Art llStlflgS

Glasgow Museums continued


I 'pper (‘olquhottn Street. Helensburgh. tll43oo"i‘)llll. I)atly l.3llpm 5.30pm. New Perceptions: New Directions 2001 l'nul ()cl 3 I. An exhibition ot contemporary furniture. lighting attd decoratiye glass trotn all oy er Britain

Miegakari: Between Seen And Unseen l'nttl Wed 3l ()ct. '.\liegakari' ts tlte lct'ltl ttsed llt Japanese garden design to create a sttggcsttyc atlltospllel'e lol‘ it landscape. Japanese glass artist Is'eiko \lttkatde and landscape architecture 'Iokiko I'uruucht haye collaborated togetltcr to create a unique installation of glass. light. sound attd tnist lot' Ilill House w Inch explores this concept of tttiegakari. l’urt of .ltl/lllll Jill/l.

HOUSE FOR AN ART LOVER Bellahouslon Park. Ill I)umbt'eck Road. 353 4773. Daily Illam 5pm. £3.50 (£2.50).

The New Generation t'ntil I’ri 3| Aug. In association with tlte ('ompass (iallct‘y. ll selection ol‘ the ltesl of this year's graduates front the fottr Scottish art colleges. Sec ('ontpttss (iallery.


l'niyersity Ayenue. 330 422l. Mon Sat 0.30am 5pm.

A View Of The Surface t'ntil Sat 4

Attg. Sibylle yon Halem's project forms

part of Scotland's Year of tlte Art residency

programme in w hiclt tlte artist carried otll research on tlte theme of 'tnetltods of I’l‘eseryation'. 'I‘he exltibition features sculpture attd pltotograpltic images.


Kely'in Hall. | Burnhouse Road. 287 2720. Mon 'l'hu tk Sat ltlam 5pm; I‘ri it Stttt llattt 5pm.

An Exhibition Celebrating the Millennium Forest for Scotland

88 THE LIST «.9 Jul—2 Aug 200:

Fire! l'ntil .\Ion 3| I)ec. The history of firefighting in the W est ol Scotland is documented itt this exhibition featuring a I.ey Iattd I-‘iremaster engine gifted to the museum by the Stratltclyde I-‘tre Brigade attd objects frotn the past and present.


Iligh Street. SS‘) 3l5 I. Inc Sat

ltlam 5pm: Stnt 2 5pm. I'rcc. Graffiti Art I'ntil Sun I‘) Aug. Art exhibition by local artists Sheila I-‘abcr attd I)uncan Brown w itlt community workshops.

High Street Art l'ntil Still I‘) Aug. Writer and artist I)uncan Brow it joins forces w ttlt Slteila I-‘aber to present Itis poetry iii the form of pictures. utilising items like tnatchboxes. labels and bat'codes.


(ilasgow (ireen. 554 ()223. Mon ’I‘hu «k Sat ltlam 5pm; I-‘ri & Stttt I latn 5pm. The Man Who Wasn’t There Sun l2 Attg. Recent chalks and charcoals by (ilasgow artist I-rank .\Ic.\'ab who pltotograplts attd makes drawings of tlte city’s tettetnent closes.

36 x 36 Heads Hi 27 Jul Thu 2 Atig. Presented at 30 internatiottal locations. a drawittg installation by Berlin artist Alexander Schellow. NEW SHOW.


2 (‘astle Street. 553 2557. Mon 'I'hu & Sat l()am 5pm: I’ri & Sun I lam 5pm. One Planet, One People t'ntil Sun 2| ()ct. An insight into the Baha'i faitlt. one of the fastest growing world religions with a belief that Balta'ullah. a l‘)tlt century Iranian nobletttan is the messenger of (iod for humanity.


l()() Stobcross Road. 33‘) ()63 I. l)aily Illam- 5pm. £3.50 (£2.05); accompanied children free.

Glasgow Harbour Art Exhibition l'ntil Tue 7 Attg. An exhibition of specially commissioned paintings by Scottish artists including [in I’atullo. Mary Batchelor and Muriel Barclay. Art At The Pumphouse t'ntil Mon 3() Jul. A unique exhibition of local Scottiin artists. specially commissioned for display at the last remaining historic docks and quays in (ilasgow.

Five Thousand Days At Sea An exhibition on board the only ('Iydebuilt sailing ship still alloat in tlte I'K. documenting her adventures on the high seas between lts“)7 and IQ“).

Story In The Stones tl’untphottse Mair. (iallery). An exhibition looking at the impact of the industrial ages on (ilasgow harbour.

Morse And More tl’umphouse Lower (iallery t. A hands-on exhibition. aimed at children. looking at the world of communication. You can operate a state- of-the-art optical telegraph used iii the Napoleonic wars. try otit the liy'e-needle telegraph and crank up World War II field telephones.

Edinburgh Galleries


l‘) Brandon Terrace. 556 l I75. Wed ck Fri-Sun noon—6pm; Thu noon 79pm. John Fife L'ntil Sun 2‘) Jul. Wildlife paintings by John I‘ife.


