) staying over in her cramped Seville apartment and Often loses herself in an alcohol-induced oblrvron Is this neo-realism squared?

Up to a point. certainly. but director Benito Zarnbrano is interested as much in Maria's interior state as her hellish external reality. and so there is a quiet intensity to Solz s that leaves the viewer musmg over Maria's self pity as readily as offering the expected empathy. Maria's deprivation seems a product of a more neurotic alienation than it is grOunded in the grimness of her day-to-day life.

Thus Zarnbrano's filrn isn‘t first and foremost socio—political (undermining this reading of the film. critics have pointed out the health and bus services on show are more than adequate). but instead psycho-generational. Meaning. can Maria

£I(I]llSl to the problems of the past concerning her father that recur in the present w in relation to her boyfriend? The film‘s conclusion, which offers an interesting

crossgenerational synethesis. might seem pat. but has an apt emotional logic. I I

(TOW MCKIDIW) . Vibrant party beats mixing jazz, soul 8- I F—r/mliouse. Edinburgh from Fri 20 Jul. '3‘."

La Belle Angele, Fri 3 Aug, 668 2019

Salsa Celtia

La Belle Angele, Sat 4 Aug, 668 2019 Courtney Pine


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Is this neo-realism squared?


All men are bastards. Many a woman land probably a number of men) have thought II. but less have managed to

construct a theory to support their prejudice. Enter Jane Goodall (Ashley Judd). a woman whose swanky New York apartment and huge mobile phone I)!“ do little to compensate for her appalling luck with the lads.

When work colleague Ray dumps her. she mainlines wine and chocolate for a few weeks before deciding to immerse herself in what. for want of a

80% of ram cams are shite, so . . .

better word (and the Americans probably have one). we'll call relationship theory. Men. she deodes. are like bulls. which will never return to a cow they've snagged. New York loves her idea. although new flatmate and compulsive womaniser Eddie (Hugh Jackman) is less enthusiastic.

Goodall's theories are eventually shattered by that old chestnut. true love. Sadly. though. she's unable to disprove another widespread theory which states that 80% of rorn corns are shite. While Judd and Jackman look suitably wan desirable confused at all the right moments. Animal/Attraction is caught between its influences (slapstick. slushfest and Sex In The City). and ends up being a lightweight and rather tedious piece of work. (James Smart)

I General release from Fri 20 Jul.

Queens’ Hall, Sat 28 Aug. 668 2019

Jazz Jamaica All-Stars Queen's Hall, Fri 3 Aug, 668 2019

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