The city centre is set to thrum to two - count ‘em two new genre-wobbling club nights in popular noodle joint Soba. Jack Mottram, much like a pair of chopsticks, is useless without his other half.

Did you say club nights in a noodle bar? l tll’l littleed. lliere‘s; l'Hs't sot'tethirtti of a pugue for 'wtiurarttf; «(lfillllltl H] or) the

tar): aw: late, what ‘.'.‘tilt Ail l rift: ".r' ‘V‘Mflt'llTS, (illfl lit Shim}; iota). '2? ~vr‘uf;i: :tl entertainment. It you tint :tlwut it. it makes perfect

it. i one 2.'.';irit<1 to have their THltlil‘.'.“lllllllfllh‘lllllltl.f1()y()tl mittht as ‘.'.'t‘li turn that irtttiiteite tziritl l."t'l‘.‘lt';l' Hl‘utt‘t‘ into a Jtlllllillltl ltltll‘l I suppose so. What’s on at Soba, then? \‘tiell. (*\.(‘l\. l"l|(l{t\. it't; l)tll)l|(‘ :il‘ilil. So «tilled because the (list

to lat aren't ltlétllltlltt] or) raking; H) the \l. 'ltgtrf; \'.'llll the” llerlttlirit; enterprise. ltut ‘.‘~.*;tr)t to tine you. the tails, ll‘I‘.‘ (‘ltitltt‘fl to tlziiitte. l'lte melt-«tort; ii) question are Muchutlt -l‘i"l'.i'lt?tl' {tlttl Shall. t'rith at loose. “.ttltt‘ l selection. You're liahle to hear pint tillt'll ltootleti mixes; of lhe tilltll‘tllt’lfi, otl teller lireak'lmats; arid ‘.'.“..ite\.er other oddities; and rarities; the [U duo can get their hands; or). Sounds fab. What about the Saturdays? Saturdays )5; Super filers». and looks to tie it touch

(it; rlt‘ termetitioritil thanks; to .Jaretl .irii' Stuart ltom \/ir)\.| l reaks. the tit-st l rttl second hand retturtl er‘awrzurt). They'll be flltlltllllltl heany funk. territ‘eretl \‘Jllll a Spot of house an i tiargittta lxt‘eiit the\ call it ‘eiiti‘less Slitltltlt‘l l()\t} lunk’.

Neato. What about guests? You're nexer SittlSlIt‘tl. are you? There will iritleeti he a stitatter‘iiiti of !()(‘£t| attest [Us iii the coming; months. and tune nets. ot‘t‘atxrortal r‘esatlerits; ‘.'.:il he l‘l\|lttl their trade come September. Hist, l\lt’tll\ Howlarttls; ‘.'.|ll he or) or) (t riiorithly lusts; he's the mar) l‘t‘ltllltl the rioy‘. tieitiuz“. Herituetet‘trrtt titlllltl that serxed as; .t') antidote to the ttttikret (flults; or) tylarit‘iieszter'sl Canal Street ll‘. recent \e. 12:. liter) Jet) [74) Silt.) is: set to tent in or) Friday utohtsz when he retu'risz from it tour of Hoot) Kong). .tt‘l‘dlt‘ltlh playing taxi-dance.

“.‘ttcr‘ translates as the ‘.'.t"1l(lt‘flt

r'i xv .t‘..tllttl,‘lt‘ to huriiahsitttl.

I a .:e.’.:‘ .s‘ .s‘ iaeese'xz .s‘ee s"‘.:5<

74 THE LIST '9‘ .'.. .‘ 5k.) .‘.‘

Glasgow, Fridays

'"C'Consume at The 13th Note (are. Spin Midnight. £4. 2t) Jul. Monthly. The only night in (ilasgow deyoted to the world ol leltlicld electronic oddncss showcases the Pat (‘at label this time around with .-\ntenna l‘arm and Duplo Remote perloi'iiiing hye. plus I” support lrom l)a\e llowell tone hall ol .-\ntenna Latin and the man behind the label's Split series) and Stirling's liiiest. the l)iskoiio moh. See Panel and llitlist.