2()a I)undas Street. 557 5002. Mon—Fri

l lam—5pm; Sat l()am-- I put.

Summer Exhibition L'ntil Thu 26 Jul. Iloused in Art lidinburgh and the Iidinburgh (iallery'. a summer selection of paintings including works by Sheila Macmillan. Josephine Graham. Brendan Kelly. Jade Stout. Jacqueline .\Iarr. (‘olin Park and James Tweedie.

An Invisible Friend by Satoshi Watanabe on show at Glasgow School of Art

Ewan Mundy Festival Exhibition Fri 27 Jul Wed l Aug t.\lon Sat

ltlam (ipm; Stttt noon 4pm). (ilasgow 's Iiw'an .‘ylundy I-‘ine Art trayels to Iidinburgh with a festiyal exhibition of line drawings. w atercolours and paintings by a selection of artists.


29b I)undas Street. 467 3037. Tue I-'ri

I lain 7pm; Sat 1 Iain 2pm.

Grey Art l'ntil Sun 2‘) Jul. A celebration of the mature artist featttrittg mixed media works including paintings. embroidery. glass attd sculptures by artists oy er 5t). I)enness Morton. Alison Reid attd Rhona (‘ollin are among the line-up of artists.


6 I)undas Street. 557 4050. Mon Fri ltlam (ipm; Sat llatn 2pm.

400 Years Of Scottish Portraits 1600-2000 I'ntil Hi 27 Jul. Scottiin portraits spanning 400 years featuring works by Henry Raebttrn. Alan Ramsay. Sir James (iutltrtc. Joan Iiardley. James .\chey. John Byrne attd (ieorgc Jameson.


('hambet's Street. 225 5 105.

Fubar Wed I Sttn 26 Aug. A range of contemporary art by two generations of artists who make tip littbar (Iiound l'nder Bridges Attd Railway si. The show features prints. photography and Video installation.


It) Royal 'I'errace. 55o l()|(). .\lon I-'ri lt)ant (ipni; Sat by appointment.

Mixed Exhibition Paintings from stock including works by (ieorge Houston. J.I). I-‘ergusson. .‘slaclauchlan .‘slilne and PW. Adatn.

CAMEO 58 Home Street. 223 4 I4 I. Apple Schnapps t'ntil Tue 3l Jul.

Photography by Angela I.eadbetter.


77 (‘Ierk Street. 622 7236. .\Ion Sat noon—lam; Sun l2.3tlpm »lant. Mixed Exhibition A changing exhibition of gothic art including sculpture. drawing. photography and paintings by local artists.


2 Market Street. 52‘) 3993. Mon—Sat Ilium—5pm. £4 (£2.50) for all four exhibitions: famin ticket £9: season ticket £7.

Sebastiao Salgado: Migrations l‘ntil Sun 2 Sep. Photographs taken

oy er seyen years by one of the world's leading photoiournalists. Bra/ilian-born Sebastiao Salgatlo. The exhibition documents the phenomenon of tttigratiott w Itich aims to challenge our concepts of nature. culture and community.

Australia Dreaming: Contemporary Aboriginal Art l'ntil Sat (i ()ct. A celebration of the life and art of Australian Aboriginal conttttttnities in the Northern 'I‘erritories. tlte ('entral and Western I)eserts and the Kimberley. I’enny 'I‘weetlie's photographs of the Arnhem Land ('otnmunity accompany the display.

Sir William Allan, Artist Adventurer 1782-1850 l'ntit Sat (i ()ct. A reappraisal of tlte work ol this major Scottish artist. Sir Williattt Allan. After spending teti years paitttittg itt Rtissia. he returned to Scotland to produce Scottish historical paintings which are among the first eyer painted. Art In The City t'ntil Sat () ()ct. An exhibition of works drawn front the (‘ity's collection of Scottish Art. examining the relationship between artists and the city of Iidtnburgh. Iieaturetl artists include (‘atlelL Nastttyth. I.ay‘ery'. ('ursiter. ('had .\lc('ail and (‘allutn lnnes.


22 2S (‘ockbut'n Street. 220 I260. Wed Sat llant (ipnt: Sun I 5pm. Sandy Grant - Salient l'ntil Sun 22 Jul. (iray‘s School of Art graduate Sandy (irant presents landscapes which appear to be the surface of the tttoott. Recently Visiting The Somme. his work references World War I with the title of the show taken from the military term for a bulge in the frontline.

John Timberlake t’ntil Sun 22 Jul. Recent work by John 'I’imberlake tttade over the past two years. xlIIUI/tt'l' ('umtlry' IX (2000) is a series of large- scale photographs serving as a reference photo of a British nuclear test. .Irlutt'riu/iwz and limpirt'n-('riu’t'ism are grainy aerial snaps of a modern city taken at night. half painted over in oils. Rachel Garfield t'ntil Sun 22 Jul. Time-based or photographic and text pieces by Rachel (iarlield featuring a twenty minute y-ideo entitled So You Think You (an Tell which tells the

stories of two women’s lives.