Selena Vs. X.Men: ‘Give It Up’ (GO Beat .0 rUK Garage producer Johnny .J aka X.Men collaborates; Willi firrrnrnttltain taxed

Selena tpicturedr as; Slit: .‘xaxes. i,lt(itti

in a Listen stylee ahout not putting out on a first date.

Ian Van Dahl: ‘Castles In The Sky’ (Nu Life 0 iOdd that tliit; s; released under a male pseudonym because it's; written and performed by America}; 'higgesa dance artrrst'. Annelvlre ()oenen tnah. mt- riert'iter'.. Judging by this [uro trance par; in the vern of Alice DJ. the Americans; are welcome to her.

Slam: ‘Lifetimes’ (Soma soccer Not the best live. the latest tangle from Alien Rad/o should nonetheless. if there's any ltlSllCO in the world. get the boys; a Top Ten hit and ()Bt—s for SONKZOS to dance musac. It's; that good.

Ed Case: ‘Who?’ (Sony 000 r Innovative UK Garage from the fella who remixed Gorilla." 'Clint Eastwood" into a cluh tune. featuring a dirty bass throl) and some serious ragga stylings from Sweetie Irie. Mauro Picotto: ‘Like This, Like That’ (VC Recordings 0 r If yOu ever wondered what an lil‘ advrsed collaboration hetween Jason Nevrns and Euro trance st; llion Mauro Picotto would sound like. check out the 'Megaxorces; ()laxrxx Mix' on this piece of Still. Perpetuous Dreamer: ‘Sound Of Goodbye’ (Cream Records

0 r Criminally awful commercial trance from Dutch DJ Armin Van Buuren and a srnging model tElles de Graaf‘t. who hopefaltx looks better than she sounds. Best aVOId.

Llorca: ‘My Precious Thing’ (F Communications coo Stick yet Subtle deep house infused with the sweet sensuality of guest wealrst Lady Bird and the trademark ray; stylings of Paris-based producer. Ludovrc Llorca.

Mariah Carey: ‘Loverboy’ (Virgin coo ) UK Garage innoyator Md Cole remixes American siapeer Mariah Carey and while \.'.e'd realtt like this to Stick. it's actually attire good. Sony. (Catherine Bromieyl

I Fer more rev/ens see Recoms secnon.

76 THE LIST '9 .r-.. —; at; '

Glasgow, Saturdays

I Fluid at .-\la\ka. l lpm 3am. LBS tun. ll .ltil Montth DJ (3. aka ‘l'tinboy'

l-ly rtn. aided and ahcttcd by Mark

.\lc( ‘ahe t l 'ndcr The (‘otinterr and Daniel lhhotxon r(ila\go\y l‘ndergi'oundr \er\c tip quality home \clcctionx. and tho month. the Buffalo Bunch rthct lend a hand.

. Freefall at The .kt'cltcx. .NL'\l date 4 .\tig.

I Freeform at The l.‘~th Note ('luh thotlt floorxr. 0pm 3am. l'ree before litiltpm; £5r£~1ialteit\\’eekly.t\ll \ol‘t\ of tune\ from Ste\en and Paul Watt. taking in hip hop. |a//. tll\c‘tt and Latin. augmented hy Ray Sti/uki'x left-ot—centre protection»

I Freelance Science at .>\la\ka. Next date .-\tig 4.

I Fruitfly at The .-\rche\. l lpm 3am. £l3. Zl .ltil. Monthly. l’ixhcr tk l’rice rand. ycx. thoxe are their real littlllL‘\. fact lianxr play pl'ttgl't‘\\l\c houxe and garage W ith an Clllpllthh on good-time gromex and meal cutx \\ ithotit exer dexcending iitto chccxe territory to one til. the friendliext ci'oyxdx in (ilaxgoxx. Thix month. Rob di Stefano of To ixted taine lend\ a hand.

I Fusion on The chfi‘exx l‘t‘l'l‘). Next tlttlt‘ ll .\tl_*_'.

