The Music ponder their Ram Jam Rock Odyssey

session we had this riff we had spent the previous night working on, so what we said to the engineer was “fucking hit record”. We played it once and we said “that’s the best thing I ever heard” and we just left it at ‘l‘m not talking about being a gobby bastard but . . .’, that, one take, the first time we played it.’ Adam Nutter, guitarist of The Music, is making a point Fluke or serendipity, the single is truly remarkable. It about the lack of chutzpah in modern bands, which has comes from a corner of the bluesy rock hinterland rarely no doubt been teased out of him one time too often by visited since the heady days of Colosseum (check those our decal licking music press. Image and attitude, PR pre-Hellenic music biogs). Embarking on the band’s first and platitudes, who gives a shite lets just listen to The major tour, Nutter is nothing if not humble: ‘None of us Music. can really fucking play. We just work good as a unit 002 These are the things you need to know about this we know each other so well. We know what each other excellent new band: They come from Kippax in Leeds. is thinking, so we don’t have to work that hard.‘ Yes, that is the guitarist’s real name. The other members Though young, The Music are at the beginning of what of the band are Robert Harvey (singer), Phil Jordan will hopefully turn into a Ram Jam Rock Odyssey. They (drums) and Stuart Coleman (bass), and their recent have had a brilliant launch with their debut and its single, ‘Take The Long Road And Walk It’, is so good it superb 8 side, ‘The Walls Get Smaller’. But having been makes you want to wee all over your rare pressings of the victims of a million comparisons, how do they see Sally Cinnamon. their music? ‘lt’s just groovy dance music,’ says Nutter. “When we recorded that single we had been given ‘Having said that, half the shit we’ve been writing now is some money by a label to do a demo for them,’ says quite rocky, actually. So half the stuff we will be playing Nutter. ‘We laid the tracks down and at the end of the on the tour will be rocky.’ Rock On our kids. (Paul Dale)

THE MUSIC The Venue, Edinburgh Thu 19 Jul, 13th Note Club, Glasgow, Sat 21 Jul.

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13th Note Club, Glasgow, Mon 30 Jul.

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GLASWEGIAN HARD- hoppers Public Domain have withdrawn from the Gig on the Green, which takes place on Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 August. Senator, American Hi- Fi, King Adora (pictured), Gene and Finley Quaye have all been added to the bill. See supplement.

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Society, who were due to

play Edinburgh’s Venue on

Tuesday 24 July, have

cancelled their current tour.

The dates are likely to take

place in September.

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THE FLIPSIDE MUSIC Festival, an internet-only venture in past years, takes place this year at Whistle Binkies. Every day throughout August (except Mondays) features acoustic sets in the afternoon and fully plugged bands in the evenings. See listings for Hneup.