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Edinburgh, Fridays

I La Fructa Bomba at H i‘larrto. lllpm 3am. l't'ee. \Veekly Roughly tranxlated to tuean ‘the beevkneek loin l)J Heetor. \atto and the Latin pove at this \yy tnging barrio party u here the tequila l'llll\ like water.

I The Fun at ligo. Monthly \e\t date If) Aug.

I Funky Magic at The ('oeteau Lounge. Monthly .\'e\t date It) Aug.

I The 60-00 at The ('oeteau Lounge. ltlfittpm 3am. £4. 20 .lul. .\1onthl_\.'l'all l’aul Robinxott. Angm A- (io-(io and Kaiser (ieorge hoxt theit' increasingly popular. \uittgittg (itix garage. surf and pxy ehe night.

I Keep It Unreal at ligo. Bi- monthly Next date the.

I Lost at Studio 24. lt).3t)pm 3am. £8 (£6 memberxt; £5 before midnight. 37 Jul. Monthly Hell—hard. funky-a“ teehno from the main room rexidentx Neil T. Nomad and Al Spaee arid their guext l)J. l'ilthy Rieh. l'pxtairx in the chill \uite there\ a fluoromarket. henna tatooing. profexxional maxxage and a pxy ehedelie. dub. ska and break\ \otmdtraek xery ed tip by Trailerttaxh Kant and the Yoghurt \Vem er.

I Magik at The Venue ttop floori. Monthly .\'e\t date It) Aug.

I Majestica at .\'oa. lthipm 3am. U) (£5). 27 .ltll. .‘Vlottlltly .-\ ltedottixlie journey into funky. progrexxiy e houxe tet'ritot'} eomex eourtexy of the rexidentx Treyor (i (Taxte baek roomi and Bruno i5—K in the tnain room. Through the baek. rexidentx Shakti. l.ogrey and l)(' Rogue are joined by their current \tudio collaborator Brain l‘ixher tiliaslet for dark and dirty houxe \ty littgx.

I Manga at La Belle Angele. Monthly Next date l() Atig \\ ith \peeial guest .1 .‘Vlajik'.

I Modern Lovers at The ('oeteau Lounge tdoyynxtairx at ligoi. I lptn 3am. £4. 3 Aug. Monthly Rexidentx .\lieke_\ (ilobal and Jimmy Mae pop the eork on their tiny. summer eoektail of daneelioor \otll. hammond gt'tio\e\ and blue-eyed ()(TS beatx. Thix tnonth the boys are joined by \peeial guext 1).! Ian Jttekxott from legendary London ()()\ night Bltm-l 'p.

I Nuklear Puppy at .\'oa. Monthly Next date It) Atig with a \ukleu/ Reeot‘d\ night featuring guext l)J l’hil Reynolds.

I Pillbox at Studio 24. Monthly \e\t date 10 Aug.

I Planet Earth at The ('itt'tix ('Iub. l().3()pm- 3am. £4. Weekly. The \aried musical delights of the 70.x and Silx. \\ ith a partieular \lt'e\\ laid on that madeap magie knotx n ax diseo. .\'o \moking at the bar please.

I Radio Babylon at La Belle Angele. 10.30pm 3am. £5. 37 Jul. iiy'erything from Soft (‘ell through Ike & Tina Tttrner to Radioaetiy e Man at llti\ dang fine clubbing enterprixe brought to you by big daddy Bt‘ainxtorm tl’uret. hired hands The Merry l’l';tltk\lel\ (Orbital Tour l).l\) and mixtresx of filth. Penelope l’ornxtar.

I Resistance at The Ventie tloyy er tyyo floors). \lonthly .\'e\t date I” Aug with the Blood} l‘i\t Reeordingx tour. I Rhombus at The Venue tlou er tyyo lTOUI'\i. Itlfitipm 3am. £5 before midnight: £7 alter. 2t) Jul. Monthly. l.i\e and direet. funky daneefloor break from \Vomb Temperature. Pith an open-deekx session do“ n in the (‘ooler open. that is. to l).l\ \\ ho refrain from the elaxxie 4/4 formula.

I Roadblock at l’o Na \a.

l lpm 3am. £3. \Veekly .\'ieei l‘ \ltipx the traftie in bad musie \\ hen \he digx up the bext in funk. dixeo. hothe and bloek roekin' beats.

I Senses at .\'oa. lt)..‘\t)pm—.‘~am. £4 before l 1.30me Lb after. 20 Jul. Monthly Tyyo room house party featuring guest DJ Bean} tSublimet and the resident\ Smokey & The Bandit playing funky \tuff in the ‘lireeyyay '.

80 THE LIST ’9' Jtr—C A...) '

A oioi‘ié‘ BABY

La Belle Angele, Edinburgh, Sat 28 Jul.

Progressive pioneers Michael Kilkie and Stuart Duncan

Celebrating your own birthday can be a stressful experience. If you’re a club though, the stress is usually made more than worthwhile by the party atmosphere, bulging queues and brimming cash tills that such an event brings. Atomic Baby resident Stuart Duncan is fully aware that many a night’s anniversary has been a somewhat cynical exercise. ‘Well,’ he says, ‘you know what clubs can be like about birthdays. They treat them with a bit of artistic license and have one every nine or ten months.’ Atomic Baby, however, is celebrating its fifth birthday for real, a figure that is all the more impressive considering the night’s migratory lifestyle. It ran at the old Honeycomb for almost two years before a brief stint at Ego. ‘It’s a good club,’ explains Duncan, ‘but it wasn’t our kind of vibe it’s an open venue which feels good for vocal stuff, but we play more progressive tracks which work best with a lower ceiling and a louder soundsystem so that the

whole night has a dark edge.’

