Clubs listings

Edinburgh, Saturdays

I Messenger Sound System at The Bongo ('luh. llpm 3am. £7. 2l Jul. l‘ortnightly. Braee yotirselyes tor the mighty y ihi'ations going out in eelehration ol Rastalari King llaile Salassi‘s hirthday at this always ramtiied. duh-reggae show ease.

I Mingin’ at Studio2-1 (upstairsi. lll.3l)piii 3am. £5. 28 Jtil. l-‘ortnightly. No—noiisense. gay -lriendly eluhhing where it‘s the hard house and sexy tranee lrom the residents Brian l)enipstei' and Alan Joy that matters and not the deeor. dress code or attitude. Altogether a good plaee to let your hair down then.

I The Mission at Studio 24.

llpiii 3am. £5 (£4). 2| Jtil. l-‘ortnightly. Astoundineg popular haunt lor the alternateens ol' the eapital t'eaturiiig three rooms ol' tip-to-date darkness.

I Oxygen at Studio 24 ldow nstairsl. lllpm 3am. Memhers £8 helore midnight. £lt) alter; non-memhers £ It) hel'ore midnight. £ l 3 alter. 28 Jul. l‘ortnightly. Another ehanee to work it like there's no toiiioi'row at this pumping house party. this month leaturiiig residents Alpha and l)ow'/er and the guest l)J. Jon l.aiigloi‘d tNukleu/l.

I Phosphoresence at The Venue (lower two floors). Monthly. Next date

I l Aug.

I Posh at (‘luh Jay‘a. Monthly. Next date 4 Aug.

I Progression at The Liquid Room. Next date the.

I The Project at the Bongo ('luh. llpm 3am. £7. 28 Jul. Monthly. Rammed ey'ery month since its inception. this highly entertaining ey‘ening ol' diyerse hreaks and heats comes courtesy ol- the resident l)J.s Adam Bray. Al Bee and liaw‘a/ and live aets (the).

I Rampage at The Venue (lower two floors). Monthly. Neyt date 3| Aug.

I Raw at La Belle Aiigele. Monthly. Next date I l Aug.

I Rotation at The Venue llow‘et' two floors). 10.30pm 3am. £7 (£5). 2l Jtil. Monthly. l’urest l)etroit teehiio from gtiest l)J Stey'en Brown (’l‘i'ansmat) and the residents Mitehell and J ('ammera. And. it teehtio tweaks your cheeks you'll he pleased to hear that next month‘s guest is the mighty Samuel l.. Sessions.

I Scratch at The Venue (lower two floors). Monthly. Next date 4 Aug with the residents l‘estiy'al party.

I Tease Age at The (‘iu-us (‘luh.

l lpm- 3am. £4. \Veekly. Now going into its ninth year. this indie stalwart l’layoured with hints ol‘ soul and funk eoiitinues to draw a paeked and sweaty erowd week in. week out.

I Trafik at Noa. ltlpm 3am. £(i helore llpm; £8 alter. 21 Jul. Monthly. A surprise speeial guest tears up the last— lane of the ltinky house highway with residents Martin Valentine and Brian Black l‘ollow iiig in hot pursuit.

I Ultragroove at La Belle Angele. ltl.2~(lpnis 3am. £l(). 2| Jtil. l-‘ortnightly. Taking a hreak from their steady slew ol‘ quality guests. residents (iareth Soiiiery‘ille and (‘olin (‘ook ride the poonani ol‘ their hlaekalieious. house hooty hahy.

I Vegas at ligo. lt)..‘~()pm 3am. £8 (£6 in laney dress). 28 Jul. Monthly. l’ly me to the moon and let me hang among the stars. play some easy listening tunes and let me drink plenty at the har. In other words... it's the hest eluh in lidinhurgh (as voted by The List readers) for two years running so early arriyal more than makes sense to guarantee entry.

Chart & Party

I Atomic at The Suhw'ay \Vest lind. 7pm —3am. l-‘ree hel‘ore l lpm; £3 t£l l alter. \Veekly. l)J (itis Bain joins the residents for some chart and indie aetion.

I Desire at Eros/Elite. 9.3tlpni—3am.

82 THE LIST N Jul—2 Aug 200‘

Photo: Sasha Jansen

£5 (£4i hel'oi‘e l lpm'. U) l £5) hel'oi'e midnight; £7 t£(ii alter. \Veekly. Mainstream ehart and party grooy es tor oy'er-2 l s at this heay iiig eluh. lo organise a hus. eall the name.