I Gain at .’\la\ka. Next date :\tig IL

I Groovejet at Traxh. l lprn 3am. £7 IL.§ l. \Veekl). lil'tttllt‘h \lttll tilttl l’L‘lL‘ knock otit quality hotixe and garage iii the main room. \xhile l’atil N‘Jie \pinx Rtkli in room t\xo.

I Havana Esperito at (‘amax £7. Weekly. DJ .la// hringx hix Latino box of trick\ to the Merchant (’ity '\ nexxext \cntie. ('amax. \\ here there\ no dedicated dancel'loor. htit there ix claxxy \crx ice and an elegant. \ophixticated \ ibe for thoxe \x ho‘xe had enough of \xyettl

\\ ith their \alxa.

I High at MAS. llprn 3am. £8 r£(i). Weekly. tNot 2| Jlll l The M.-\S l'lagxhip houxe \pectactilai' i'eliex on the l‘L‘\ltlL‘lil\ thix fortnight. \o expect cutting edge lltlll\L‘ actiott lii'oin Marcello Della (nice and Danny Sharkey.

I Homebass at Alaxka. l lpin 3am

£ If) t £Sl. ZS Jul. Monthly. The .lengaheadx rexidency lith been packing them in of late. and a\ a would to the regularx they 'ye \nagged the gtiext most regtiexted by punterx. Rennie l’ilgrem tl’('R/l-‘ictionl. to join them in the main room. Meanxxhile. l’ai‘ixian'x (irande Rotltie make a welcome return to the do“ nxtairx bar.

I Home Cookin’ at Baha/a. Spin 3am rDJx from I lpmi. lirec before I lpm'. £5 alter. Weekly Naeem ixjoined by Stuart Mc('a|lum. regular gllt‘\l at the likes of l-‘i‘exh ‘n' l‘tinky and Rotation doxxn in the Big Smoke. \\ ho \\ ill he flying tip each and ex cry neck to \pin hix trademark Rtkli \\ ith a dad] ol' clttxxlc dixco and tank.

I Infusion at Yang. 1 lpm 3am. l-ree helore midnight; £5 alter. Weekly. Making lull uxe olN'angK three roomx. you can catch (‘olin (late and Drihhler in the main room \\ itlt dixco. Ne“ York garage and hotixe. Andy Young and Nick l’eacock do their Latin ja/I thing \\ ith

li\ e [‘L‘l'c‘ll\\lttli from (ice in room too and. Iaxt httt not leaxt. Scott l‘ergtison and Rhonamok man the deck in the upxtairs bar.

I Inside Out at The .-\l'L‘liC\.

ltlfitlpm 4am. £lS. 23 Jtil. Monthly. Another \\ hopper of" a line-up for lo\et‘\ of hard ‘n' funky hotixe. Thix month the helting tunex come c‘ttllt'IL‘\_\ of liergie. Scott Bond. ()liyer‘ Lieh and Lixa Lotid. I Jamboree at Reds. l lpm 3am. £7 t£5 r. Weekly. John Lyonx and Martin lle\keth of \'el\et Roomx tame mix tip a blend of commercial Rth and mu].

I Kinky Afro Boat Party on a boat. opm late. £2” tincltidex ticket to after- party \\ ith Btlgllttlhcll Ticketx ayailahle in adyance from liopp. .-\ir Organic and Rtih .'\ Dtth. 3| .ltil only. (’oachex leaye .-\ir ()rganic at opm to take you to a maxxhe boat party at a \ecret location.

I Kinky Afro 8: Bughouse .it .t \ccrct location. Spin late. £125“ l £20 including ticket for boat party beforehand i. ('oachex le.t\e .-\ir ()i‘ganic at Spin. 3] Jul only ()titdoor party featuring The ()peratorx. The Soulcialixtx and Kinky .-\tro l)J\.