I Critical Mass at Nice ‘n‘ Slea/y. .Spm late. l‘ree. Weekly. .lor) l-opp. aka Noj. with a will'ully peculiar selection. ranging l'rom ptiiik to lunk and all points in between. Nothing to do w itlt hike riding anti-capitalisiii.

I Cul De Sac at ('ul |)e Sac.

0pm midnight. l'ree. Weekly. House action llUlll a pool ol' l)Js. including Stet ie Donaldson. l)oiiieitic ('appello. (ii'aham Wilson and Kiei'an .\lc( ‘ann.

I Edward’s at lidward‘s.

()pm midnight. l‘iee. Weekly. t'pheat selections lrom Keith Py per to get you going litit' tlte weekend.

I Friday Street at Blackli'iars tdowiistaii's). Spin lam. £thc. 27 Jul. Monthly. 'l'op .\lod action lrom the gang behind (ioodlool. lixpect Northern. .\lotow ii and the like.

I Illuminations at the LighthotIse. 3.10pm midnight. l’i'ec. Weekly. l)J Dandy tl)isco X) and Alan B. (Breach) spin ‘toiiioi'row. yesterday. today' music. I Nico’s at Nico's. 9pm midnight. l‘i'ee. Weekly. l'pheat iiiainstreaiiiage to keep the drinkers on their toes.

I Nomad at Nomad. 7.30pm midnight. l'ree. Weekly. ls'i'is ls'eegaii. laii 'l'hoiiipson and .’\.J. join ‘l)onut' Jay at this pi'ecluh. l‘i‘ee caiiiei'a hire adds a nice touch.

I Papacool at The Basement Bar. 9pm tiiidiiiglit. l-‘i'ee. Weekly. The linest iii ja/x. sotil and l'tiiik.

I Paul Cawley at :\ir ()rganic.

0pm midnight. l'TL‘L‘. Weekly. .-\ return to normal l'oi'm alter the recent l’low’er Records show case. w ith ('aw ley 's heat and break based selections.

I Phonic at 54 Below. 9pm midnight. l’ree. Weekly. Quality deep house lrom the Phonic residents Steyen Reilly. (iortlon Logan and Mark lleayenor.

I Rowan and Niall at the Hall Bar. l't’ee. Monthly. The l'oriiier Balsa residents. now ensconced in a new yenue. do their deep house thing.

I Russell’s at Russell‘s.

(rpm midnight. l‘ree. Weekly. l)J Yaw kicks otit the liest R&B. hip hop and

sit ingheat.

I Soaterama at Nice ‘n‘ Slea/y tgi‘ound l’looi‘). 3pm midnight. Free. ‘y'eekly. .»\n across-the-hoard blend with an emphasis on the unexpected. l‘rom punk to drum & hass.

I Soulsa at The Brunswick llotel. 0pm midnight. l’ree. Weekly. .-\ndy t'nger and ll'lL‘lttls host an eyeniitg ol' roller-disco house and NY garage. Drinks promos and club passes are an added bonus.

I Stateside Sounds at The State Bar. 4 7pm. Free. Weekly. Paul Shields selects alt.cotmti'y layourites. rock classics and blues cuts.

I Straight Ahead at Spy Bar.

0pm late. l‘ree. Weekly. The superh Straight .\head crew spin Northern soul. tank and dancel'loor_ia//.

I Syntax at the Hall Bar.

0pm midnight. l‘i‘ee. 20 Jul.. Monthly. The Sy nta\ crew. namer l)J Jace. Adam Mars and Nik ('raig seriously rock the llalt‘s back room w ith their cyborg selections.

I Syntax In Small Doses at Bar Logic. 9pm midnight. Free. 27 Jul. l‘ortiiightly. l)J Jace l'i'om Syntax teams tip with Mark Welsl'ord l'rom Small Doses (Paisley ) l'ot' weekly L‘\cur\ions ol‘ the tech-house and electro \ai‘iety.

I Tap-Moi-La at The Tap.

0pm midnight. Weekly. :\ pre-cluh lrom. in their words. ‘just two more

blokes playing their records in a puh.‘ l‘ortunately llush Puppy ol' l)iyiiie lame and ('liris ‘Beans' (ieddes (he's in some indie hand. apparently) hay e corking collections taking in ()()S pop. Wigan- centric soul. mod tall and Latin grnUVCS.