Now firmly settled into La Belle Angele, Atomic Baby has established itself as the progressive club in the capital and Duncan is keen to stress that they’d been rocking it in a progressive stylee for some time before prog became the new rock ‘n’ roll. ‘It is irritating,’ he acknowledges. ‘All of a sudden it became the in thing and lots of DJs jumped ship and started saying “We’re progressive” without changing what they were playing at all.’

The night has always relied on strong residents rather than fly-by-night guests and the birthday will be no exception. Tunnel favourite Michael Kilkie (voted the best DJ in Scotland by readers of M8 Magazine) and Stuart Duncan should be well prepared to whip up a storm. ‘There’ll be a few gimmicks, but basically it’s just me and Michael,’ explains Duncan. ‘It’s my birthday the day before, though, so I’ll probably just be handing Michael the records and saying “Play this."’ Somehow, we doubt he’ll be that knackered. (James Smart)

Through the ‘l iighyyay' tie. the other room \\ here the datteefloor euphoria ix tnore ey identt it'x darker attd harder fare \\ ith rexidentx lindy and Day e l’etrie and

their on It :Jltext. \iek‘i l-‘orde (l'it'exlt Ait'i.

lfyou faney \tarting early and getting in for free. Senxex are hmting a pre-elub e\perienee here from 8pm.

I Shift at \oa hax noyy tinixhed. to return under a next gtlixe at the end of the year.

I Skillz at The (th endixh.

ltUtlpm 3am. £4 before midnight: £5 after. Weekly The night formerly kittt\\ n ax the Mambo ('lub undergoex a re- branding e\erei\e and beeome Skill/. Thankfully the natne ix the only ehange in Sir (hue. .\l(‘ and TNT are \till

pt‘m iding the be\t in reggae. ragga. \otli.

funk. rap. hip hop and Rth for their dedieated en)“ ti.

@Space Face at The ('oeteau lounge. I lpm 3am. £5. 27 Jul. Monthly Bit of a eome-baek night for the boy x that ran ('arbolie l~tolie \xa} baek in the day namer Seott l‘erguxon tl)efunet Reeordxt and Andy \Villiamx tNuphotiie RL‘eUl‘dxl ax the} join fot'eex \xith Murray Riehardxon

t.»\eetate/Reiwi \Vall/l it) lttixt llltx all tte\\ \hoyteaxe. (ieared \ery mueh Itmat‘d\ an older elientele \xell-yerxed in the lii\lt)l"\ of home. the tnuxie poliey \till range froin old-\eltool dixeo to deep. funky \tuff. See llilli\l.

I Spectral at “Le Red Bar.

1 1pm Jam. [7 «em. 3 Aug. Monthly l.oea| teehno \tar. Brainstorm tl’ure t.

‘TUTHS rexident l).l\ l’ltil l)iek\titt and

l)a\'e Anderxon at their deep. dark and dubby \lto\\ett\e. l-'or more info \noop \\ u \\.xpeett‘albrgttk.

I Sublime at The Honey eomb. lt)..‘»t)pm 3am. L‘S’ tL‘oi. 37 Jul. l-‘ortnightly The \teady \le\\ of big name gllexh eontinuex at the leading Name and teehno night. thix month featuring firm faxourite \uyy ldol «\Vell \Vieked Records). uho'll be play ing a li\ e \et tailored \peeilieall} It) the tteedx and \yantx of the Sublime faithful. Support in the main room eomex from Key \Vight and in the baek from (iary Mae and l5|i\.

I Texture at La Belle Angele.

l lpm» 3am. £5 before midnight: Ur after. 3 Aug. Monthly (ieorge Mitehell and Martin Spenee of up-eoming loeal

label Te\tttre Rt‘e‘til'tb ltttxi a re\tdettt\ mght ot progrexxiy e to leehvltottxe. If you'd like to \ample the 'le\ture \otmd before hot tooling ll dou n to the elub. aurally peruxe \\ u \\ .te\tur at your leixure. GUnderground Solu’shn at 'l he Honeyeomb. lilfitipm 3am. LES tL’to. 2H Jul. Monthly Shop ;t\\l\l;tlll\ (ieorge 'l tk Simone tTribal l'tmktioni. Ritehte Rufltone k 1.} le_\ tSeratehi and (im Sutherland tl'udge l'lltg'el‘xl break lttti\t' from the \haeklex of their retail pttxilittth lo \kttrk the pail} al llll\ \yyingmg hip hop to teeh—hothe

\lttm ea\e. .-\ll pou er lit the \kot‘keh then and all pou er to llll\ month‘s \peetal guext. Detroit teelmo \taluart Staee} l’ttllen. See lilllhi.

I Up! at The Venue «top floori. lURWun 3am. LS Mfr. 3‘) Jul. Monthly Speeial guext Mareo Smith t'laxtei tom\ rexident progrevty e tranee toekx \te (uyettdtxli and Alan Jamex at lltl\ unique. friendly and rather ll'hk} night that ean aim elaim to be the only elub in toyy n tot‘ indeed e\ er .’i u ith ll\ ou n tli‘e'\\iiig-tip hm for the ptmterx to delye into.

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