I Lovegroove at (iaia. lllpni 3am. £3 (£2). \VL‘L‘kly. :\ sitlootli gi‘ooy e dance party on the main floor while The Outlaw takes oy er the upstairs lounge with a seleetion ol' swing. IiaH. soul and easy listening 45s.

I Luscious at the Ark. lupin 3am. £-l t£2l. \Veekly. Smooth and iuiey as a peaeh. this pulsating night ol mainstream pleasure w ill heekoii you haek time and time again.

I The Party at Reyoltition.

|()pm 3am. £5 (£7l. \Veekly. Mainstream and danee anthems.

I Saturday Sensation at the ('ay'endish. ltlpm 3am. £(i tl'ree iiiemhership and diseounted tiekets ayailahlel. \VL'L‘ls'l}. 70s, Xlls and ()(ls tunes tor the seiisihle adults w ho refuse to hay‘e their eyenings spoilt hy irritating teenage heer monsters. ()y er 25s only. I Saturday Social at ('luh .laya. 9pm 2am. l"ree hel'oi'e ltlpm; £(i t£4i alter. 28 Jul. i"ortnigluly. A hig ‘ole get together at this stunning yenue. t'eatui'ing a mi\ ol‘ party hits from resident DJ l)a|e (lush) and speeial guest 'l'rendy \Vendy. The night is also paeked to the gunnels with drinks promos a plenty and la/y arses who think l.eitli is a hit M a hike eaii take eoiiiloi't in the free shuttle sery iee running eyery 30 mins alter 9pm from Broughton Street.

I The Subway at The Suhway.

9pm 3am. l"ree het‘ore l Ipm'. £3 i£l i alter. \Veekly. See 'l'hu.

I Weekender at The Ark.

ltlpm 3am. £(s t£5i. \Veekly. l)anee and party pap at this eapaeity night.

I Why Not? at Why Not‘.’ ltlpm 3am. £5 het'ore l Ipm; £7.50 alter. \Veekly. ()ld-sehool house and uplront diseo with Neil Donald and Stey e Allan at this popular eity eentre \enue. No trainers.

Stacey Pullen guests

at Underground Solu’shn, Fri 20 Jul

Edinburgh Sundays


I EH1 at lilll. 0pm lam. l-i'ee. \Veekly. ('hi'is l’le\oii pumps tip the party in a ltmky. hip hop sty lee t22 Juli \\ ltllt‘ lltL‘ L‘\L‘l'~l;t\lllt)tt;tl\lt‘ /.t‘t' klllL‘\ something reiiiarkahly similar the

lollow ing week t2‘) .lul l.

X --I Let’s Tango at ltai'aeoa.

5pm lam. l'ree. \Veekly. 'l'ango and \ttlstt \\ lllt l).l Joel and tree daiiee elasses to show yoti how.

I SL Records at “J. (‘hi'isties

lllllll lam. l'il'L‘L'. \Vt‘L‘lsl). ‘l-llt' Sl. l‘t‘ettl'tls all—stars play aeeessihle indie. w hieh they argue is hettei' than all that map you get in other eluhs.

I Strange Beats at Baroque,

8pm lam. l‘i'ee. \Veekly. A ltiiik and “H” seleetion.

I Sunday Sessions at (uha .Niil'lL‘ 8pm lam. l‘ree. \Veekly. ()ld eneountei‘s new. on a _i;i//-luiik—soul tip with lien. (lay and guests.

I 2 Urban at Q liar. ‘)pm lam. l‘i'ee. \VL'Ckly. l).l l'ittllttlo/ drops the latest pressings and jams li'om the hot and iiggy world ot Rtkli.

I Underword at 'l'he lluman lie lii. ‘lpm lam. l'i‘ee. 22 .lul. l‘ttl'llllgllll}. .\lulti—media eyti'ayagan/a that sees

('al\ in manipulate some y isuals and llohhes tinker with some \ iiin in an eeleetie lttsltiolt.

I UrbannHangSuite at llann's.

l lpm 3am. l‘ree. \Veekly. l.ight \egetarian snaeks sei'y ed to a hip hop and hi'eaks soundtraek li'om l)olphiii Boy t'ltiiiiiiiy 'lotielii.


I C.C. Blooms at ('.('. Blooms. lll..illl‘lll 3am thar trom 8pm i. l'i'ee. \VCL‘lsl). llille lk‘st ltlltes lt'otll aeross the genres to shake your hooty to at this gay eluh.

I Club DKY at Sttidio 24. llpiii 3am.

£1.50 hel'ore midnight; £2 alter. \Veekly.