O Knucklehead Present My

Machines at The (ila\go\x School of :\rt itipxtairxt. lllpm 3am. £4 r£35tlr Weekly The My Machinex crack \ttuad. lltlllihlt and Wilkex are on fine form at the moment. and thing\ are wt to reach boiling point on 21 Jul. thank to an appearance from l'nderground Rexixtance tt\\ttllll DJ Suhurhan Knight rlamex Pennington to hix fttttlttl. The DJ- cum-producer hax racked tip a \xeighty contribution to techno o\ er the year\ from lll\ day \ collaborating \\ ith lnner (‘ity to hix current \tatux ax one of l'R'x hext lWlllc‘ll ix \aying \omcthing. gixen the \hadtmy organixation‘x other meinherxi. The Knight doexn't exactly ox ci'do the DJ appeat'ancex eititei'. \o make \lll'L‘ you ari‘iye early: there'll he a long queue of techno enthuxiaxtx to attend to. Sec Hilli\t.

I Let’s Go Back, Way Back at The Ri\ei'\ide ('lub. Next date :\ug J.

I Life at Life. lflpm 3am. £5. Weekly. Andy l'ngei' prexentx a \election of \oul. funk and dixc‘tl augmented \\ ith original xamplex and loopx to guarantee a neyy take on familiar \otinds.

I Lush at The l’olo Lounge.

ltlfitlpm 3am. £5. Weekly. l‘eattiring Andy in the Trophy Room with hitx from the Mix to the thx W hile Tom proy ides an tip—front dance xelection in the main room at the city N pi‘ettiext gay club.

I Media at Media. llpm 3am. £5 t£4l. Weekly. Step back in time to i'e\e| in the tunex ol' the 7l)\ and Stlx.

I Melting Pot at The Riyerxide (‘Itih Midnight 3am. £l(). 2| Jul. Montth Simon ('ordiner and Billy Woods with an immaculate tuxion ol' dixco and littlISL'. much appreciated by the clued-tip croxx d. Thix month. the rexidentx are joined by Andre“ l’irie ol‘ the Traxx crexx.

I Miss Moneypenny’s at (i I.

ltlpm 3.30am. £12 (£10). Weekly. (ilam.

glam and an extra helping of glam from the Brummie supercluh. lixpect beautiful punters. exotic dancer\ and \L‘l'iollxl} funky dancelloor action from the Moneypenny ‘x residents roster.

I Ouch Presents Jambeli at The Woodside Social (‘lub ltlpm 3am. £5. 38 Jul. Monthly. ()tich continue to maxh tip liye instrumentation and DJ \otlndx. ('hi‘is Lamb. Leon Deleinere and Robyn man the turntables. while a troupe of' hraxx. basx. DCI'L‘USSTUII and guitar ltttfxox augment their selectionx. \yhich range from still] to houxe toja/l and all point\ in hetyyeen. Ax tight ax Jamex Brown'x [I‘C\\'\. thix unique set tip has to he heard to he heliex ed.

I PH at :\tl-l.ih. llpm-4am. £5. 27 Jul. Monthly. Top \\ hack deep house from the Phonic crack DJ \qlltfd. namer

Stex en Reilly. (iordon Logan and Mark lleayenor.

I Phat Dat at The (ilthx llotixe.

0pm 2am. £8. 23 Jul. Monthly. DJ Sace. hotixe hand Superxtar and art extra special \tirprixe liye act get htl\_\ W ith the lixh and duck\ in the city'\ coolext greenhotixe.

I Rumba Te Tumba at Haunta Bar. Uprn- 3am. l-‘ree. Weekly. A \x ild mix of Latin \electionx. intcrxperxed W ith commercial chart fayex from Keith and .-\lC\i\.

I Solution at Q. Spin—3am fl)J\ from I lplttl. liree before I lpm; £5 after. Weekly. .-\rchao\' Ryan Kerr takex o\ er from Steyie Middleton. on a meal litiUSL‘ tip.

I Super Stereo at Soba. l lpm— 3am. l‘ree before midnight; £4 after. Weekly. .-\ next rexidency for Jared (‘6; Stuart of Vinyl lire;th concentrating on the ram end of' the funk spectrum. W ith occaxional doxex of disco and garage to keep the cm“ d on their toex. See liactlile and Hitlist.

I Traxx at The Soundhatrx. l lpm 3am £.\‘ run. It .ltil. Monthly. Simon (‘ordineix Laurence lltighex. Derek Smith. Bill} \\ood\.

Andre“ l’irie “till quality houxe \ClL'CllHDS.