I Paddy Power at The \‘ariety Bar. ()pm midnight. l‘lL‘L‘. Weekly. The astoundingly eclectic l)J Paddy

pow ei'l'ully plays eyerythiiig tron) Brain lino to l'iiderground Resistance.


I The Ark at The Tunnel.

10.30pm 3am. £7 (£5). Weekly. Scott Mackay and Sittioii l~'oy keep the crow d

jumping with top quality hard house in

the main room . while (iary ('urley moyes the crowd in Bar 2 with smooth garage and meal house.

I Bump ‘n’ Hustle at Baha/a.

6pm 3am tl)Js l'rom l lpm). l-‘i‘ee hel'ore l lpm'. £5 alter. Weekly. Patil Tray nor and Raymond Woods with line and l'unky' R&B cuts. hip hop and some classic soul and lunk thrown in to keep the capacity crowd going. Arriye early to ayoid disappointment as this is one ol the htisiest regular l‘ri nighters around.

I Caliente! at llayaria. 9pm 2am. l-'ree. Weekly. Loco Latin action courtesy ol' (ieorge and Andreas l‘rom 9pm through to the wee small hours.

I The Cathouse at The (’atliotise. Il).3()pm 3am. £| bel‘ore l lpm: £4 (£3) alter. Weekly. Rock. grunge. indie and a dash ol' hreakheat across three lloors at (ilasgow 's top yenue lor rockers and alternateens.

I Club Migration at \y‘ootlsitle Social (‘luh Next date 3 Aug.

I Coded at Vault. l lpiii 5am. £5 (£4). Weekly. .-\ rotating roster ol‘ l)J.s illllllillt‘tl to 23rd Precinct supply house-led

grooy es at the new club. Stey en .\lc(‘reery is at the helm. and the pool ol talent includes Billy Kiltie. Billy Woods and Amanda Price.

I Ethos at Q. 5pm~ 3am. l-‘ree hel'ore

l lpm; £5 alter. Weekly. New lace at the

Quality house from DJ 0 at Fluid, Sat 21 Jul

decks. Dominic Martin. supplies the soull'ul Latin house and garage gi'ooy es. I EuPhonic at The Temple.

llpiii 3.30am. £(i (£4). Weekly. 'l'reyor Reilly. Billy Mac.-\tce and Paul Mende/ spit) trance and hard house w ith a lunky edge to a packed-out cluh ol' ttp—lor-il kids.

I Fresh at The Polo Lounge.

llpiii 3am. £5. Weekly. Michelle proyides a loose mix ol' house and indie classics dow iistairs. while .-\iidy rocks the Trophy Room with His and ‘Jlls hits at the to ) gay \cnue.

' The Funk Room at The Arches. 10.30pm 3am. £6 (£5). 20 Jul. Monthly. Andrew and Simon are joined by Ian Wright. Not the l'ootie player. ohy'iously. but one ol the lt)l'L‘lIl()sl lurik crate-diggers in the country and compiler ol‘ the recent .S'i'xit'r l-imA comp. renowned lor his loye ol all things heavy. raw and. naturally. lunky. See llitlist.

I Fuel at Mas. llpiii 3am. £6 (£5). Weekly. Norman and Zeus with pumping house and garage in the main room. while l)J Sktid layers hip hop and R&B in the front room.

I G ‘n’ D at Archaos. llpiii 3am. £5 (£4). Weekly. l)ress smart and prepare to party in the main room with I)a\ id (iilmore spinning dance classics. garage and lionse l‘rom the commercial end ol the spectrum.

I Goodfoot at The Riyerside ('Iuh. Next date 3 Aug.

I Life at Lil'e. Illpm 3am. £5. Weekly. Stuart Mc('allum and Wayne Dixon man the decks with a MM and soul selection. I LIVE at The (ilasgow School ol Art. Next date the.

I Loose Joints at The 13th Note (‘luh l lpiii 3am. l‘ree hel'ore l lpm: £4 alter. Weekly. Resident l)eecee is now llying solo and alternating his hroad riiix ol' dancelloor classics on an upstairs/downstairs basis with the Stiletto

I Mad Dog at The Soundhaus. llpmwlate. £tbc. Weekly. Two rooms of