.loitlie. ( iaiath and \lly eiieouiage a “\ou l‘iiiig ll. w e‘ll play it' iiiusie poliey tlt the geneial iealnis ot ioek. metal. industiial and goth

I Disco Kandi at l’o \.l \a

llpiii l.mi liee \\eekly Ill lnnoyatoi supplies a spangly selet tioii ot se\y. tliseo house altd upliltingl S gaiage

G DJRedG presents: Foreign Legion at llie liongo (Vitll‘

lll illl‘lll ittlll £2 22 Jul oiin ll Segundo-s llJls’ed o my ites us to an eyening ol dalt eomedy hip hop with up and toiiiine San | l.lll\l\et‘ hased eiew loieigii legion ('oiiipiisetl ot waekiy i \lt‘s l’io/aek and \l.ll\ \tietth .iiid deek tlestioyei l).l llesieii. these hoys aie guaiaiiteed to tiekle youi liinny hoiies and youi ttiiik iiiuseles See l’ieyiew and llitlist

I Mode Organic .tl llte ( ‘iuus ( 'luly llpm 1am £2 \\eekly \ sweet llll\ ot ska. soul. lunk. iiiod and lieakheat at this long iuiining Iand now weekly i tilts

G Tackno at (July \leieatlo

lll illl‘lll ialll £oi£5 Lilli 2" Jul \loiithly lieiitly \\eiitly eonsolidates liei domination ot l dinhuigh‘s eluh seene with the iiiassiy e si\th hiithday eelehi'ations ol liei most eelehiated sliowease. laekiio 'Si\ (N llie liest‘ pi'oiiiises all youi paity layoiiiites plus si\ ol the most sueeessttil laekno at ts li'oiii the easy elieesy night's ehetlueied histoiy. See llillist.

I Taste at lhe lloiieyeoiiily

llpiii iam. £8 l £tii. \\eekly lisliei t\ l’i'iee liye it up III the main mom with gaiage and uplilting to liaid house. while haek ioom support III .i [S house style eoiiies as always lioiii \laieo Smith and Martin Valentine at this wildly hedonistie and gay liieiidly Sunday institution lhis loi'tnight t22 Jul i. the 'laste display team aie ioiiied hy guest l).l. Roh di Stelano

I United at ('ltih .\leieado. Monthly \L‘\l tlttlt‘ .\tlg‘.

I The Wendy House at ('luh .\lei’eado. Monthly. New date l2 .\ug with speeial guest l).|. .lo .\la|ik.

Chart & Party

I Chocolate Sundae at Rt-yoluiiou. lltpm iaiii. £2 £5. \\eekly. Soullul llttllst‘ tllltl tllsett lllll‘\

I Insomnia at llie ( "ayendisli

lllpm iam. £ i t£| to studentsi. \\eekly. Hop till you drop to tlaiiee. ehait and ‘le

I Lush at lugo. Ill itlpm iaiii. £ *. 2‘) Jul. loitniglitly (‘oiiimeieial daiiee and pop eoui'tesy ol (‘raig l)eiiipstei' and Dale \Vilkinson at this gay li‘ieiidly soii‘ee. l)i‘iiiks promos all night long

I Mad Sundays at 'I lie .\iue.

llpiii 3am. £-l i£2 with llyet i. \Veekly ('heek otit ol the asy llllll and into llie .'\ttie toi an insane eyeiiing ol ehail musie and outrageously eheap .ileohol

I Replay/Meltdown at liltis, Hut- ”. illpm iam. £2 (Ll i hetoie llpm; l-‘ t£2i helore midnight; £-l it altei. “L'L'lsly. Replay \CK'S lllk' lllls til lllL‘ fill\ and 8Hs. ei'. replayed while the lolks in .\lt‘lltlti‘.\ll lL'l;t\ lH ellall lltttlse and garage.

I Sin at 'l'he .\ik lllpiii \Veekly. (hat and party tunes. with hey \y at sweet shop piiees.

I Sunday Session at Stilwyay w est land. ‘lpiii 3am. ('lieap diinks promos and ehart tunes proy ide a dehauehed eliniay to the weekend.

Edinburgh Mondays


I The Free Deck at \y .l. ('lii'isnes. 8.3llpni lam. l‘i'ee. 2 i .lul. l'oi‘tiiightly. ()pen deeks night where aspiring l).ls get llllk'k'll lllllllllk‘ slttls. l.l\L' :ts‘ls .tlst) eneouraged. all with a yiew to tutui’e pi'oieets and eollahoratioiis.

I salsa 8. Rueda at liai'aeoa.

8pm lam. l'i'ee. \Veekly. .\utheiitie l.atin heats with i‘ueda and salsa danee elasses 4 £ i.5tli li'om Sam.

lam. £2 i£l i.