I Triumph at The Tunnel.

ltl..‘\tlpm 3.3flam £‘t if.” i. Weekly. ('olin 'lcyendale and Stey en Mc('reery \lll‘l‘l} the tli't‘\\t'tl-tip glamour kltl\ \\ itlt pi'tigi't'\\t\t‘ ltttlhe and trance in the main room. \xhile Key in Macl'arlane and Stephen Lee llll\ tip garage. tlixco .ind \ocal litttht‘ iii roorn txto. If you‘re not wearing .m fully nice clothex ho\xc\el'. don't expect to get Ill,

I No Tun at Hudda. l lpiti 3am. £o. \Veekly ('reof‘l~ Montl'oid and ('hrix llarrix get funky \\ ith a hang-tip-to-date \election ol di\co hotixe.

I The Unit lior detailx \ i\it \\ xx \ythe- tinit.co.tik

I The Vault at \‘atilt. llpm 3am. £5 r£-1t. Weekly The brand next haxemcnt joint do\\n the lane next to Strata lt'tlltll'L‘\ a Sat night \election of techno and electro. pttxl. prexent and “More courtexy of Ste\ ie and Ian.

I Vegas on The Renf'rexx l‘erry. Next date 4 .-\ug.

I Velvet Rooms at the \'el\ct Room» llpin 3am. £3 before midnight; £o t£-lr alter. Weekly. Keith l’y per hreakx otit the \oull'ul hotixe and garage in the main room \xhile Raymond Woodx coolx thingx doyyn \\ ith hip hop and Rtkli in room Ith.

I Wired at As) ltim. ('aledonian l'niyei‘xity l'nion. ltlpm 3am. £thc. Weekly. (ilaxgou '\ longext running alternatne indie night \\ ith tll'llfk\ pl'tlllltlx aplenty

Chart & Party

I Bankers at Bonkerx. l lpm 3am. £4 before midnight; £5 alter. Weekly. lliix from the tS'tls. chart house and cheesy trance.

I Classic PM at litiry Murry 'x.

l lpin 3am. £0 (£4). Weekly. Dance claxxics and party lllliL‘x. u ith alternatiye and rock tlllfC\ upstairs in To ixter.

I The Garage at The (iarage.

ltlpm 3am. £5 t£3l before I lpm; £(i t£~ll alter. \V'eekly. Super-ctimmercial party \tlllltd\ on the main dancelloor and indie clasxicx in The Attic.

I Graduate Club at g3. l lpm 3am. £4 t£3l. Weekly. Designed to \llll those \\ ho haye alein enjoy ed a (iaragc-xty le night otit. btit feel a little long iii the tooth \\ hen surrounded by fresh-laced. lager- xtained yotingxterx. Steye Day l\ proy idex the party anthems.

I The Shack at Shack (formerly The Temple). lflfillpm 3am. £7 (£5). (‘heexy chart ttinex.

I Seduction at Dextiny. ltlpm 3am. £6 before I lpm: £7 alter. Weekly. Tonight the club \xould like you to ‘drexx to iinprexx' uhile enjoying the llSlltll commercial houxe ‘n' trance pap.

I Strawberry Fields at Strayt berry l‘ieldx. ltlfillpinfiain. £5. Weekly. ('laxxic party nonxenxe front the ()ll\ to ltixt W eek.

Glasgow Sundays


I Anti-Bar at The l3th Note ('ale. Next date the.

I Bitch School at Nice ‘n' Slea/y. 3pm»7pm. l‘ree. Weekly. The chapx behind Deathlehem (they haye a way Will] names. blexs 'emi bring you four hourx of the hard and hearty stuff. from Ozzy Osbourne to Slipknot. Moshtastic. I Budda at Bar Budda. Spin-midnight. Free. Weekly. (‘olin Walker tNeyt York Alliance) playing deep house.

I Fast Forward at liar Drink Man Woman. 4pm-—midnight. Free before opm; £3 alter. Weekly. Home music and chart anthemx. W ith drinks promos an added honUs.

I G-Man and Traxx at The Liying Room. inn—inidnight. Free. Weekly. It is non possible to \\ rite off the Sabbath in